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Super Peyton or Super Russell?

The 2014 Super Bowl is just a few days away, and in anticipation of the “big game”  sports enthusiast are and odds makers are weighing in on the outcome.

Peyton Manning Russell WilsonWill it be Denver over Seattle (or vice versa)?  Can Russell hang in the pocket as well as Peyton?  Will it be in with the new or out with the old?  Will Peyton break his all time record of yelling “Ohama” in a single game and more importantly, what are the odds of the Veteran quarterback landing an endorsement deal with Omaha Steaks and  become what Marshawn Lynch is to skittles.

If I had to bet…I’d say that the “Superbowl Point Spreads”   are definitely in his favor.

We are now just days away from settling all of these questions.

Can Peyton win 1 more Super Bowl and solidify himself as one of the all time greatest QB’s, or, will Russell and the new wave Seahawks spoil the going away party? It was great last weekend watching Peyton and Tom battle it out knowing that we were witnessing possibly the final duel in this classic rivalry. It was also kind of ironic that the final 4 teams left in the playoffs were between 2 of the young guns and 2 of the legends of the game.

College Football Bowl Mania

Sadly, we are just hours away from the curtain closing on another fantastic college football season. With only tonight’s game between Arkansas State vs. Ball State, and tomorrow’s BCS Championship Game, we have all but wrapped up the 2013-2014 campaign.

No more Gameday shows, no more BCS Countdown shows, no more Lou Holtz and Mark May, and thankfully….NO MORE BCS!!

college football playoff 2015The selection process next year for the “playoffs” between the top 4 teams will be better than computers picking the match ups, but it is not the end all answer. Any time you get more than 1 person bringing ideas into a room, you get chaos. And that’s what we will have as a team of so called experts will be on a panel to pick the top 4 teams. Different people in various positions from different parts of the country with different agendas selecting the playoff teams. Sounds like a real smooth process doesn’t it? How about ripping up every conference and starting all over again? How about 10-12 team conferences? How about 2 -6 team divisions in each conference? How about every team playing a 5-4-3 schedule ( play every team in your division, 4 games versus the other division on a rotating basis, and 3 non conference games )? How about every conference having a championship game? How about every conference champion ( all 10 of them ) going into the playoffs? How about the ultimate champion winning it on the field based on their play? I know, I am living in a fantasy land. It truly makes more sense to have Boston College playing in the ACC and traveling to Miami for a conference game, right? Or what about West Virginia playing in the Big 12 and having to go to Stillwater for a conference game? Next thing you know is that Ohio State will be leaving the Big 10 to go to the SEC! Now wait a minute, that may be the stupidest thing I have ever said! Ohio State wanting to play a competitive schedule….what a ridiculous statement….that will never happen!

playoff college footballThere truly have been some great games this bowl season. The Duke-Texas A&M game was one of the best as Johnny Manziel, finally healthy, showed America why he is the most electric player in the country. UCF, lead by QB Blake Bortels, was terrific against Baylor. Missouri and Oklahoma State was one for the ages. Clemson and Ohio State was back and forth all game long. Who saw Oklahoma stunning Alabama? Georgia and Nebraska went down to the wire. Washington State and Colorado State started it all off with a wild game. South Carolina and Wisconsin went back and forth with Connor Shaw of USC turning in one of the best individual performances of all the bowl games. The Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Michigan State went down to the wire. Yesterday’s game between Vandy and Houston gave their fans a wild one. Did Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville look like one of the best teams in the country? Should he have won the Heisman? Will he be the #1 pick in the NFL draft?

On the other hand, there were some awful performances and calls that made you scratch your head. Can someone tell me why that on the last possession of the game and needing a touchdown, why would Stanford run the ball 3 times? 3 times against that stout Sparty defense? What about 4th and 3 with 31 seconds left and needing a touchdown to win, the Georgia receiver drops a perfect pass that ends the game? Had he caught the ball, who knows what would have happened. How about the dropped hail Mary in the end zone on 3rd down by the Minnesota wide receiver? Or what about Arizona State looking completely lost against Texas Tech? Thank goodness that Northern Illinois lost their conference championship game and failed in their bid for a BCS Bowl Game. They were awful against Utah State! What would they have done against ….a really good team? Sadly, Va. Tech continues their slide.

