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Super Peyton or Super Russell?

The 2014 Super Bowl is just a few days away, and in anticipation of the “big game”  sports enthusiast are and odds makers are weighing in on the outcome.

Peyton Manning Russell WilsonWill it be Denver over Seattle (or vice versa)?  Can Russell hang in the pocket as well as Peyton?  Will it be in with the new or out with the old?  Will Peyton break his all time record of yelling “Ohama” in a single game and more importantly, what are the odds of the Veteran quarterback landing an endorsement deal with Omaha Steaks and  become what Marshawn Lynch is to skittles.

If I had to bet…I’d say that the “Superbowl Point Spreads”   are definitely in his favor.

We are now just days away from settling all of these questions.

Can Peyton win 1 more Super Bowl and solidify himself as one of the all time greatest QB’s, or, will Russell and the new wave Seahawks spoil the going away party? It was great last weekend watching Peyton and Tom battle it out knowing that we were witnessing possibly the final duel in this classic rivalry. It was also kind of ironic that the final 4 teams left in the playoffs were between 2 of the young guns and 2 of the legends of the game.

A Game Of Firsts….Put On Your Sports Thinking Cap

In the fascinating world of sports, which event will happen first between the following pairings:

A-Rod is suspended for the rest of the year for PED’s, or, Johnny Marinovich Manziel goes on a drinking binge and gets kicked out of school?Sports Humor

Tiger Woods wins a major golf tournament, or, Lindsey Vonn wins a downhill skiing event?

Lane Kiffin gets fired, or, Rex Ryan finally gets the boot in New York?

Danica Patrick wins a NASCAR race, or, Michelle Wie wins an LPGA tour event?

Dick Vitale says says…”IT’S AWESOME BAABY, or Chris Berman says…”BACK, BACK, BACK”?

Rex Ryan Tattoo

New York Jets head coach Ryan, is vacationing in the Bahamas days after his Jets limped to a 6-10 season finish.

Rex Ryan's TattooRyan was spotted on Thursday shirtless, sunbathing  poolside at the Cove Atlantis resort. 

The only  known coach in the NFL to ever be accused of having a “foot fetish” appeared to be sporting an interesting tattoo of a woman who appears to be his wife, wearing only a green jersey with Mark Sanchez’s No. 6 on it and posing in a way many would say resembles a crouching Tim Tebow.

According to sources at the  New York Daily News, Ryan was approached by an uninvited reporter who he cursed and   “stormed away.”  It was then that a photographer captured of the tattoo photograph which was below another tattoo of a green shamrock featuring the names of his wife and children.

Rex Ryan Tattoo

Sources say that there  was no indication in the report whether the tattoos were permanent.   Ryan claims he has had the tattoo’s for years.

Rex Ryan

December 22nd, 2010

Updated – Rex Ryan’s wife NSFW photos may result in a  federal investigation by the FBI. This law enforcement agency is required to enforce internet-based obscenity as well as child pornography, and the photos appearing online  definitely fall under the category of obscenity.

Mark Sanchez Gets Death Threats on Twitter

It’s been a tough season for  the New York Jets  and their quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez Jets Sanchez, a first round of the 2009 NFL Draft as the fifth overall selection by the Jets will be benched Sunday for the game against the San Diego Chargers

VIDEO….Should the Jets let Tebow go…

The starting quarterback will be Greg McElroy, Jr.   He was drafted by the Jets in the seventh round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He played college football at Alabama.

Sanchez Receives Twitter Threats

Following  the New York’s 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Dec. 17…received death threats on Twitter.

USA Today Sports received direct “twitter” messages from a Twitter user  and Jets fan…which said…“DON’T COME TO PRACTICE WEDNESDAY I PROMISE YOU BULLETS EVERYWHERE….SANCHEZ BETTER HAVE ARMED SECURITY WEDNESDAY AT PRACTICE!! YOU THINK IMMA SIT HERE & WATCH THIS (expletive)?? TUHHH” The fan also suggested he couldn’t engage in intimate acts with his girlfriend because he was too upset by Sanchez’s performance.

See Photo…Man who Tweeted Death Threats to Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez@Mark_Sanchez

The fan later backed off those comments, saying he’s just a die-hard Jets fan…“I do not want to harm Sanchez or do intend to. I’m just a Die hard Jets fan that was mad & got carried away.”  Uh….kinda like that low life scumbag  long-snapper  jerk  Bradley Patterson who was kicked off the  University of North Alabama football team for his  senseless tweets during Obama’s Speech on Sunday! 

Twitter Users who Aren’t Smart Enough to Manage Twitter Accounts

Twitter, Bradley Patterson, Sanchez

Bradley Patterson’s Twitter Comments….Read full story Here

Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria Split

Eva Longoria, star of “Desperate Housewives actress and former wife NBA star Tony Parker…has reportedly decided to play the field again which now leaves Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez without his best and by far most attractive wide receiver. 

 Longoria, 37 and Sanchez, 25 had reportedly been dating for several months however, the relationship remained “somewhat of a mystery” until Longoria confirmed the rumor on “Extra” in September.

It remains unclear what caused the breakup…many have speculated that it could have to do with his skills and how he “hangs in the pocket,”  or the 14 times he has been sacked this season by those other than Longoria.   

Regardless of what actually caused the split…Sanchez, a 1st round 5th pick by the New York Jets in 2009,  is going to have to get it together because Longoria is the only receiver he has been able to consistently and unfortunately and that’s been off the field.

Eva Longoria News

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 Mark Sanchez  and Eva Longoria Video

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