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Richard Simmons Closes Fitness Studio, Slimmons

Slimmons Studio Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons has reportedly decided to close his landmark  fitness studio Slimmons.

The studio sent out notices it would be out of business effective November 19th.

Slimmons, was located at 9306 Civic Center Drive in Beverly Hills, California was opened in 1974.  Since then, the fitness guru has become an icon in the industry.  His flamboyant personality, motivation and fun approach to “shaping up” has given strength and hope to many who have struggled with weight related issues over the past 42-years.  

Weight Watchers Co-founder Jean Nidetch Dies

Weight Watchers Founder Jean Nidetch Dies

Jean Nidetch, the co-founder of Weight Watchers has passed away.

The diet guru was reportedly in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the time of her death.

She was 19-years-old.

In 1961, Jean, who weighed 214 lbs. began following basic weight loss tips.   She would eventually use these basic eating practices as the core of her very successful weight loss business.

Her basic healthy tips included don’t skip meals, eat fish 5 times a week, veggies, etc.  She also found that support from others with the common goal of losing weight was a key factors for success.

In 1963, her self-taught expertise and success became a hit amongst many.  She made her first public appearance to promote her concepts on Johnny Carson…it was then that she reached celebrity status.  Her concept eventually became a multi-million dollar business.

Jessica Simpson’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson can’t win for losing and we are referring to her weight loss.

Jessica simpson Weight LossThe singer, designer, fiancé  of a former NFL player and mother of two…has been unfairly criticized about her weight fluctuation throughout her famed career.

Eric  Johnson is a former American football tight end in the National Football League. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the seventh round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at Yale.

The most recent photos of Simpson have caused a stir and many are saying that her most recent weight loss is too much.

Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Contract Paid Big

Since the birth of her first child Maxwell, in 2012, Simpson has battled with her weight as well as with the media who seemed to cut her no slack.

Eric Johnson and Jessica  have two children: daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson (born May 2012) and son Ace Knute Johnson (born June 2013)

Her determination and dedication to lose the weight is has certainly  paid off.

Unfortunately, the tabloids and gossip news websites are once again slamming her progress.

Oh well “haters will hate” and “critics will criticize”….As for all of us at Behind Blondie Park…we commend her on her success.

“My mom was really worried I’d grow up looking strange, so every night before I went to bed, she’d pull my legs and stretch them so they’d be in proportion with the rest of my body.” Quote ~ Jessica Simpson

Behind Blondie Park Gossip

Jessica Simpson Trivia

  • Jessica Simpson dated Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo;
  • Tony Romo broke up with her on July 9, 2009, the day before her 29th birthday.
  • Jessica Simpson is a  registered Republican who voted for George W. Bush in 2004 and John McCain in 2008.
  • Spokeswoman for the “Beauty Mint” skin care system [November 8, 2011].
  • Longtime friend of Cacee Cobb, who was also her personal assistant.
  • Jessica, her fiancé Eric Johnson and her friend Cacee Cobb attended Jessica’s friend’s, Beverly Hills interior decorator Kathryn Sykora, wedding to Eric’s friend, Chris Hetherington, on June 15, 2013 in San Diego. Jessica and Odette Annable were bridesmaids.
  • Has been in a relationship with Eric Johnson since March 2010 and they became engaged in November of the same year. They have two children together.
  • Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child at age 31, a daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson on May 1, 2012. Child’s father is her fiancé, Eric Johnson.
  • Jessica Simpson gave birth to her second child at age 32, a son Ace Knute Johnson on June 30, 2013. Child’s father is her fiancé, Eric Johnson.

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Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Photos on Instagram

Khloe Kardashian, the youngest of the Kardashian trio, has apparently been on a strict “shape up, eat right and get fit” lifestyle regime.

Khloe Kardashian share weight loss photos on InstagramThe “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality television star shared photos off her incredibly small waistline while wearing a tight black top tucked into her jeans in selfie on Instagram.  She was definitely looking thin and fit!

posted pictures of her new found body on Instagram leaving many wondering how she did it….It  appears Khloe had a little help achieving her new waistline,  In one of the photos she added a caption which said ‘I love my waist trainer from @premadonna87!!!! Miss @blacchyna has me obsessed!!! Who doesn’t love to feel tight and right?!? #whatsawaist #waistgang #Fitness #GetItRight’ 

khloekardashian’s Profile • Instagram

As for the motivation or motivators behind the slimmed down version of herself, there are several factors which may weigh in.

Her big sister Kim Kardashian, is set to marry her rapper husband Kanye West on May 24th in Paris…and it is expected to be a huge family affair…Also, Khloe, has reportedly been dating rapper French Montana, 29,  despite the fact that her divorce from  former NBA  star Larmar Odom.

French Montana, is an American rapper born in Morocco. He is the founder and CEO of Cocaine City Records. In 2012, he signed a joint venture recording deal with Maybach Music Group and Bad Boy Records.


I love that my sister, Kim told me “you wouldn’t be you without the drama! That’s who you are!” She’s right! LOL I am so over the top!  Quote ~ Khloe Kardashian

Khloe split with Lamar amid allegations that he was abusing drugs and cheating on her.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star left his Spanish team Laboral Kuxta last month after suffering a back injury and playing only two games.

Saski Baskonia, known as Laboral Kutxa for sponsorship reasons, is a Spanish professional basketball club from the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. The club’s name sponsor is the Basque bank Laboral Kutxa.

Khloe Kardashian  has a net worth of $20 million

Man Surprises Family With 130 Pound Weight loss

Lucas Irwin, 25, give his parents the best Christmas gift ever this year, and it didn’t come in a gift-wrapped box.

Lucas Irwin, 25, shocked his parents when he walked into their home 130 pounds lighter than he was a year ago after going on a diet plan Irwin, shocked his parents when he walked into their home 130 pounds lighter than he was a year ago when they had last seen him – and when he weighed 300 pounds.

Irwin went from 300 pounds to 170. How did His goal weight is 150 pounds.

Irwin began dieting on December the 28th of 2012

Irwin  said he 95 per cent of the weight through  by following a strict eating regimen. He  ate 1,350 calories a day and didn’t exercise until after seven or eight months of dietingHe stayed accountable to himself by keeping a food diary, writing down everything he ate for the year.

According to Lucas,  “No foods were off limit, he  survived mostly on tuna salad, chicken with salsa, frozen vegetables, beans and rice, turkey/roast beef sandwiches, spinach, and eggs.

After he lost 100 pounds he  started walking to work (5 miles) for about 2 months until it got too cold outside.”

He said the internet support on Reddit was helpful in his weight-loss journey.  Reddit, is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts.

He kept his year-long effort a secret from his family, but caught the big moment on camera – a video that has now gone viral on the internet with over 620,000 hits on YouTube. 

Watch Video Here

Man surprises parents with 130-lb. weight loss

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