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College Football 2013…Week 5 Recap

College Football News

 After a forgettable Week 4, college football bounced back in a big way.

Although there is still a long ways to go in the 2013 season ( thank goodness ), a lot of conferences races are starting to take shape.  In the PAC 10, Arizona State, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon State have distanced themselves from the rest of schools.

NCAA College Football Week FiveUCLA gets Stanford and Oregon on back to back weeks in late October to determine their BCS fate. Oregon and Stanford ( November 7 at Stanford ) are on a collision course to possibly determine who plays the SEC winner in the BCS title game.

A few weeks ago I said the ACC was a 2 horse race between Clemson and FSU.  Suddenly, Miami is the real deal and watch out now football fans, Beamer Ball is looming up in Blacksburg and they could really turn the ACC upside down.   They don’t play either Clemson or FSU and after an opening loss to ‘Bama, they are rolling now! Clem-And-Son could run the table and the South Carolina Gamecocks could put another dagger in their hearts on November 30 in Columbia for the other Tigers bid for a BCS title berth! The American Whatever League – I mean the Big East – heck I don’t even know what it’s called anymore – you know, the conference that Louisville is in, has 1 important game this year to determine their BCS fate. UCF comes to the ‘Ville on 10/18.

Oklahoma may have set themselves apart form the rest of the BIG 12 yesterday by handling ND in South Bend. They have Baylor, College Football ScoresTexas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State left on the schedule but they “look” like the team to beat right now. The Little 10 is heading towards a Ohio State vs. Michigan showdown – blah ba blah ba blah. Moving right along, the SEC may have just set up their conference championship game yesterday as Alabama surgically cut up Ole Miss and in the game of the day, Georgia came back to edge LSU. All ‘Bama has left on their schedule is a monster game with LSU on 11/9. Georgia only has offensively challenged Florida left on their schedule after having played Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU already. The “chalk” right now is Alabama vs. Oregon for the BCS National Championship game. But, what if…..Georgia beats Alabama, Oregon beats Stanford, then Stanford beats Oregon, Clemson beats FSU, South Carolina beats Clemson, Virginia Tech beats Miami, UCF beats Louisville, Baylor beats Oklahoma, Oklahoma State beats Baylor, Michigan beats Ohio State, then Ohio State beats Michigan. Then, what 2 once beaten teams play for the title? Strap the helmets on tight…..we have a long ways to go!

What if the DB from Wisconsin catches the easiest interception he will ever see just before the half last night? Defensive backs are Wide Receivers that can’t catch the ball! Does Ohio State lose?

Don’t worry ND haters – they are out of BCS contention now. Let’s see what Big Game Bob can now do going forward with Boomer Sooner.

More from ♣Luckeye land. Cudos to Braxton Miller. I did not think he should have gotten the start last night but he played very well after a few weeks off from the knee injury!

It was great to see an offense from LSU! Cam Cameron just may be on to something in Baton Rouge. This sounds crazy, but, the Tiger defense better start playing better or AJ will pick them apart and Johnny Football will run wild on them in a few weeks!

A rough trip to Orlando yesterday for the Gamecocks. UCF came to play and you would have thought that with a week off prior to this game, the ‘Ole Ball Coach would have the boys fired up. Got behind early and then QB Connor Shaw goes out with a shoulder injury. That is why you must have 2 QB’s these days. Dylan Thompson comes in and saves the day again. Just curious…..Whatever happened to that Heisman hopeful by the name of Jadevon Clowney?

What has happened to Wake Forest? They are barely competitive these days and have one of the finest coaches in America – Jim Grobe.

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College Football Line

NCAA Football We’re Betting on Alabama

The arrival of the 2013 NCAA College football season began on August 29th.   Thus far,  the much anticipated season  has been  filled with high scoring shootouts, rivalry games, heralded school traditions, and triple options.

As we enter week five of the NCAA college football 2013 season,  I have already starting thinking ahead to the “big game.”   If I was “going to bet on college football right now,” I’d pick Alabama and Oregon to face off in the this seasons BCS National Championship game in Pasadena on January 06, 2014.

