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Miami News, Woman Runs Over Husbands Valentines day Encounter

miami news woman arrestedNews: A Miami woman,  whose name is Kasheena Mordica,  has been arrested and charged to court for the attempted second-degree tried homicide and leaving the scene of an accident after she went “nuts” and severing of the leg of another lady.

According to news reports, Mordica walked in and found her husband in the arms of her thirty-two- years old husband, Marco Mack.  To add insult to injury…the confrontation took place on Valentines day.

Police, involved in the investigation say that the angry housewife  ran over a woman identified as Ashley Weatherspoon with her car.  Her leg was completely severed in the accident.

She was rushed to the hospital however, the doctors were not able to save her leg because there was too much  damage. 

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New York Woman Finds Lost Rings in 13 Tons of Trash

Lost rings found trash

A New York City woman is breathing a sigh of relief after finding her accidentally discarded wedding rings at a New Jersey trash landfill.

According to sources, sanitation workers and three relatives spent two hours sifting through 200 bags of trash.

The lost rings were found among 13 tons of waste.

Castaway Found After 13 Months Lost in the Pacific

The 34-year-old woman was reportedly preparing Thanksgiving dinner  when she took  the rings off and placed them on a paper towel beside her kitchen sink.

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Findland Artist Olek Creates Pink Crocheted House

Findland Artist Olek Pink Chrocheted House Pink Crocheted House artist, known as Olek, lives the United Sates and works out of NYC.

She has completed another amazing  “work of art” in Kerava, Finland, almost 20 miles outside Helsinki.

Her motivation was a result of an installation on refugee displacement.  The Polish native completely crocheted over an art gallery that is based in a house built in the 1910s.  She covered everything from the chimney down to the ground with pink, patterned fabric.

She assembled a team of Syrian and Ukranian women – many of whom are refugees – and together, they began to crochet a pink cover for the house.

The Kerava installation is part two of the project, meant to provide a happier ending to the darker initial project.

Over the course of three weeks, volunteers, including immigrants and women from a reception center for asylum seekers, helped OLEK and her team make enough pink, crocheted fabric to cover the entire building. In total, they crafted more than 3200 square feet of crocheted pattern.

See PINK Crocheted House HERE

OLEK’s work often focuses on feminism and sexuality!

Man Cuts Off Testicals and Delays Wedding

Wedding Delays

 A British couple’s dream wedding day was delayed after a man stormed into the church having just hacked his testicles off.

Wedding delayed According to sources… One hour before the wedding ceremony was set to begin…an unidentified man entered  Hutton All Saints Church near Brentwood in Essex, England.  He was carrying  with a pair of scissors and started throwing chairs around.

He then took the scissors to his private parts…and OUCH…he cut them off.

He was transported to a local hospital for treatment and then transferred to a mental facility for an assessment.  Diagnosis…”One guppy short of an aquarium.”

In case your wondering…the wedding was delayed for a little while.  However, despite all the chaos…the happy couple  was eventually “joined together in holy matrimony .”  See Video Here

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Wedding Delayed as Ring-Bearing Owl Goes for a Sleep

A wedding service was delayed when an owl bearing rings fell asleep in the church roof.

 Darcy the barn owl was meant to fly down the aisle at Holy Cross Church in Sherston, Wiltshire, and deliver rings to Sonia Cadman and Andrew Matley.

Instead the one-year-old owl flew into the church roof to roost.

According to sources…It took about an hour to get her down.

The Reverend Christopher Bryan said: “We tried all we could to get it down but it just wouldn’t budge.”

He said the owl seemed “very happy” in the roof and could not be tempted down with a treat.

“It must have been an hour before they got a ladder to rescue it,” he said.

The specially-trained owl had been hired by Ms Cadman for the wedding, which took place at the weekend.

It was a surprise for her fiance, who is interested in falconry.

The most common and surprising wedding superstitions and traditions…

Wedding Traditions Something Borrowed

Wearing a Veil:   This custom originated in Rome, when a bride would wear a veil down the aisle to disguise herself from evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness.