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College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 10

Week 10 was a setup week in college football, a prelude to what’s to come.

The big game of the day was to be Miami at FSU. The funny thing is that if it was such a “big game”, why was the spread 21 points?? That’s a blowout, not the feature game of the week! And, FSU did what they were supposed to do…blow out the ‘Canes.

I know that FSU has become the new media darling and everyone is now clamoring for Jameis Winston to win the Heisman, but, as Lee Corso so often says, “not so fast my friend”! Here is the reality. FSU has won the their division in the ACC. In the ACC College Football BCSchampionship game they will face the Hurricanes again. Can you say…Blowout…Again?? Especially since Miami lost their top RB for the year Duke Johnson last night. And by the way, FSU has Wake Forest, Syracuse, Idaho, and Florida left on their regular season schedule before their ACC championship game vs. The “U” again. That schedule is so…..Ohio State like!! They will not get any BCS love for that schedule down the stretch.

In the meantime, Oregon has to play Stanford, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon State before their PAC 10 championship game. As much as I hate the BCS, Oregon will get more love and if they go undefeated, they will face Alabama for the BCS title, period. What if we had a 4 team playoff for this year? #1 Alabama vs. #4 Ohio State and #2 Oregon vs. #3 FSU. ‘Bama routs the Buckeyes and Oregon beats FSU. Then Alabama meets Oregon for the BCS title. Any different than what we will have this year? The Tide will play the Ducks for the BCS title and OSU will play FSU in the Rose Bowl. But wait a minute…what if LSU beats Alabama? What if Auburn beats Alabama? What if Stanford beats Oregon? What if Michigan State beats Ohio State in the Big 10 championship game? What if South Carolina beats LSU in the SEC championship game? What if Baylor beats Oklahoma, Texas Tech, OK. State, TCU, and Texas? Does undefeated FSU play undefeated Baylor for the BCS championship? How can the SEC champion not play for the BCS crown? Too much time left, too many games left, and way too many scenarios left to be played out. How about we let the season unfold and enjoy the last few weeks of another unbelievable year in college football. If only the NFL was this exciting!

BCS Poll College FootballBoy, did the schedule makers really screw this week’s schedule up! For all of us couch potatoes out there, this Saturday could have been a college football junkies fantasy day. We should have had #8 Oklahoma @ #5 Baylor at noon. The 3:30 game should have been #2 Oregon @ #6 Stanford. And the 8:00 prime time game should have been #14 LSU @ #1 Alabama. But noooooo…..for some stupid reason we have the Sooners and Bears playing on THURSDAY night @7:30 and  Oregon and Stanford @ 9:00 also on Thursday. That is awful for what may be some the biggest games of the year. We are forced to choose between the 2 or go back and forth and the folks on the east coast probably can’t stay up and watch the finish of the PAC 10 game. Poor, poor scheduling for these critical games!

Maybe, just maybe, Ohio State may play 1 competitive game this year. After Sparty dismantled the Wolverines yesterday, State may get a chance to play the Luckeyes for the Big 10 championship. Michigan, now 6-2, could easily be 4-4 right now. Wait a minute…didn’t Coach Hoke say that there is more to college football than the SEC? Didn’t he say the Big 10 was on par with the SEC.  Newsflash to Coach Hoke ( Coach Charlie Strong please listen also ). Shut your mouth and play the games. You coach and let the fans shoot off their mouths! Asking – begging for respect always gets you trouble!

College Football UpdatesI thought Longhorn nation had fired Coach Mack Brown? OK, I said he should/would be fired also. All of a sudden, Texas, after a dismal 1-2 start, has ripped off 5 straight wins and is knocking on the Top 25 door. Maybe Mack has something left in him after all. Speaking of teams getting hot at the right time, how about those USC Trojans?

After Lane Kiffin was jerked off the plane and kicked to the curb, the Trojans have played well the last 2 weeks and may just salvage their season!

