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College Football 2014-Recapping Week 13…Taking Care Of Business!

Week 13 College Football was all about “taking care of business.”

College Football A to ZAll of the top teams did what they were supposed to do in week 13 – take care of business and get ready for the upcoming wild finish to a fabulous year of college football. I said last week that this was chalk week – all the top teams would win and there wouldn’t be any movement in the Top 10. Well, we had a few scares as FSU had to kick a late FG to beat BC and Ohio State had to rally in the 4th quarter to beat hapless Indiana. Other than those 2 close calls, everyone else put away the Little Sisters of the Poor setting the stage for the biggest weekend in college football – RIVALRY WEEKEND.

College Football 2014 – Who Will Replace Will?

The worst kept secret in all of college sports ( the firing, I mean resignation ) of Florida Head Football Coach Will Muschamp, has finally been made public.

With that, there is a tremendous amount of speculation as to whom AD Jeremy Foley will select as the next head coach of the Gators.

One thing is certain, Foley cannot miss on this selection. His last 2 hires, Muschamp and Zook, have been busts. If Urban Meyer had not won 2 national championships, Florida may be looking for a new AD also. Those 2 titles earned him a free pass but in an era of must win now mentality, Gator Nation is thirsty to get back on top – NOW! With FSU’s recent success and The “U”‘s slow build back to respectability, Florida can’t handle being the third ( or 4th – UCF?? ) best team in that football hotbed known as Florida. Whatever Florida does, they need to name a coach soon. Muschamp is going to coach the Gators for the remaining 2 games and then he is done. If Florida is fortunate enough to get a bowl bid, someone else will run the team ( one of the current assistants ). In the meantime, the recruiting clock is ticking and many of the top players in the country have already committed. That doesn’t leave the incoming new coach much time to put a big class together for this year.

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 6-“Shake Up Saturday”

NCAA Map College FootballThe one thing you can count on every year in college football is that there is one Saturday (and you never know which one it will be) when there is a major weekend of upsets.

Well, we just witnessed possible the biggest week of upsets in the history of college football. Like those famous song lyrics say, ” another one bites the dust, and another one, and another one”. Well in this case we can go on and on with another one, and another one, and another one, and another one!!! Final Four dreams for Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma, UCLA, Texas A&M, USC, Nebraska, and LSU were possibly dashed yesterday while teams like Auburn, Baylor, Notre Dame, Mississippi, and Mississippi State got the breaks they were looking for.

College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 12

College Football A - ZJust when you thought there may be some stability in the world of college football after a few wild weeks, BAM, we got hit with another crazy week.

Iron Bowl Alabama and AuburnRight from the opening kickoff, Auburn was in total control over Georgia. Georgia had to win to keep it’s slim SEC east hopes alive and fell behind by 20 points in the 4th quarter. Then, QB Aaron Murray took control and the ‘Dawgs fought back to take the lead with a little over a minute to go. The knock on Murray has been that in the big games he can’t pull out a win. He surgically cut up the Tiger defense and kept Georgia’s title hopes alive until the last play of the game when 2 Georgia defenders tipped a pass in the air that somehow fell into the Auburn receivers hand for a game winning TD.

I said a few weeks ago that Auburn really controlled the entire SEC race. Sure enough, with that win, they eliminated Georgia and are now on the verge of another Iron Bowl showdown with #1 Alabama in 2 weeks.

Win that one and they play for the SEC championship game. What a turnaround after the Gene Chizek debacle!

If that game didn’t get your juices flowing, then hopefully the Southern Cal vs. Stanford game did. Stanford, coming off a dismantling win over Oregon, has had the Trojan’s number over the last few years. USC has been playing very well since their ouster of Lane Kiffin and for the first time in several years, the Trojans had something to play for. They jumped on the Cardinal early, held on, and kicked a game winning field goal at the buzzer. Bedlam pursued as the Trojan faithful stormed the field. Could we be heading for a MONSTER showdown in 2 weeks between the Trojans and the Bruins for a chance to play Oregon in the PAC 12 championship game? WOW!!

Maybe the biggest game of the day was at Cameron Indoor Stadium where Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils moved closer yet again to another ACC title. What a minute…this is football season. Why are we talking about basketball? Isn’t Duke a perennial football power? What the hell is going on here? Duke routs the stumbling “U” and is now in control of the ACC Coastal Division and on their way to the ACC championship game against FSU. This can’t be happening. What are we talking about here? Duke football? With 2 road games left, at Wake Forest and at UNC, Duke is on it’s way to playing for a conference championship and major bowl game! Congrats to everyone associated with the Duke football program!

