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Khloe Kardashian’s Dad + Mom Photo Formula Doesn’t Equal Preggo

Khloe Kardashian Tristan

Dad + Mom Photos are causing a gossip buzz!

Khloe Kardashian posted some pics from her surprise 33rd birthday party from over the weekend and one in particular has left many speculating the “meaning behind the message.”


The photo which is raising eyebrows is the one in which of Khloe and her Cleveland Cavaliers boyfriend Tristan Thompson are kissing. The image is captioned “Dad + Mom.”

How Millennials Date and Why It Can’t Be Called Dating

Millennials Dating

The phrase “serious relationship” is not in the vocabulary of an average 20- or 30-something. Contemporary young people don’t look for the love of their lives because they don’t believe it really exists.

The hookup culture largely influences their views on dating and relationships. The hookup culture, in its turn, has been facilitated by the progress of technology. Today we do almost everything online – buy, sell, play, study, communicate, etc. We can get what we want in one click. Dating apps form the same attitude to finding a potential partner. “Swipe left-swipe right” is everything most millennials need to get a date. But the thing is that most of them have never been on a traditional date, the one their parents used to have. Contemporary dating culture has undergone considerable changes. Here are some of its key features.

  • Millennials text, not talk.
    Texting is a very convenient way of communication and in recent years, it has supplanted phone calls and even encroaches on face-to-face interaction. Since millennials practice online dating extensively, texting has become the main tool in meeting potential dates and getting to know them better. You can do it even at your office during lunch or on public transport and it’s stress-free. Actually, texting is a time-saving way of communication. That is why young people prefer exchanging messages over calling. They call only their family members and the closest friends. If we speak about dating apps or social media, people approach and get to know each other via messages because this is how these services work.
  • They don’t want to commit.
    Commitment is something inconceivable for adults in their 20s and even 30s. While their parents already had them at this very age, they don’t want to think about anything serious. They are afraid their relationship will fail and they join the ranks of divorcees. Being brought up on Disney movies, they get a bit disillusioned when they see that real life has nothing to do with a fairytale. It has developed the fear of commitment in them. That is why they usually prefer hanging out.
  • They call it “serious”.
    The time dictates its rules. Today, everything happens quicker. Some millennials consider themselves in the state of a serious relationship after a few days/weeks of online correspondence or several dates provided they feel chemistry or already hooked up. The transition between “we just met” and “we’re a couple” can take only a few weeks.
  • Hookups are a usual thing.
    A no-strings-attached approach is commonplace among millennials. If someone wants to find a one-night stand, there is a wide choice of the willing on dating apps. Some don’t conceal they’re looking for anything bigger than a hookup.
  • Breakups are less painful.
    While earlier you had to gather your courage to have a goodbye conversation with your date, today millennials choose to send a goodbye message or simply disappear like a ghost. It’s so easily done – delete one’s profile, stop answering calls, and wait until the other person lets it go. Millennials get over failed dates and “serious” relationships faster because they know there are so many other available options.

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Top 5 Things Girls Lie About In Relationships

Top 5 Lies Women Tell
Yes, here she goes – a perfect girl you have been looking for so long! She looks attractive, acts cutely, thinks outside of the box and is an ideal and tireless lover. Even if your relationships seem like a fairytale, there is always something she hides from you.
Women are strange: they are thought overly more emotional than men are, but they still remain insincere about too many things. You may not know the difference – and we are eager to reveal it. Women do not have to lie, they need to. Indeed, there are some basic phenomena girls are just not able to speak frankly about, no matter how close you have become.
Gorgeous and attractive women from Maria dating site agreed to help us understand their gender better. That is how we managed to come up with the list of top 5 things girls lie about in relationships. However, if you are looking for a potential partner, DatingPilot recommends to be honest right from the start. Playing games is never a good idea if you are serious about someone. Not all girls, or boys, lie in relationships though. But you may meet someone that lies about at least one of these points from the list.

Pamela Anderson Files for Divorce for the Third Time.

Pamel Andeson Files for Divorce
Just over a year since ‘Baywatch’ star, Pamela Anderson confirmed that she had remarried her third husband, Rick Salomon for the second time, she has reportedly filed for divorce from him…again.
 According to sources … the “Baywatch” blonde separated from Salomon Tuesday.
On Wednesday she reportedly filed for divorce … a familiar process for these two.

Pamela Anderson Files for Divorce

Pamela Anderson Relationship History
  Pamela Anderson's Relationships
Anderson married Tommy Lee, drummer of Mötley Crüe, on February 19, 1995, after knowing him for 4 days. Together they have two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee.   After  divorcing  in 1998,  they  reunited briefly upon Lee’s release from prison but eventually split again in 2001. They reconciled and split again in 2008.

Woman Steals Husband and Identity

It can be quiet devastating when your husband decides to leave you for another woman.  However, when she steals you identity in it can get really ugly.

First before we begin…our thoughts are you lucked up when she took that cheating husband off your hands.   You can get yourself another man ( just check out Behind Blondie Parks online dating page),  and why in the heck do you want someone who behaves in such a bad manner.  However, your identity…that’s worth fighting over!

Back to the story…According to the Herald Sun, Renai Brochard stole the husband of Ginetta Rossi .   She then stole her identity by using her name to gain registration to teach at a Melbourne, Australia Montessori School.   She managed to pull if off for several months until she was caught and charged with fraud.  She received a suspended jail sentence.

In an interview with the real Ms. Rossi she told sources:

“It was fortunate that it just happened to be that year that my teacher registration was due and I made inquiries about renewal,”
“Otherwise she could have been teaching for three years in Victoria without anyone knowing she was a fake.”

Ms. Rossi realized that the culprit was her ex-husband’s new partner when she recognized the address that Brochard had used.

“She did me a favor, she took my husband. But she shouldn’t have taken my identity.”
Ms. Brochard began working  at a childcare center, but was sacked after details of her fraud convictions were made public.

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