Another hot team right now is BYU. After inexplicably losing their opener against Virginia, they have now won 5 straight and with upcoming games with Wisconsin and Notre Dame, they could finish with a flurry and get a lot of national love! On the flip side, Va. Tech loses game 1 to ‘Bama and then rips off 6 straight wins. Hokie nation is getting the fever back and then they go bust by losing to the Dookies last week and then again losing yesterday to BC. Hokie fans everywhere have had their hearts ripped out this year.

A To Z Top 25

  1. Alabama 8-0
  2. Oregon 8-0
  3. FSU 8-0
  4. Ohio State 9-0
  5. Baylor 7-0
  6. Stanford 7-1
  7. Clemson 8-1
  8. Oklahoma 7-1
  9. Missouri 8-1
  10. Auburn 8-1
  11. Miami 7-1
  12. Oklahoma State 7-1
  13. Texas A&M 7-2
  14. LSU 7-2
  15. South Carolina 7-2
  16. Fresno State 8-0
  17. Louisville 7-1
  18. Northern Illinois 9-0
  19. Michigan State 8-1
  20. UCLA 6-2
  21. Texas Tech 7-2
  22. Wisconsin 6-2
  23. UCF 6-1
  24. Notre Dame 7-2
  25. Arizona State 6-2


#14 LSU @ #1 Alabama

#2 Oregon @ #6 Stanford

#8 Oklahoma @ #5 Baylor

#10 Auburn @ Tennessee

Virginia Tech @ #11 Miami

Mississippi State @ #13 Texas A&M

#20 UCLA @ Arizona

Kansas State @ #21 Texas Tech

BYU @ #22 Wisconsin

Nebraska @ Michigan

So far, this is the biggest week of the year in college football. The season/polls would be turned upside down if Alabama, Oregon, and Baylor were to lose. How does Miami bounce back after last nights blowout loss at FSU? The SEC east is wide open right now and a LSU win over ‘Bama really changes the west and then suddenly Auburn has control over the entire SEC. If they ( Auburn ) beat Georgia, Georgia is eliminated from the east. November 30 then becomes the biggest day of the year. Auburn goes to Alabama and Missouri hosts Texas A&M. WOW!! Hard to think that unranked Nebraska plays unranked Michigan this week. Keep an eye on BYU at Wisconsin….could be one of the best games of the week in a week filled with monster national implications!

Don’t you just love college football!!

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College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 7

College Football,   after 5 weeks of waiting for the weekend of big upsets, we got it last week.

Going into play last CollegeFootball Week Sevenweek, there were 17 unbeaten teams in the Top 25.

After last nights butt whipping in Clemson, we are now down to 10 unbeatens in this week’s Top 25. 5-0 UCLA goes to Stanford and gets rocked. UCF goes to Louisville and comes from behind to upset Louisville. Clemson gets humiliated at home by FSU. On top of that, South Carolina goes to Tennessee and hands one to the Vols on a silver platter. Beat up Georgia goes to Vandy and blows a big lead to lose for the second week in a row. LSU goes to Ole Miss and blows their chance for a potential shot at the BCS title. Florida goes on the road to Missouri and shows us once again they have no offense. Shockingly, Missouri now controls the SEC East! Johnny Football couldn’t muster one last drive and Texas A&M bows to Auburn. Overall, some of the SEC heavys took themselves out of the big time national scene. After having 8 teams in the Top 25 last week, we may only see 6 this week.

Top 25 College Football Scores

The biggest loser of the day was the South Carolina Gamecocks. After falling behind early, they clearly took control of the game only to shank punts and take stupid penalties in the 4th quarter. Had they won, they most likely would have been ranked 5th this week setting up a HUGE game at Missouri this week. Clemson, layed an egg at home versus their nemesis FSU and took themselves out of any chance for a shot at the BCS crown. LSU, the highest ranked one loss team going into play yesterday, let their title hopes slip away with 3 interceptions before they knew what hit them and still had a chance for the win.

