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NFL Quarterback Rankings

If you were putting together a team today, who would you want as the leader of your franchise? I have listed from 32 to 1, my ranking of all of the NFL quarterbacks.

32. Vince Young – Titans. Head case. Doesn’t work at his craft. Not respected in the huddle. Doesn’t know the offense. Is this what you want from your franchise QB? I applaud ownership for keeping the coach and getting rid of the cancer!!

31. Jimmy Clausen – Panthers. Maybe too early to say, but when the team comes out and says they want Andrew Luck with the first pick in the 2011 NFL draft??????????

30. Tavaris Jackson – Vikings. Poor guy may never be given an honest chance due to the Favre debacle.

29. Derek Anderson – Cardinals. How do you follow a legend? Kurt Warner was a legend…… impossible to follow.

28. Chad Henne – Dolphins. Hard to succeed when ownership has no clue ( see recent coaching farce between Harbaugh an Sporano ).

27. Alex Smith – 49er’s. Really thought he was “the one” coming out of college. With the recent hiring of Jim Harbaugh, I will give him 1 more chance. If he doesn’t succeed, he moves to #31!!!!

26. Colt McCoy – Browns. Good kid, a winner, but in a tough situation. The great fans of Cleveland need a winner and if EVERYTHING falls into place, he could deliver.

25. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Bills. A relative unknown from the Ivy League, he put up good numbers this year. Chan Gailey is a very good offensive coach and Ryan may grow in this system.

24. Josh Freeman – Bucs. This kid had a wonderful year and they had a great season, however, 1 year does not make a career. Josh could move up 10 spots with another great year. Watch out for this team in 2011!

23. Matt Cassel – Chiefs. One of the surprise teams this year, Matt was rock solid. Struggled in the playoffs ( most first time QB’s do ), but the Chiefs are building a solid organization.

22. Donovan McNabb – Redskins. The rumors are flying – soft, not a hard worker, selfish. Not words that you want to hear about your franchise QB. MUST have a huge year in 2011 or he will be near the bottom of my list next year!

21. Matt Stafford – Lions. Hats off to the Lions this year. A very competitive team and have a GREAT chance to make the playoffs next year. MUST stay healthy for this franchise to move forward.

20. Matt Schaub – Texans. Has put up good numbers, but, the sign of a truly great QB is to take your team to the next level. The clock is ticking and Matt must get the Texans into the playoffs in 2011 or else he will be deemed an also ran.

19. David Gerrard – Jags. The Jags surprised a lot of people this year. Coach Del Rio was on the verge of being run out of town. Something clicked and with David’s emergence, a strong running game, and a stingy defense, it all came together. Needs back to back solid seasons to move up the ladder even more.

18. Matt Hasselback – Seahawks. Just when I wanted to drop him down into the lower third of my rankings, he comes up with a brilliant playoff performance. Often injured, he must remain healthy or the Seahawks are finished.

17. Tony Romo – Cowboys. I just don’t know…..Brilliant one week, a flop the next week. Has all the tools but how much longer will Coach Jerry Jones, I mean Coach Garrett, give him??

16. Jason Campbell – Raiders. I may be reaching here just a little bit, but the Raiders have needed a solid QB for several years now and Jason may be just what the doctor ordered. Its just a shame that Al Davis has to mingle in every aspect of the business. This was the most competitive team in years and he fires the coach!!

15. Mark Sanchez – Jets. I really think Mark has all the attributes to be a great QB in this league. I don’t know if Rex Ryan is the coach that will bring out the best in him.

14. Sam Bradford – Rams. After not playing much during his senior year in college, there were some doubts that Sam was worthy of the number one pick. He truly lived up to the hype and had a wonderful rookie year. He is just a few years from being one of the top 3 QB’s in the league!

13. Kyle Orton – Broncos. I really believe in this guy. There was way too much turmoil in Denver this year, and, with Tebow playing well, someone has to go. Kyle has the skill set to be an upper echelon QB and once in the right setting, he will flourish.

12. Michael Vick – Eagles. A great story this season but in the end, Michael reverted back to the Michael of old. During the regular season he was fabulous, in the playoffs, he was mediocre. Still is electrifying. Great wheels and with a flick of the wrist, can launch a football 60 yards.

11. Joe Flacco – Ravens. The one time all “D” no “O” team has now found its franchise QB for the next 15 years. Joe has a big arm and is cool under fire. Still maturing and will only continue to get better.

10. Jay Cutler – Bears. Maybe, just maybe, this marriage will work. After so many years without an offense, the Bears now have one with that cannon of an arm in Jay Cutler. If the defense maintains, and the offense adds a few more pieces ( offensive line help ), they will be a playoff team for years to come.

9. Carson Palmer – Bengals. Some of his luster may have gone this year but he is still one of the top QB’S in the league. Big, strong, smart, and a cannon for an arm, he just needs some help at wide receiver – not a couple of prima donnas!

8. Eli Manning – Giants. Has won it all and thrived in a very tough environment ( New York ). Does not need to be surrounded by superstars to be effective. A smart, tough, resilient guy with many great years still ahead of him.

7. Phillip Rivers – Chargers. Phillip has put up some monster numbers over the last few seasons with some great offensive players. Until he wins the big one, he can’t be considered one of the top 2 or 3 best in the league.

6. Matt Ryan – Falcons. If I were to start a franchise today – this may be my QB pick. Matty Ice has all the tools – period. For the first time in franchise history, the Falcons have had 3 winning seasons in a row. Enough said!

5. Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers. Why, Al Davis, why did you pass on him when you could have drafted Big Ben??? He is not about flash and dash. Just a big, tough, physical guy that knows how to win. I think he has learned from his off season indiscretions and is marching the Steelers to another conference championship.

4. Aaron Rogers – Packers. Who is laughing now??? Management chose him over Favre a few years ago and was crucified for their decision. Who do you think was right? Could have folded under the scrutiny but instead, has thrived.

3. Drew Brees – Saints. Super Bowl Champion. You don’t have to say anymore. Great decision maker and a real “gamer”. Who says you have to be 6’4″ and weigh 240 pounds to be successful in this league?

2. Peyton Manning – Colts. With another Super Bowl ring, he could go down as the best QB ever. How can you not love the way he “orchestrates” the game. He is an offensive coordinator on the field. A master student of the game. Don’t you love his TV commercials?

1. Tom Brady – Patriots. 3 Super Bowl rings and should have 4. May get another one this year. Wins with different receivers almost every year. Wins with different offensive coordinators. Brash at times. Plays the right way. Doesn’t command the spotlight.

We are so fortunate right now to be in an era of some of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Only time will reveal that. In the meantime, lets enjoy each and every game, and, as the Monday morning QB’S that we all are, have something to argue about over an adult beverage!

Posted by:  Joe Zayicek

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