With all of the SEC haters out there, which conference had the best showing in this years bowl games? If you guessed the MEAC ( 0-4 with 1 game left – Ball State carrying the conference torch right now ) you would be wrong! If you think it was the Big 10, think again. Once again, they had another dismal showing and end up 2-5. What about the mighty PAC 12? Close, but no cigar! They did have a good showing but ended up 6-3. I know, you think that the Big 12 had the best conference showing. Oklahoma spanked the mighty Tide, they had to be the best. WRONG!! They ended up 3-3. Sorry! Conference USA looked good, right? So-so, they finish 3-3 also. What about the mighty Mountain West you ask? Well they were OK, ending up 3-3. Then the best conference had to be the American Athletic Conference, right? Wrong again, wise one. They were 2-3. OK, stop teasing us, the ACC was the most dominating conference in bowl play! Not so fast my friend! Right now they are 4-6 with FSU to play. Will they end up 5-6 or 4-7?  Guess what haters….once again, the SEC dominated bowl play and stands at 7-2 with Auburn left to carry the league to possibly another BCS crown. Beat FSU and the SEC ends bowl play at 8-2. Lose, and they finish 7-3. Either way, they will have won the most games of any conference. Had it not been for a dropped 4th down pass vs. the Cornshuckers, the SEC may be 8-1 right now! How ironic would that be? The only potential SEC loss is by….Alabama!!

So, who is it going to be tomorrow night, the Tigers or the Seminoles? FSU, playing one of the worst schedules in the country, has not been tested all year. How will they respond if they get behind? Luck, destiny, fate, has been with Auburn all year. Will the Heisman winner have a bad showing like so many of them before him? Can anyone stop the ground attack of Auburn? None of the top defenses in the SEC could. What makes you think that a team from the ACC can? FSU is loaded with talent, talent that has not been pushed for 4 quarters this year.

It’s time to lace them up one more time, tighten up the chin strap, put on the eye black, and get ready to bang heads for the last time this year!

Luckily, the recruiting wars will take center stage starting on Tuesday. When does spring football start?

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College Football Related:

The Playoff

Beginning with the 2014-15 season, college football will enter a new era when a postseason playoff will begin. The format is simple: top four teams, two semifinals played in bowl games, and a national championship game played in a different city each year. Each semifinal will be played during the New Year’s holiday with the national championship game in prime time on a Monday night at least a week later. It will be the best of all worlds, and the biggest innovation to the sport in decades.

The Selection Committee

A selection committee will choose the four teams for the playoff based on their performance during the regular season, including, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, championships won, and other factors. The teams will be seeded so that #1 will play #4 in one semifinal and #2 will meet #3 in the other, with the winners advancing to the national championship game.

The Rotation

The semifinals will rotate among six different bowls, extending the experience to more fans. In the years when the bowls are not hosting semifinals, the bowls will feature eight other teams in four compelling matchups.

College Football 2013….What have we learned so far??

College Football Highlights

With 2 weeks now in the books, some interesting things are starting to unfold in the world of college football. We knew going into the season that it College Football Week Twocould be one of the most memorable seasons of all time. I think we are on schedule for the most controversial BCS National Championship game of all time.

Alabama controls the SEC right now and a win over A&M on Saturday will give them a leg up on the field. All that stands in their way after that is a heated rivalry game with LSU and then the SEC Championship game. Oregon is headed for a showdown with Stanford to probably have a shot at the Tide. Clemson could run the table by beating FSU and South Carolina and stake their claim to be in the big game. Louisville will go undefeated and want a piece of someone. The Cardinal’s play a weak schedule and will be 25++point favorites for the rest of the year. Ohio State has only 1 competitive game all year ( at Michigan in the last game of the year ) and will be screaming for respect and a shot in the title game. Both Louisville and Ohio State play such a weak schedule and in the end, it will cost them a shot at the title.

So, what are the most intriguing match-ups for the BCS Championship right now? Alabama vs. Oregon would give us flash and dash versus strength and power. Two contrasting styles. A rookie coach vs. the most polished coach in the sport today. How about Alabama against Stanford? This would be a dog fight. A 20-17 defensive struggle. What if Oregon played Clemson for it all? The scoreboard would explode – fireworks being shot off every 20 seconds! In the end we could have a 55-53 game. What if it were Texas A&M and Oregon? How about Georgia versus FSU? What if the title game featured Michigan and LSU? So many scenarios, so many games left to play…and it is only week 2!!

Game of the year… PART 1. The hype has begun for this week’s first game of the year. Alabama goes to Texas A&M for a revenge game. Last year Johnny Football burst into the national spotlight by pulling off the improbable upset over the Tide. Coach Saban has been drooling for this game since then and with a week off last week, you can bet the Crimson Tide will ROLL into Aggie land with fire in their eyes!

All the Talking Heads thought the Texas Longhorns might be on their way back into the national scene. I guess BYU forgot to read the press clippings and put an old fashion butt whipping on them! Welcome back to mediocrity Texas!