BCS National ChampionshipIt will be very interesting tonight on the BCS Countdown Show. Let’s see if the Talking Heads will want to put FSU at #1 because Alabama had a bit of a letdown last night with a lackluster performance at Mississippi State. Let’s see….play a tough SEC schedule or play Wake Forest, Syracuse, and Idaho. Hmmmm……..America wants Alabama and FSU in the BCS title game and FSU has a cake walk to get there. ‘Bama still has to go to Auburn and then the SEC championship game.

Staying in the SEC, the east race tightened up last night when South Carolina nipped a determined Florida squad and Auburn beat Georgia. The Steve Supperior lead Gamecocks now just need a little help from Mississippi or Texas A&M to get a piece of the Crimson Tide for the SEC title game. Remember the last time South Carolina played Alabama? Just saying…..

OK, so I rip Ohio State every chance that I can. Here is the reality. I feel bad for the kids, they don’t make the schedules.

The administration should be ashamed of themselves for not giving the Buckeyes a chance to play in the big game. Sure, they have won 22 straight games under Urban but it’s almost 22 meaningless games when you don’t beat or play any quality competition. For them ( and the Big 10 ) to get relevant again, they are going to have to upgrade their schedule and prove to all of America that they can play with the SEC or PAC 12 heavies.

Speaking of the Big 10, how about those Cornshuckers? For 5 straight years under Bo, they have lost 4 games every year. Yesterday, they lost their third game for 2013 and with 2 games remaining ( and maybe a pitiful bowl game ), they are well on their way to ANOTHER 4 loss season. How much longer can this go on in Lincoln?

Did yesterday finally seal the fate of Mack Brown and his tenure at Texas? After starting out 1-2, the Longhorns ripped off 5 wins in a row and the buzz was back. But, after laying a cow pie yesterday versus OK State, Mack may be on his way out now with a new AD riding into town. Great career, great ambassador for the game, but it’s time to move on.

A TO Z TOP 25:

  1. Alabama 10-0
  2. FSU 10-0
  3. Oregon 9-1
  4. Auburn 10-1
  5. Baylor 9-0
  6. Ohio State 10-0
  7. Missouri 9-1
  8. Clemson 9-1
  9. South Carolina 8-2
  10. Oklahoma State 9-1
  11. Stanford 8-2
  12. Texas A&M 8-2
  13. Fresno State 9-0
  14. Michigan State 9-1
  15. Northern Illinois 10-0
  16. UCLA 8-2
  17. LSU 7-3
  18. Wisconsin 8-2
  19. Oklahoma 8-2
  20. Louisville 9-1
  21. Arizona State 8-2
  22. UCF 8-1
  23. Minnesota 8-2
  24. Duke 8-2
  25. USC 8-3

Quick Heisman update. Johnny Manziel is statisically having a better year than last season. With huge road games left at LSU and at Missouri, he has the national spotlight to capture his second Heisman in a row. Jameis Winston has put up numbers v Wake, The ‘Cuse, and this week against Idaho. Both have off the field issues and AJ McCarron could have put a nail in the coffin last night but he had an average game. Wide open with a few weeks to go!


#3 Oregon @ Arizona

#5 Baylor @ #10 Oklahoma State

#7 Missouri @ Mississippi

#12 Texas A&M @ #17 LSU

#14 Michigan State @ Northwestern

#21 Arizona State @ #16 UCLA

#18 Wisconsin @ #23 Minnesota

#19 Oklahoma @ Kansas State

#24 Duke @ Wake Forest

Duke and Minnesota both in the TOP 25?? Great stories that make us love college football! K State lost 4 of their first 6 games and have now won 4 in a row. Watch out Boomer Sooner! The Baylor express keeps moving on and up the leaderboard. UCLA better not be looking ahead to their cross town rival USC or ASU will spank them! With a win, Michigan State moves closer to a showdown with the Buckeyes for the Big 10 championship. Oregon has reclaimed the PAC 12, let’s see what they do with their new life. Stomachs will be churning when Missouri travels to Mississippi. Will their title hopes be shattered? It will be wild down in the Bayou this weekend as the Johnny Football circus travels to Baton Rouge.

It is too bad that we are winding down to the end of another awesome year in college football. There are a lot of stories still to be written and with every week, the drama continues to build. Only 6 more days to go before another zany, nail biting, gut wrenching, heart pounding weekend of college football!