College Football 2013…Recapping Week 4

College Football Kick Off

Here we are in week 4 of the 2013 college football season and we have to sit through horrific matchups like Ohio State vs. FAMU, College Football Week 4.. Week 4 was not without its moments. Louisville vs. Florida International, Miami vs. Savannah State, and FSU vs. Bethune-Cookman.

It is an absolute joke that these schools are playing for a payday – that’s all it is. I can see one tune up game to start the year, let’s face it, college football does not a a pre-season like the NFL, but to have games like this in week 4 is another black eye for the NCAA. Next week, Ohio State plays Florida Sweetwater, or is it Florida Bluewater, no, it’s Florida Coldwater, or is it Florida Bridgewater??? OMG….I just looked at next week’s schedule and Ohio State plays a team that knows how to form a huddle…Wisconsin! It has taken the Luckeyes 5 weeks to play a game in which the center can snap the ball to the QB. Teams like Ohio State and Louisville that play pitiful schedules and go 12-0 do not deserve a shot at the BCS title game. You may be sick of the SEC, but, they play tough schedules both in conference and out of conference. Take South Carolina for example. They open with a border war with North Carolina and finish with their hated rival Clemson. In between they have their tough SEC schedule. That is the type of schedule that keeps your program relevent, keeps you in the national spotlight. If OSU opened with a made-for-TV game with FSU, then played Ohio, and finished with TCU before starting the Little 10 conference schedule, they would get some respect and credibility around the country. Call me foolish, call me a dreamer, but you have to say I am right!

Even with all of the bad games yesterday, there were some interesting developments in college football this week. The story of the week has to be Nick Saban going to Texas. I have been saying for 2 years now that Mack Brown was in trouble at Texas. Sure, they won the BCS title prior to the SEC run of 7 straight, but since then they have been stuck in mediocrity. Did you see the T-Shirts the Longhorn fans were wearing yesterday? SABAN in 2014. WOW!! Texas could pay Saban $12,000,000 a year. Nick has more money than he could ever spend and ‘Bama probably would match that and raise it another mil! He could go there and resurrect the program and probably win 1 or 2 titles before retiring. Or, he could stay at Alabama, win 4 more BCS championships, and set the bar so high that no one will ever surpass it! So is it about money or ego? We will soon see. The better choice for the Longhorn faithful would be to go after Chris Peterson of Boise State. Just a thought….

Newsflash….Jeremy Hill is the best back in the country. No, he won’t win the Heisman because of his off the field problems, but he is a stud. As soon as the season ends, ” The Hat” needs to send him to an deserted island in the Pacific…with a tutor of course ( wink wink nod nod ), and keep him out of trouble for the off season! The “Game of the Year” Part II is this weekend ( #6 LSU @ #7 Georgia ) and it will be a huge test for the Tiger “O” line to get Mr. Hill 150 yards.

Did you catch that ACC basketball game yesterday between Pitt and Duke? A real defensive battle with Pitt hitting a 3 pointer at the buzzer to win 58-55. Coach K was livid with his perimeter defense. Sorry! Wrong sport!

Florida’s inept offense took a big hit with QB Jeff Driskell going out for the year with a broken leg. The bigger story this week was whether or not Florida could score enough points to cover the 14 point spread. Florida won by….you guessed it – 14. HMMM…….makes you wonder??

So who is it going to be the QB this weekend as Ohio State opens competitive play with Wisconsin? Kenny Guiton or Braxton Miller? This is a real QB controversy and could divide the team. Guiton has been sharp ( against the Little Sisters of the Poor ) while Miller has been on the sideline. For what it is worth, I say you go with Guiton – he is the hot hand right now! Just ask LSU what happens when you give the keys back to the day one starter and he goes out with an injury. #2 comes in and the team rolls. #1 gets healthy and is inserted back into the lineup and the season turns sour!

And Meechigan survives another scare! Talk about dodging bullets. The Wolverines should have lost against lowly Akron last week and should have lost last night at UCONN. Not a good sign for the Maize and Blue!


