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Former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau and Student Husband Divorce

Mary Kay Letourneau Divorce

Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher imprisoned for more than seven years for having an affair with Vili Fualaau, her then-12-year-old student whom she went on to marry, is splitting from him after a marriage of 12 years.

Fualaau filed for legal separation earlier in May, reports TMZ.com The pair married in 2005, years after they began a sexual relationship in 1996, when Letourneau was 34 and married with four children.

Deanna Higgins, Photo, Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault of a Minor

Deanna Higgins, a teacher at Spring High School, has been charged with improper relations between an educator and student and sexual assault of a child.

Texan teacher Deanna Higgins accused of sex with student

In a letter to parents posted on the Spring ISD Web site, administrators say the DA accepted charges against Higgins on Monday.

Higgins, a science teacher, was placed on paid administrative leave in January 2009 after a third party brought the allegations to district officials.

“The Spring High School Administration and Spring ISD Police Department immediately began investigating the allegation after receiving a report from a third party,” the letter reads.

Lawsuit: Woman Claims Assault by Copperfield (VIDEO)

Higgins was hired at the school in January 2008.  Read full story here

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Woman Steals Husband and Identity

It can be quiet devastating when your husband decides to leave you for another woman.  However, when she steals you identity in it can get really ugly.

First before we begin…our thoughts are you lucked up when she took that cheating husband off your hands.   You can get yourself another man ( just check out Behind Blondie Parks online dating page),  and why in the heck do you want someone who behaves in such a bad manner.  However, your identity…that’s worth fighting over!

Back to the story…According to the Herald Sun, Renai Brochard stole the husband of Ginetta Rossi .   She then stole her identity by using her name to gain registration to teach at a Melbourne, Australia Montessori School.   She managed to pull if off for several months until she was caught and charged with fraud.  She received a suspended jail sentence.

In an interview with the real Ms. Rossi she told sources:

“It was fortunate that it just happened to be that year that my teacher registration was due and I made inquiries about renewal,”
“Otherwise she could have been teaching for three years in Victoria without anyone knowing she was a fake.”

Ms. Rossi realized that the culprit was her ex-husband’s new partner when she recognized the address that Brochard had used.

“She did me a favor, she took my husband. But she shouldn’t have taken my identity.”
Ms. Brochard began working  at a childcare center, but was sacked after details of her fraud convictions were made public.

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