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College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 11

For all of you SEC haters out there, it looks like you may have to wait a few more weeks in hope of #1 Alabama going down. The Tide rolled again over their nemisis LSU last night in convincing style moving them one step closer to another national championship. The college football world got rocked on Thursday night with Baylor ripping Oklahoma and Stanford handling Oregon. The tone was set for another big time upset but LSU turned the ball over at the Tide 2 yard line early in the game and once ‘Bama got the lead, they never looked back. As of right now, it looks like we are heading towards a BCS National Championship game between Alabama and FSU. And quite honestly, they are the 2 best teams. But, the Tide must get past Auburn ( OK, they do go to Mississippi State this week and then host Chattanooga ) and then team X ( this is where you would insert Missouri, South Carolina, or Georgia ) in the SEC championship game. Something to think about…..The last time Alabama played South Carolina – October 10, 2010 – the Gamecocks handled them 34-21. A championship game between Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban – WOW!! I am not saying South Carolina will win the east, but……

When ESPN airs the BCS Countdown show tonight at 8:30, does it really matter who is ranked 3, 4 ,5, or 6? Of course the Talking Heads will try to make it interesting and tell us that Stanford should be #2 or that Ohio State deserves to play in the title game, or a 2 loss SEC east winner should play for the BCS trophy. Alabama vs. FSU. Period. End of story. Let’s try and make some great bowl match ups instead. Oregon vs. Texas A&M – first team to 100 wins! Clemson vs Louisville in a battle of top QB’s fighting for NFL draft position. Stanford vs. Wisconsin in a battle of “big uglies”. Ohio State vs. Baylor, a clash of 2 teams thinking they deserve to be playing in the BCS title game. Fresno State vs. Northern Illinois, a battle of 2 unbeatens that no one cares about. South Carolina vs. Duke – Steve Spurrier now and then! Texas vs. Auburn – a matchup of 2 recent BCS Champions that fell on hard times and are now working their way back. LSU vs. Oklahoma – Big Game Bob vs. The Hat. Hey, we could have some fun with this…if only I was in charge!

The NCAA needs to go to Durham, NC and conduct an investigation. Duke is bowl eligible. Duke is 7-2. How can that happen? The Dookies are getting ready to host the ‘Canes this week in the biggest ACC game of the year! Wait a minute…I didn’t just say that, did I?? Congrats to Coach Cut and the entire Duke football family. Enjoy the ride!

Newsflash to every coach out there…You better have 2 top notch QB’s on your roster if you plan on going far. Just ask the Florida Gators. They open up 4-1, their QB breaks his leg, and they are now 4-5. South Carolina, Texas A&M, Missouri, and Ohio State have all leaned heavily on their backup QB’s and they have all delivered keeping them in the title hunt.

What has happened at Northwestern? They open with 4 straight wins, move up in the Top 25, and have now lost 5 in a row. How about Texas Tech? They start out 7-0 and have now lost 3 in a row.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama 9-0
  2. FSU 9-0
  3. Stanford 8-1
  4. Baylor 8-0
  5. Ohio State 9-0
  6. Oregon 8-1
  7. Clemson 8-1
  8. Missouri 9-1
  9. Auburn 9-1
  10. Oklahoma State 8-1
  11. Texas A&M 8-2
  12. South Carolina 7-2
  13. Fresno State 9-0
  14. Louisville 8-1
  15. Northern Illinois 9-0
  16. Michigan State 8-1
  17. Oklahoma 7-2
  18. UCLA 7-2
  19. LSU 7-3
  20. Wisconsin 7-2
  21. Miami 7-2
  22. UCF 7-1
  23. Arizona State 7-2
  24. Texas 7-2
  25. TIE  Duke 7-2  Nebraska 7-2


#1 Alabama @ Mississippi State

#3 Stanford @ USC

Texas Tech @ #4 Baylor

Utah @ #6 Oregon

Georgia Tech @ #7 Clemson

Georgia @ #9 Auburn

#10 Oklahoma State @ #24 Texas

Florida @ #12 South Carolina

#16 Michigan State @ #25 Nebraska

#21 Miami @ #25 Duke

What a HUGE week coming up! Georgia Tech usually gives Clemson a dog fight and it will be no different on Thursday night to start another week of madness. How will the Ducks bounce back from their loss to Stanford? Utah beat Stanford. Stanford beats Oregon. Utah ( fill in the blank ) Oregon. MONSTER game for the ACC Coastal Division as Miami, coming off 2 straight losses, travels to Duke. Auburn has total control over the SEC right now. Beat Georgia and they ( Georgia ) are eliminated from the SEC East race. Then, beat Alabama and they ( Auburn ) win the West. A South Carolina win over Florida moves them a step closer to winning the SEC East. They need either Mississippi or Texas A&M to beat Missouri for that to happen. A few weeks ago we would have said that Stanford would blow out USC. Since Lane was booted out of LA, the Trojans are playing inspired football and may give the Cardinal more than they wanted!

Time to kick back, turn on the NFL, and fall asleep!

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