  1. College RankingsAlabama 3-0
  2. Oregon 3-0
  3. Clemson 3-0
  4. Stanford 3-0
  5. Ohio State 4-0
  6. LSU 4-0
  7. Georgia 2-1
  8. Texas A&M 3-1
  9. Louisville 4-0
  10. FSU 3-0
  11. UCLA 3-0
  12. South Carolina 2-1
  13. Oklahoma 3-0
  14. Oklahoma State 3-0
  15. Michigan 4-0
  16. Miami 3-0
  17. Mississippi 3-0
  18. Washington 3-0
  19. Baylor 3-0
  20. Northwestern 4-0
  21. Notre Dame 3-1
  22. Florida 2-1
  23. Wisconsin 3-1
  24. Texas Tech 4-0
  25. Georgia Tech 3-0 TIE Arizona State 2-1


Clowney Will Play Opener Steve Spurrier says South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney will play against the Tar Heels on Aug. 29.#17 Mississippi @ #1 Alabama

#23Wisconsin @ #5 Ohio State

#6 LSU @ #7 Georgia

#12 South Carolina @ UCF

#13 Oklahoma @ #21 Notre Dame

Va. Tech @ #25 Georgia Tech

After the poor games of week 4, week 5 sets the tone for a major shake up in the Top 10! We will get some awesome meaningful games that will go a long way in determining who goes to the BCS title game. If LSU wins, Georgia is out of the national scene and LSU sets themselves up for the Game of the Year Part III on November 9 when they travel to Alabama. If Wisconsin beats Ohio State, OSU is done for the year because of their poor schedule and the weakness of the Big 10. Oklahoma could move up the ladder win a “W” over the Irish. South Carolina is in a position now that they will continue to move up as people ahead of them knock each other off. What if Ole Miss shocks the world and upsets Alabama? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

“I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game.” (Bear Bryant)

“When in doubt, punt!” (John Heisman)

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The arrival of the 2013 College football season began on August 29th.   Thus far,  the much anticipated season  has been  filled with high scoring shootouts, rivalry games, heralded school traditions, and triple options.  Read more here

Week 3 of the college football season was headlined by the highly anticipated matchup between No. 1 Alabama and No. 6 Texas A&M.  Read more here

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Notable Football Quotes

“That boy don’t know the meaning of the word fear. In fact, I just saw his grades, and that boy don’t know the meaning of a lot of words.” (Bobby Bowden)

“When Clemson players rub that rock and run down the hill, it’s the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.” (Brent Musberger)

“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.” (Bear Bryant)

College Football 2013….What have we learned so far??

College Football Highlights

With 2 weeks now in the books, some interesting things are starting to unfold in the world of college football. We knew going into the season that it College Football Week Twocould be one of the most memorable seasons of all time. I think we are on schedule for the most controversial BCS National Championship game of all time.

Alabama controls the SEC right now and a win over A&M on Saturday will give them a leg up on the field. All that stands in their way after that is a heated rivalry game with LSU and then the SEC Championship game. Oregon is headed for a showdown with Stanford to probably have a shot at the Tide. Clemson could run the table by beating FSU and South Carolina and stake their claim to be in the big game. Louisville will go undefeated and want a piece of someone. The Cardinal’s play a weak schedule and will be 25++point favorites for the rest of the year. Ohio State has only 1 competitive game all year ( at Michigan in the last game of the year ) and will be screaming for respect and a shot in the title game. Both Louisville and Ohio State play such a weak schedule and in the end, it will cost them a shot at the title.

So, what are the most intriguing match-ups for the BCS Championship right now? Alabama vs. Oregon would give us flash and dash versus strength and power. Two contrasting styles. A rookie coach vs. the most polished coach in the sport today. How about Alabama against Stanford? This would be a dog fight. A 20-17 defensive struggle. What if Oregon played Clemson for it all? The scoreboard would explode – fireworks being shot off every 20 seconds! In the end we could have a 55-53 game. What if it were Texas A&M and Oregon? How about Georgia versus FSU? What if the title game featured Michigan and LSU? So many scenarios, so many games left to play…and it is only week 2!!

Game of the year… PART 1. The hype has begun for this week’s first game of the year. Alabama goes to Texas A&M for a revenge game. Last year Johnny Football burst into the national spotlight by pulling off the improbable upset over the Tide. Coach Saban has been drooling for this game since then and with a week off last week, you can bet the Crimson Tide will ROLL into Aggie land with fire in their eyes!