No. 1 Alabama 52 (7-0) , Arkansas 0 (3-5) Recap

College RankingsOnce again, at crunch time, their “D” let them down and now all they can hope for is a couple of upsets against ‘Bama and Texas A&M to hopefully get a meaningful bowl game. You know it’s bad enough when Louisville fan runs their mouth screaming for respect. What’s worse is when the head coach ( Charlie Strong ) says on national TV that they don’t get any respect from around the country. NOW you know why you don’t get any respect! You play in a weak conference and you don’t play any meaningful non conference games. Who really cares if you win the AAC conference now. Have a nice 11-1 season and thank you for playing. You’ll still get a $5,000,000 payday for a bowl game!

So, at the end of the day, we are still looking at a matchup between Alabama and Oregon for the BCS title. That’s the game everyone wants to see right now. What about a 7-0 FSU squad in the title game? What about a 7-0 Ohio State team having a shot? Baylor is destroying everyone and is 6-0. Why not them? The “U” is still undefeated, don’t they deserve a chance? Is anyone giving Missouri a chance? Here is the good news. The Crimson Tide still have Auburn ( their hated rival ), LSU, and the SEC Championship Game left on their schedule. Oregon has UCLA, Stanford, Oregon State, and the conference championship game ahead of them. FSU, now the media darling, has Miami, Florida, and the ACC Championship left to go. Missouri still has South Carolina, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and the SEC Championship remains on their schedule. Ohio State still has Wyoming, Idaho, Bowling Green, N. Texas State, Troy, and Ohio Eastern AT&T School Of The Arts, remaining on their pathetic schedule.  Baylor has Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and OK State left to play. Could a one loss team get in over an undefeated team? So many games to go, so many possibilities, so many scenarios – that’s why we LOVE college football!

College Football Week Seven

College Football Trivia – The First Game

  • The first game of college football took place on November 6, 1869 between Rutgers University and neighboring Princeton. This first game didn’t really ressemble modern college football at all. Each team had 25 players and the ball could be moved only by kicking or batting it with the feet, hands or heads – there was no forward passing. The final score was 6 – 4 for Rutgers.
  • The forward pass was first introduced to college football in 1906. This addition to the game would lead to greater scoring and reduce the number of injuries caused by mass maulings and tackling.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama 7-0
  2. Oregon 7-0
  3. FSU 7-0
  4. Ohio State 7-0
  5. Miami 6-0
  6. Baylor 6-0
  7. Missouri 7-0
  8. Stanford 6-1
  9. Clemson 6-1
  10. UCLA 5-1
  11. Oklahoma State 5-1
  12. Oklahoma 6-1
  13. Louisville 6-1
  14. Texas Tech 7-0
  15. Texas A&M 5-2
  16. LSU 6-2
  17. Fresno State 6-0
  18. Virginia Tech 6-1
  19. South Carolina 5-2
  20. Auburn 6-1
  21. Northern Illinois 7-0
  22. Oregon State 6-1
  23. Michigan State 6-1
  24. Michigan 6-1
  25. Tie UCF 5-1, Wisconsin 5-2, Nebraska 5-1

Week 8 Key Games:

Tennessee @ #1 Alabama

#10 UCLA @ #2 Oregon

Penn State @ #4 Ohio State

#18 South Carolina @ #7 Missouri

#8 Stanford @ #22 Oregon State

#9 Clemson @ Maryland

#14 Texas Tech @ #12 Oklahoma

Vanderbilt @ #15 Texas A&M

If Week 8 is anything like the previous 2 weeks, we may be in for another wild ride. Several of these teams could completely eliminate themselves from national contention this week. If Clemson loses, UCLA loses, Oklahoma loses, the loser of the Stanford-Oregon State, Ohio State loses, and Missouri falls, they are all out of the BCS picture….for now.  What would happen to the polls if Alabama and Oregon get upset? My head is spinning with all the possibilities that are left to be played out!

College Football Trivia – Longest Streaks

  • A record, which might never be broken, is Prairie View College’s 80-game losing streak during the 1990s. During the 1991 season, the Panthers were outscored by an average margin of 56 – 4.
  • The longest winning streak in college football history is 47 games, set by the Oklahoma Sooners  between 1954 and 1957.

College Football Trivia – Worst Defeat

  • The most lopsided victory in college football history is the massive butt kicking the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets laid on Cumberland University in 1916. The Yellow Jackets showed no mercy in beating Cumberland by a score of 222 – 0! Cumberland had just one play for positive yards during the game, while Georgia Tech scored an unbelievable 32 touchdowns!

