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College Football Championship…And Then There Were 2…

College Football Championship Clemson vs AlabamaAlthough we are sad that the 2016 – 2017 college football season is coming to a close, the country cannot wait for the Alabama – Clemson rematch on Monday night in Tampa.

Many of the Talking Heads had predicted from day 1 that this rematch would happen. The Tide and Tigers gave us a historic battle last year for the National Championship game and there is no reason why it won’t happen again. Explosive offense ( Clem-and-Son) vs. a stone wall defense (Alabama). Experienced Heisman candidate QB (Watson) vs. inexperienced freshman QB (Hurts). Legendary coach (Saban) vs. one of the finest young coaches in the country (Ya Ba Dabo).

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 10…Separation Saturday

Week 6 College football

Since the finish of week 9 in college football, all of the Talking Heads have referred to week 10 as…Separation Saturday. There was #1 Clemson vs. #16 FSU, #2 LSU vs. #4 Alabama, and #8 TCU vs. #14 Oklahoma State.

On top of those powerhouse games, the schedule was dotted with other great and impactful games. Well, for once, they all lived up to the hype! All we heard on talk radio this week was how some teams got screwed in the initial CFP rankings that came out on Tuesday.

College Football 2014/2015…Bowl Updates

With 21 bowl games now in the books (and 17 more to go), let’s catch up on some of the highlights and lowlights of this years version of “Bowl Mania”.

The coaching merry-go-round…Harbaugh to Meechigan? The worst kept secret in college football will be announced today at noon when former ’49er HC Jim Harbaugh leaves the left coast for all the $$$ to become the top man in Ann Arbor. WHY??? The Big 10 is a dying conference (#5 out of the Big 5 ) that is owned by the Urbanites currently. Oh sure, every once in a while Wisconsin or Michigan State is competitive, but the Wolverines have been dying for years. Can he resurrect the Maize and Blue? Probably. But it may take a few years and in the meantime Ohio State will run roughshod over the depleted Big 10 and remain the face of the conference. Until the Big 10 starts playing a competitive non conference schedule and starts winning major bowl match ups, Harbaugh, Michigan, and the rest of the Big 10 will never be relevant again on the national scene. Enjoy the big jack Jimmy!

College Football 2014…What if there were 8 teams??

The hootin’ and hollerin’ is over now but the College Football Playoff committee really did get the best 4 teams in the playoffs.

College Football A to ZThe biggest issue was on how they arrived at those 4 deserving teams. The top 3 ( Alabama, Oregon, and FSU ) were no brainers. The mess became, and has been for several weeks, picking the 4th team. When TCU went from 3rd one week to being out of it on the last day, that was the rub. If the truth be known, Ohio State, TCU, and Baylor were so evenly matched in every facet of the argument that any of the 3 could have made it.

No matter who was chosen, there were going to be 2 upset universities. OSU overcame so much adversity with the loss of not just one, but 2 starting QB’s. Baylor beats TCU but played the poorest non-conference schedule. TCU blew a 21 point lead to Baylor and lost in their head to head showdown. OSU plays in the worst of the “Big 5” conferences and lost to a poor Virginia Tech squad in their only competitive non-conference game. You can just go on and on about the comparisons but in the end, the Big 12 does not have a conference championship game and that hurt both TCU and Baylor. Message to the Big 12 – go find 2 more teams and fix this problem or you will put your universities at risk every year.

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 15…The Great Debate!

Dramatically, and sadly, the regular season has come to a close. But as is with every year, the mess that we know as “Selection Sunday” has just begun.

College Football A to ZWe hated the BCS computer process in years past. And now, the CFP committee will come under fire. They are in a no win situation. Three teams are locks – Alabama, Oregon, and FSU. The 4th and final spot is an absolute mess with TCU, Ohio State, and Baylor. It could have been made a little easier if someone ( FSU ) had gotten beat last night…or Wisconsin had taken out Ohio State. But noooo! Everyone won. ‘Bama crushed Missouri, Oregon smashed Arizona, FSU squeaked by Georgia Tech, TCU demolished Iowa State, Ohio State embarrassed Wisconsin, and Baylor nipped Kansas State leaving the committee with an impossible choice.

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