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Happy Birthday Johnny Manziel Celebrates Miami Style

Johnny Manziel Birthday in Miami

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, is reportedly spending his birthday week in Miami.

The Heisman winner will turn 24 this week and he’s getting a jump start on his birthday partying.

See Photo Here

Manziel who hopes to return to the NFL was photographed chugging booze at 8 AM. 

Colin Kaepernick Gets Fidel Castro Unwelcomed Reception in Miami

Fidel Castro Colin Kaepernik Booed

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick picked a bad time to sing the praises of late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Just days after Kaepernick offered his public praise for the now-deceased former ruler of the Communist island, the controversial football star was vociferously booed Sunday as he took the field with his team in Miami.

As for why he received such a negative reception… South Florida (Miami) is home to the largest concentration of Cuban exiles and their descendants, an overwhelming majority of whom revile Castro.

Peyton Manning Photo Bombs Sofia Vergara on Modern Family Set

Peyton Manning Sofia Vegara Modern Family

The Modern Family cast and crew were in for a treat on Wednesday.

Former American football quarterback Peyton Manning, 40, was spotted on the set of Modern Family with Sofia Vergara.

The 44-year-old actress shared a picture with her 10.7m followers of her and the two-time Super Bowl champ.

Brandon Marshall Ends his National Anthem Protest

Brandon Marshall Stands National Anthem

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has decided to end his national anthem protest.

The former University of Central Florida standout will no longer kneel when the Star Spangled Banner is played for the rest of the season.

Brandon Marshall was one of the first NFL players to join Colin Kaepernick’s in his anti patriotic protest.

Colin Kaepernick Struggles In Second Season Appearance

Colin Kaepernick 49ers

Colin Kaepernick’s first appearance of the season last week in the Buffalo game was a bit of a disappointment and, looking at the NFL spread, it was clear that Colin could afford to perform better.

Unfortunately for the Quarterback, his second appearance this week was no better. Colin admitted that he could have performed better. The 49ers lost their game against Tampa Bay, and it didn’t help that the crowd at Levi’s stadium was so sparse and disinterested in the goings-on of the match.

Colin had some success running but he completed less than half of his attempts, which was the same problem he faced last week. Boasting a single touchdown, a single interception and only hitting 16 of 34 attempts for 143 yards, Colin’s performance isn’t going to help the 49ers win any games.

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