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How To Schedule a BCS National Championship

One of the fascinations I have with college football is the schedules of the top teams and the power conferences.

College Football 2013I have to laugh when passionate fans scream for respect for their beloved university when, if you look at their schedule, they have beaten no one of significance and do not play a game versus a team that can help them move up in the standings. Our “vote for me” system reeks of havoc and until there is a 8 – 12 team playoff system in place, we will always have voting controversy. So strategic scheduling plays a huge factor in positioning your team to get into a BCS game.

Let’s take a look at some of the schedules of top teams this year. We are going to play a game called….Name that schedule.

Who plays…..Va. Tech, Colorado St., Georgia St., Chattanooga, Texas A&M, and LSU? If you guessed Ohio State you would be WRONG!! The correct answer is….Alabama. I am disappointed in the Tides non conference schedule. In the powerful SEC, you do need a couple of breathers, but this is a little soft for the defending national champions.

Who plays….Miami, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, and FSU? If you guessed Ohio State you would be wrong again!! If you said the Florida Gators….BINGO! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch! If the Gators can somehow win 4 of these matchups, they deserve to be a top 2 team.

Who plays….Clemson, South Carolina, LSU, and Florida? If you guessed Ohio State you would be wrong for the third straight time! What’s the matter with you??? However, if you said the Georgia Bulldogs, you know your team! I have complained about Georgia’s schedule for the past few years but the schedule makers nailed them this time around. Take care of this brutal schedule and you have a chance to play for the top prize!

Who plays….Georgia, North Carolina, Clemson, and Florida? Don’t even think about saying Ohio State!!! The answer we are looking for is South Carolina. This could be the year for the Gamecocks if they can get off to a quick start. With 3 straight road games in October and 4 straight home games in November, the Steve Superior lead Garnett and Black will make national noise this year. Remember the last time the ‘Cocks played the Tide?

Who plays….Rice, Sam Houston, SMU, UTEP, Alabama, and LSU? Seriously, Ohio State, I think NOT!! This schedule belongs to Texas A&M. The first 4 games on this list are very questionable on strenght – it does sound like an Ohio State type of schedule, doesn’t it? The Aggies have a unique schedule this year. Home for 4 games, on the road for 2, home for 4 more, and then they finish with 2 on the road. Their whole season hinges on the 9/14 home game rematch with ‘Bama – good luck this time!!

Who plays….Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal, Florida A&M, has 1 competitive road game ( Michigan – the last game of the year ), and plays only 1 other game that has meaning ( ??? ) Wisconsin? O wise one, I hope you said Ohio State. With one of the worst schedules in the history of modern day college football, the Luckeyes should run the table again for the second straight year. Luckeye fans will be screaming for R-E-S-P-E-C-T but how can the voters realistically think this team is worthy of playing in the BCS National Championship game with a putrid schedule like this?? Urban and the decision makers at Ohio State need to take a hard look at the Little 10 and start getting some games with the “BIG BOYS” before clamoring that the Little 10 deserves to be on par with SEC!

Who plays….Central Michigan, Akron, UConn, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State? I think you are catching on now. I know you said Michigan. Although this is a weak non conference schedule, the overall schedule is better than their fraud nemisis. And Brady thinks the Little 10 deserves to be on par with the SEC??? C’mon man!!!!

Who plays….Wyoming, So. Miss.,UCLA, South Dakota St., @ Michigan, and does not play Ohio St.? If you are staying with a Little 10 team and guessed Nebraska, you got it right. Oh how the mighty have fallen. We used to talk about Nebraska playing for the national championship year after year. Now they are a regular 4 loss team annually and it ain’t going to get any better any time soon.

Who plays….UMass, Tennessee Tech, Arizona St., BYU, no Michigan, and Ohio St.? You got this game down pat now if you said Wisconsin! And this is the Little 10’s third/fourth best team! They couldn’t finish fourth in the SEC East!! They couldn’t finish fourth in the SEC West!! If you want to be relevant, play relevant teams. Don’t load up on Creampuffs! Get out of conference and play someone from the SEC, a top PAC 12 team, or an ACC contender.

The SEC or the Little 10? Really, is there any comparison? The Luckeyes may fall into a top spot just because all of the powerhouse teams have to play each other on a weekly basis. Ohio State is at best a 3 or 4 loss team in the SEC – period.

Let’s look at the schedules of some of this years other top contenders:

Oregon – Nicholls, Virginia, Tennessee, Cal, Colorado. REALLY?? They also play UCLA, Stanford, and Oregon St. – 3 competitive games all year.

Clemson – Georgia, FSU, South Carolina. 3 national games that could propell them high in the standings. The rest of the ACC schedule is Ohio State like.

Notre Dame – Oklahoma, Michigan, USC, and Stanford. Win ’em all and the Irish will be a top 5 team!

Stanford – San Jose St. and Army but then they have UCLA, Oregon St., Oregon, USC, and ND. This could be the year the play in the BCS National Championship game if they can get through this schedule!

Louisville – A darkhorse team with maybe the top QB in the land, however, how can they be a #1 team with games against Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, FIU, Temple, UCF, South Florida, Houston, Memphis, Cincy, UConn, Kentucky, and Rutgers?

So, the question has to be asked after reading this. Do you load up with Creampuffs ( Ohio State ), or, do you load your schedule with top teams week after week ( Florida ) to put yourself in the best possible position to be voted into the BCS National Championship game?

Please, let the games begin!!

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College Sports Is It August 31 Yet??

College Football 2013I know, you don’t want to wish your life away, but, I am ready for college football and August 31 can’t get here fast enough! Watching the College Baseball World Series has wet my whistle for that oblong ball.

There are going to be a ton of story lines as we head into the 2013-2014 season. Can the SEC win it’s 4th, I mean 7th, or is it 12th consecutive BCS Championship? Will Johnny Football run all over the competition on his way to another Heisman, or, will he become the next Todd Marinovich??? His off the field shenanigans make you wonder where his head is.

Can ND bounce back from the ‘Bama waxing and hang around the Top 10?

Will the “Hat” finally open up the offense and let “Big Z” throw for 300 yards per game? Does Ohio State crush everyone, go undefeated, and get left out of the BCS Championship game because their pitiful schedule? 

Georgia is loaded, but can they survive an opening schedule of Clem-And-Son, the ‘Ole Ball Coach, and the Hat? Speaking of the ‘Ole Ball Coach, is this the year of the Gamecock? They finally have a schedule conducive to winning it all and Georgia gets the rough schedule. Is this the year that Stanford finally puts it all together and makes their claim to be in the BCS Championship game?

Who is going to win the Heisman? A great list to choose from…..Johnny Manziel, Jadevon Clowney, Teddy Bridgewater, Taj Boyd, AJ McCarron. All 5 of these guys could win it and there will be 3-5 more guys have outstanding years to pressure this elite group.

Let’s get to the first of many pre-season rankings. Here is the A To Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama
  2. Stanford
  3. Ohio State
  4. South Carolina
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Oklahoma State
  7. Oregon
  8. Florida
  9. Clemson
  10. Louisville
  11. Notre Dame
  12. Georgia
  13. Boise State
  14. LSU
  15. Oklahoma
  16. Baylor
  17. Texas
  18. UCLA
  19. FSU
  20. Wisconsin
  21. Vanderbilt
  22. Oregon State
  23. Ole Miss
  24. Michigan
  25. Nebraska

Missing perennial Top 25 teams include West Virginia, Michigan State, USC, K State, and Virginia Tech. Hmmm……..

Let’s take a look at some very interesting schedules this year. Alabama should win it all again but seriously, Colorado State, Georgia State, and Chattanooga?? The biggest joke in all of college football has to be the “Luckeyes” schedule. They open with Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal, and Florida A&M. Only 1 significant road game – the last game of the year – at Michigan. They will go undefeated and be screaming for respect and a shot at Alabama. The Talking Heads will jump on their bandwagon and if it happens, The Tide Will Roll 56-14!!! How about this Big 10 schedule. Wisconsin has UMass, Tennessee Tech, and no Michigan. Now you realize why the Big 10 gets no respect around the country. And Brady Hoke says that there is more to college football than the SEC??? Please. How bout them ‘Dawgs? Georgia opens with Clemson, South Carolina, North Texas, and LSU. Survive that opening schedule and you are setting yourself up for something big! Wait….here is another Big 10 powerhouse schedule. Nebraska opens with Wyoming, So. Miss., UCLA, and South Dakota. Anyone want to play the Florida Gators schedule? At Miami, at LSU, at Georgia, and at South Carolina. Hey Ohio State, that’s how you build a national contender, a national powerhouse, and get national recognition! For all you Golden Domer Haters…they only have to play Michigan, Oklahoma, Stanford, and USC. Speaking of Stanford, how about games with UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, and ND? Texas A&M plays patsies Rice, Sam Houston State, and UTEP with show down games on 9/14 with Alabama and on 11/23 at LSU. LSU only has to play Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas A&M. South Carolina has an interesting schedule. They have 3 consecutive road games where they are at Arkansas, at Tennessee, and at Ole Miss. They are also at Georgia and home for the entire month of November.

Where will you be on August 31? I know I will be glued to must see TV – Georgia vs.Clemson, Alabama vs. Virginia Tech, and LSU vs. TCU. Let the games begin!!

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Everett Golson Responds to Suspension

Everett Golson is out for at least the fall semester at Notre Dame, saying he has been suspended by the university for what he called poor academic judgment.