College Football Trivia – Top Teams

  • The University of Michigan has won more games than any other team in football. The Wolverines have won 842 games since they started playing in 1879.
  • Although Yale isn’t anywhere near a college football powerhouse now, the school has won the most National Championships, with 18. Yale’s last title was in 1927.


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College Football 2013….What have we learned so far??

College Football Highlights

With 2 weeks now in the books, some interesting things are starting to unfold in the world of college football. We knew going into the season that it College Football Week Twocould be one of the most memorable seasons of all time. I think we are on schedule for the most controversial BCS National Championship game of all time.

Alabama controls the SEC right now and a win over A&M on Saturday will give them a leg up on the field. All that stands in their way after that is a heated rivalry game with LSU and then the SEC Championship game. Oregon is headed for a showdown with Stanford to probably have a shot at the Tide. Clemson could run the table by beating FSU and South Carolina and stake their claim to be in the big game. Louisville will go undefeated and want a piece of someone. The Cardinal’s play a weak schedule and will be 25++point favorites for the rest of the year. Ohio State has only 1 competitive game all year ( at Michigan in the last game of the year ) and will be screaming for respect and a shot in the title game. Both Louisville and Ohio State play such a weak schedule and in the end, it will cost them a shot at the title.

So, what are the most intriguing match-ups for the BCS Championship right now? Alabama vs. Oregon would give us flash and dash versus strength and power. Two contrasting styles. A rookie coach vs. the most polished coach in the sport today. How about Alabama against Stanford? This would be a dog fight. A 20-17 defensive struggle. What if Oregon played Clemson for it all? The scoreboard would explode – fireworks being shot off every 20 seconds! In the end we could have a 55-53 game. What if it were Texas A&M and Oregon? How about Georgia versus FSU? What if the title game featured Michigan and LSU? So many scenarios, so many games left to play…and it is only week 2!!

Game of the year… PART 1. The hype has begun for this week’s first game of the year. Alabama goes to Texas A&M for a revenge game. Last year Johnny Football burst into the national spotlight by pulling off the improbable upset over the Tide. Coach Saban has been drooling for this game since then and with a week off last week, you can bet the Crimson Tide will ROLL into Aggie land with fire in their eyes!

All the Talking Heads thought the Texas Longhorns might be on their way back into the national scene. I guess BYU forgot to read the press clippings and put an old fashion butt whipping on them! Welcome back to mediocrity Texas!

Cudos to the ACC. They are shaping up to be the second best conference in the land. Clemson upsets Georgia to kick off the year and The “U” trips Florida on Saturday. Clemson only has FSU left to play in conference ( and South Carolina in the season ending game ) and should destroy everyone else. Miami has just FSU and Va. Tech remaining in conference play. FSU has the toughest path to the conference title by having to play Miami and Clemson ( and the Gators ). Looks like a banner year for the ACC! They may have a shot at the BCS title game as well as several other big bowl games.

Here is an interesting scenario. Michigan and Ohio State should both be undefeated going into the season ending ( 11/30 ) clash. Most likely, they will meet agian the following week ( 12/7 ) in the Big 10 Championship game!

This is hard to believe. In the SEC East, Tennessee and Missouri are undefeated.  South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia all have 1 loss! Think that is going to last much longer?

For all you Notre Dame haters out there, I guess you won’t have to worry about them playing for the title this year after losing to the Wolverines on Saturday night. The funny thing is that they may be a better team this year and will probably end up lose 2 games this season!

Several weeks ago I said that Odell Beckham of LSU has a shot at the Heisman Trophy this year. Before it is given to Braxton ( I get hurt every year ) Miller, or Johnny ( show me the money ) Manziel, or Teddy ( I deserve better than playing against Division 3 schools ) Bridgewater, or Tajh ( I hope I don’t have to face Jadeveon Clowney ) Boyd,  take a look at what Odell has done so far. I think you may just change your vote! Tyrann who??????????

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