Cudos to the ACC. They are shaping up to be the second best conference in the land. Clemson upsets Georgia to kick off the year and The “U” trips Florida on Saturday. Clemson only has FSU left to play in conference ( and South Carolina in the season ending game ) and should destroy everyone else. Miami has just FSU and Va. Tech remaining in conference play. FSU has the toughest path to the conference title by having to play Miami and Clemson ( and the Gators ). Looks like a banner year for the ACC! They may have a shot at the BCS title game as well as several other big bowl games.

Here is an interesting scenario. Michigan and Ohio State should both be undefeated going into the season ending ( 11/30 ) clash. Most likely, they will meet agian the following week ( 12/7 ) in the Big 10 Championship game!

This is hard to believe. In the SEC East, Tennessee and Missouri are undefeated.  South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia all have 1 loss! Think that is going to last much longer?

For all you Notre Dame haters out there, I guess you won’t have to worry about them playing for the title this year after losing to the Wolverines on Saturday night. The funny thing is that they may be a better team this year and will probably end up lose 2 games this season!

Several weeks ago I said that Odell Beckham of LSU has a shot at the Heisman Trophy this year. Before it is given to Braxton ( I get hurt every year ) Miller, or Johnny ( show me the money ) Manziel, or Teddy ( I deserve better than playing against Division 3 schools ) Bridgewater, or Tajh ( I hope I don’t have to face Jadeveon Clowney ) Boyd,  take a look at what Odell has done so far. I think you may just change your vote! Tyrann who??????????

College Football Louisville’s Core Values

Louisville Cardinals Football

OK, I may have missed something here but I just saw on ESPN, a piece on Louisville Cardinal football. It seems like ESPN is doing a Summer Tour of major contenders for this year’s BCS National Championship. The host was interviewing QB Teddy Bridgewater and he was going over pass routes and Michael Dyer, Kouisville Footballcoverages. The young man seemed like an outstanding kid! I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when this story came on and I wasn’t paying close attention. However, a buddy of mine called and told me about it. It seems like in the background there was a list hanging on the wall.

The list read like this:

  1. Honesty
  2. Respect
  3. No Stealing
  4. No Drugs
  5. No Guns

It’s all starting to come to me now. These are the 5 “Core Values” that the football players must adhere to. Remember a few weeks ago when Louisville brought in RB Michael Dyer? It was written that he must follow the strict “Core Values” and the strict code of conduct. These are “Core Values” that need to be posted in the locker room?? Seriously?? As that famous philosopher Vince Lombardi once said, “What the hell is going on here”??? What ever happened to hard work, fair play, and teamwork? If this is what Coach Strong is preaching in his locker room, what type of young men are representing that school?Louisville football Values

Michael Dyer comes to Louisville after being kicked out of 2 schools.

After rushing for over 1,000 yards in each of his years at Auburn, he was kicked off the team and transferred to that southern powerhouse, Arkansas State. Michael never played a down after being stopped for speeding. The traffic stop revealed a gun and drugs. Hard to believe, but he was never charged. With a potential Heisman Trophy candidate at QB, the school must have felt like they needed a top RB if they are to contend for the BCS National Championship this year. They may go undefeated, but they play a weak schedule and won’t get a chance to play for the top prize.

The next police report from Louisville may sound like this…”Coach, with all due respect to the law, the TV in the back seat isn’t mine. When the cop asked me for my ID, I pulled it out of my pocket and out fell a pistol and a packet of white powder. I have no idea whose it is. It’s not mine, honestly”!

Did anyone else see this? Am I making this up?

The Louisville 5 “Core Values”, give me a freaking break!

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The 2013 Heisman Hopefuls

If anyone thinks there is a leading candidate for the 2013 Heisman Trophy, you better think again.

This years class of hopefuls is as deep as any group in recent memory and just because we have a returning winner from last year, don’t think for one minute Johnny Football is the odds on favorite to repeat. Heisman Contenders

The NFL has to be drooling with the talent they have to choose from in next years draft.

With the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select……Jadeveon Clowney…..DE from South Carolina. Mr. Clowney could very well be standing in New York holding the biggest prize in college football but who else deserves to be watched?

In no particular order, here are my bakers dozen – the top 13 leading candidates for this years Heisman:

  1. AJ McCarron – QB – Alabama. It’s sad to say, but AJ seems to get more pub for the girl he is dating rather than leading his Crimson Tide to national championships! A 6’4″ 215 pound Sr., he has the size and smarts to handle anything Coach Saban or opposing defenses throw at him. All he does is win, yet I will be shocked if the NFL picks him in the first round. As Al Davis has always said…Just win baby! AJ is a winner and he will lead the Tide to yet another BCS National Championship this year!!
  2. Batman needs Robin – Kim needs Kanye and AJ needs….TJ. TJ Yeldon is a 6’2″ 218 pound dynamic RB from Alabama and provides the great one-two punch any great team needs. Big, fast, strong, and he can run inside as well as outside. TJ is a perfect compliment to a balanced Tide attack and should get a ton of recognition this year.
  3. Jadeveon Clowney – DE from South Carolina. He is a 6’6″ 270 lbs. Jr. We have all seen the crushing hit he laid on the Michigan Wolverines last year and he has all the tools to win the Heisman. The voters must get past the fact that he is a defensive player and focus on the overall impact he has on the game. Teams will scheme away from him this year and Coach Superior will have to balance his “D” and find ways to exploit any weaknesses he sees on the “O” lines.
  4. Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M. A 6’1″ 200 lb. Soph. Johnny electrified the college football world last year and pretty much won the Heisman last year with his one man show against Alabama. We will see what happens on 9/14 when the Tide rolls into College Station. Mr. Manziel may be suspended by then with all of his off field antics. ‘Bama owes him one and this could get ugly for the Aggies!
  5. Marquis Lee – WR – USC. At 6’0″ and 195 lbs., this Jr. is one of the premier players in the land. Playing on the left coast and all the troubles the Trojans have right now, we may not get to see his true talents. The NFL scouts know what he brings to the table and Marquis should come out this year as a top 10 pick.
  6. Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville. NFL teams are drooling over this 6’3″ 218 lb. Jr. Charlie Strong and the Cardinal are becoming a national force and Teddy has all the skills and weapons around him to stay in the spotlight all year.
  7. Tajh Boyd – QB – Clemson. Tajh was having a great season last year until Mr. Clowney came calling. The Tigers have an exposive offense returning this year and he will have 3 great opportunities to show America what he has. Games with Georgia, FSU, and South Carolina will be his defining games on the national stage if he is truly a Heisman hopeful. The rest of the schedule is against cupcakes and Tajh will rack up BIG numbers.
  8. If the Lone Ranger needs Tonto…..then Tajh needs…..Sammy Watkins. Sammy is an electrifing 6’1″ 205 Jr. WR from Clemson and it will be very interesting to see the Wide Receiver battle this year for the top spot between Sammy and Marquis. Sammy has had a “Honey Badger” issue in the past ( a problem with the wacky tabacky ), but if he comes to play, watch out. He possesses tremendous hands and will be the first option in every passing play this year for the Tigers.
  9. Aaron Murray – QB – Georgia. At 6’1″ and 210 lbs., he has been a fixture in the Bulldog offense for several years now. As a Sr., Aaron will be called on to have a monster year if the Bulldogs are to compete for a BCS National Championship. Early season games against Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU will either make or break his Heisman shot. In my opinion Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron are carbon copies.
  10. If Sonny needs Cher….then Aaron needs….Todd Gurley – RB – Georgia. Gurley is a rock solid 6’1″ 218 pound Sophomore that is very similiar to TJ Yeldon. He will be called on 20+ times a game to tote the rock and will put up some big numbers for the Bulldogs. Todd is coming off a big freshman season and will be needed to have a huge year if the Bulldogs have plans to win the SEC East.
  11. Braxton Miller – QB – Ohio State. At 6’2″ and 215 pounds, this Jr. had an outstanding sophomore season. His biggest challenge this year will be the fact that Ohio State plays a pathetic schedule in a weak conference. They only have 2 competitive games this year – Wisconsin and Michigan. He will have to have monster games in those 2 contests to gain national recognition. How USA Today can rank the Luckeyes #2 in the country is beyond me! Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal, and Florida A&M……OMG!!!!
  12. Odell Beckham – WR – LSU. Odell is an electric 6’0″ 187 lb. Jr. that made Tiger fans almost forget about the Honey Badger. He is also a tremendous punt returner and will make NFL teams have a difficult decision on who the top WR pick will be. If “The Hat” finally opens up the offense in Baton Rouge…..look out – there are weapons there and Odell could have a monster season!
  13. If Cheech needs Chong….then Odell needs…. Zack Mettenberger. Big Z is a 6’5″ QB from LSU and is my darkhorse candidate for the Heisman. Big, strong, and a cannon for an arm. If, and I mean if, Les opens up the offense for once, Zack could put up huge numbers this year. The Tigers have weapons all over the field – talented wide outs and a stable of stud running backs. Right now, the talking heads have the Tigers as a #13 type of team coming into the season. If Big Z gets it going, it could get crazy down in the Bayou!

2013 Heisman Contenders


These are my top candidates for the Heisman. I have no doubt that a few other stars will emerge and the race will become even more exciting as the year goes on. In case you are counting, there are only 26 more days to kickoff and one of the most electric atmospheres in college football – Williams Brice Stadium – Home of the South Carolina Gamecocks!

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Heisman Winners: Where Are They Now?

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