Everett Golson is out for at least the fall semester at Notre Dame, saying he has been suspended by the university for what he called poor academic judgment. Golson was officially no longer enrolled at Notre Dame as of Friday.

In a statement, Golson said  “I take full responsibility for my poor choices and will do all that is asked of me to regain the trust of my family, friends, teammates, coaches and the entire Notre Dame community. ”

Golson helped the Irish go 12-0 during the regular season last year.   The university regain the No. 1 ranking for the first time in nearly two decades and get to the national title game against Alabama in January.

Man Behind Manti Te’o Hoax Dr. Phil Interview

The man behind the Mantie T’eo girlfriend hoax has revealed that he is gay and was in love to the college football star during.

In an interview with Dr. Phil….Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, 22, said that he fell ‘deeply, romantically in love’ with the Notre Dame linebacker and that he was the one who  impersonating Te’o’s ‘girlfriend’ Lennay Kekua, even though recordings of their conversations sound high-pitched and feminine.

The story finally became public earlier this month when Deadspin.com ran a story explaining what had happened and leaving many with lots of unanswered questions.

Last week…T’eo sat down for an exclusive Katie Couric in which he revealed more details about the not-so-funny prank.  Watch Video Here
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Diane O’Meara, Woman in Fake Manti Te’o Girlfriend Photo, Today Show Interview

January 23rd, 2013

Diane O’Meara, a 23-year-old marketing executive in Los Angeles whose photograph was used in the Manti Te’o faux girlfriend story appeared live on NBC’s “Today” show  on Wednesday to talk about the ordeal and the impact the hoax has had on her life.

Manti Te’o Interview With Katie Couric

January 20th, 2013

Manti Te’o the fighting Irish linebacker  and victim of a “cruel and totally humiliating” hoax will sit down this week with correspondent Katie Couric on her  syndicated talk  discuss the controversy which has left so many unanswered questions.

Manti Te’o Yeah I Lied But I has To

January 18th, 2013

 Sources connected to Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o say he knew the truth about Lennay Kekua in early December … but continued the lie for 20 days for the sake of his team. In a statement issued by the Universities  Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick said Wednesday night,he too confirmed the the Heisman Trophy Contender 


Diane O’Meara, Woman in Fake Manti Te’o Girlfriend Photo, Today Show Interview

Diane O’Meara, a 23-year-old marketing executive in Los Angeles whose photograph was used in the Manti Te’o faux girlfriend story appeared live on NBC’s “Today” show  on Wednesday to talk about the ordeal and the impact the hoax has had on her life.

Woman whose photo was used in the Manti Te'o Hoax Speaks Out

O’Meara found herself at the center of the nationwide story last week when news reports revealed her photograph was used on a fabricated Twitter profile for Lennay Kekua, an apparent online creation who Te’o called his girlfriend. Te’o said she died of cancer shortly before his game against Michigan State. The emotional story was reported by major news agencies and spread across the country.

 O’Meara said she had never heard of Manti Te’o and knew nothing about the story about the death of his online girlfriend until reporters contacted her and said her picture had been used on a fabricated Twitter profile under the name of Lennay Kekua.

During the interview O’Meara described the situation as  “difficult and very shocking”  and said she “feels for the football star because she also was a victim of the apparent hoax.”  She added…I’m still trying to wrap my head around this entire confusing situation myself.  If Manti is truly innocent in this entire situation, I empathize with him because I assume we would have the same emotions – you know, frustration, you know, anger, confusion.”

O’Meara,  attended Antelope Valley High School with  22-year-old  Ronaiah Tuiasosopo (see photo next page)…who is said to be the man behind the hoax…They were not close friends and she rarely spoke to him.

She received a  message on  Facebook from the “low life” prankster who she hadn’t seen or spoken to in five years.   In the message he her to send a photograph of herself with a sign for a cousin involved in a traumatic car accident. Tuiasosopo told her he was making a photo slide show for his cousin’s birthday, and provided details of the accident, including streets she knew from her hometown. She agreed. 

O’Meara told Savannah Guthrie the “Today” Show co-anchor…that growing up…”We are raised to be polite. We are raised to have a kind heart,” O’Meara said. “He repeatedly reached out to me on Facebook and I almost felt guilty as far as not sending a photo with a sign for this photo slideshow. He went as far as sending me a photo of his cousin with head trauma, with bandages in the hospital with him. Out of the kindness of my heart, I thought I was just comforting somebody.”  Tuiasopo has apologized his actions…In response to his act of forgiveness…O’Meara said  “I don’t think there’s anything he could say to me that would fix this,” O’Meara said.

O’Meara did seek legal counsel, however, she does not plan on filing charges…

As for the 2012 Heisman Contender…he has spoken off camera about the ordeal with ESPN’s Jeremy Scapp…He sat down for a on camera interview ABC’s Katie Couric which will air on Thursday .

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