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College Football 2015…Where Is The Controversy???

College Football Drama

Geez…talk about college football and a ho-hum ending to an electric season! Everything has just fallen into place and there is nothing to piss and moan about. Everyone wanted upsets on Conference Championship Saturday – that didn’t happen – chalk ruled the day. There were like 14 major coaching vacancies and everyone from Brian Kelly, to Chip Kelly, to even R. Kelly (that’s rapper R. Kelly is case you didn’t know) were mentioned to be on the move. Again, nothing dramatic happened and slots got filled with little to no fanfare. Yesterday, Navy beat Army for the 14th time in a row…no drama there, and in the nightcap, Alabama RB Derrick Henry won the Heisman…as expected.

College Football 2015…Recapping Week 9 – Wild Once Again!

Yesterday, we were all “TRICKED” into believing that it was going to be a ho-hum day in college football.

6 of the Top 25 teams were idle and there was only 1 game between Top 25 teams – ND and Temple. Instead, we were “TREATED” with an array of wild, wacky, and dramatic games that left us wondering…what the hell just happened? There were cliff hangers (see Notre Dame vs. Temple), goal line stands (see Michigan vs. Minnesota), an aerial circus (see Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech), and another wide right (see Stanford vs. Washington State). Once again, dreams were dashed, upsets were avoided, and a few unbeatens kept their dreams alive…just a typical weekend in college football!

College Football 2015 Week 8

Week 6 College footballCollege Football 2015 – Recapping Week 8…Another Wild Ride!

In what was supposed to be a ho-hum weekend of college football, once again, it turned out to be another roller coaster ride! Chalk was supposed to be the norm as there were numerous Top 25 teams idle, only one match up between Top 25 teams, and on paper, several lopsided contests. A rather boring week in a season of gut wrenching games to date. But, that’s why they play the games! Upsets, shocking endings, two 4 OT games, and at at end of the evening you are drained from the day! What the hell just happened???

Seminoles Talk Miami Rivalry

Fox Sports Video Highlights:  Florida State coaches and players talk about their opening game with in-state rival Miami. Find out how meaningful the Seminoles see this game.  See Video below

FSU’s Seminoles Quarterback Christian Ponder Progressing

The play wasn’t a game-changer or even particularly memorable. Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder, facing second and 15 from his own 36 late in the opening half of the Champs Sports Bowl against Wisconsin, faked a handoff and looked left for receiver Greg Carr, who was running a post pattern. But a cornerback was playing off, and a safety rolled over to help.

“That made the post dead,” Ponder said. He then glanced right for receiver Taiwan Easterling, who had lined up in the slot and was running a down-and-out toward the first-down marker. But Ponder realized the other corner was well-positioned to make a play. “That was dead, too,” he said. What to do now? Well, he searched for his third option, receiver Bert Reed, who was running an underneath route toward the right sideline.  Read full story here


Seminoles Talk Miami Rivalry



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Posted by:  Kane Reed (Sports Writer)

Source:  ESPN College Football

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