All the Talking Heads thought the Texas Longhorns might be on their way back into the national scene. I guess BYU forgot to read the press clippings and put an old fashion butt whipping on them! Welcome back to mediocrity Texas!

Cudos to the ACC. They are shaping up to be the second best conference in the land. Clemson upsets Georgia to kick off the year and The “U” trips Florida on Saturday. Clemson only has FSU left to play in conference ( and South Carolina in the season ending game ) and should destroy everyone else. Miami has just FSU and Va. Tech remaining in conference play. FSU has the toughest path to the conference title by having to play Miami and Clemson ( and the Gators ). Looks like a banner year for the ACC! They may have a shot at the BCS title game as well as several other big bowl games.

Here is an interesting scenario. Michigan and Ohio State should both be undefeated going into the season ending ( 11/30 ) clash. Most likely, they will meet agian the following week ( 12/7 ) in the Big 10 Championship game!

This is hard to believe. In the SEC East, Tennessee and Missouri are undefeated.  South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia all have 1 loss! Think that is going to last much longer?

For all you Notre Dame haters out there, I guess you won’t have to worry about them playing for the title this year after losing to the Wolverines on Saturday night. The funny thing is that they may be a better team this year and will probably end up lose 2 games this season!

Several weeks ago I said that Odell Beckham of LSU has a shot at the Heisman Trophy this year. Before it is given to Braxton ( I get hurt every year ) Miller, or Johnny ( show me the money ) Manziel, or Teddy ( I deserve better than playing against Division 3 schools ) Bridgewater, or Tajh ( I hope I don’t have to face Jadeveon Clowney ) Boyd,  take a look at what Odell has done so far. I think you may just change your vote! Tyrann who??????????

It’s Finally here…College Football 2013!!

College Football Kick Off

Williams Brice Stadium. Cocky. Steve Superior. 2001 blaring. The smell of tailgating ( and ice cold adult beverages ).

South Carolina GamecocksA rivalry on opening day. The start of another college football season is just a few days away now as the Gamecocks of South Carolina host the other Carolina, the North Carolina Tar Heels at 6PM on ESPN.

The second game of the evening at 9PM should also be a pretty good match-up also between Mississippi and Vanderbilt.

For USC ( that’s the University of South Carolina – NOT Southern Cal ), they must get off to a quick and decisive win. Expectations are running high in Columbia and with the talent they have plus a somewhat favorable schedule this year, 2013 gives them their best shot ever of competing for the BCS National Championship.

Any time you have an SECACC game, the game intensifies even more! No love there!! Plus, Steve Spurrier has done a great job recruiting in North Carolina over the years and plucked the states number 1 QB away from them last year. Can’t wait – it will be electric on Thursday evening in Columbia.

If that doesn’t get your juices flowing, then wait till Saturday! I will not be able to sleep on Friday as I anxiously wait for the titanic struggle between Buffalo and Ohio State.

It doesn’t get any better than this sports fans! Two powerhouse. Two elite programs. Two teams eying for the BCS National Championship. Two teams from premier conferences. All the cards are on the table and let’s see who flinches first! Dang, I just realized that I was talking about Clemson and Georgia, NOT Ohio State and Buffalo. Sorry – my bad!

NCAA Football

WOW! Georgia at Clemson to help kick off the new season. These 2 schools battle each other 365 days a year. On the field and in the recruiting wars the Bulldogs and the Tigers ( I should say Pussycats – the real Tigers reside in Baton Rouge ) have an on going rivalry. This year though, this game takes on even more meaning. Both schools have a legitimate shot at winning it all and the loser of this game will have a tough time realizing their dream this year. Even if Georgia wins, they have South Carolina the following week and on 9/28 they play LSU! If Clemson wins, they still have FSU and South Carolina on the horizon.

College Football Kickoff  2013This game could truly be an ESPN instant classic. Both teams have plenty of offensive weapons and Heisman candidates. I can see a 41-40 OT game on Saturday night and the winner is……….?

Another interesting game as the 2013 season kicks off is between Virginia Tech and #1 Alabama. The Hokies have been a little down the last few years and a win over the Tide would vault them back into national prominence. A Tech win would also strenghten the ACC conference. Right now it is Clemson and FSU carrying the torch for the league. If Beamer Ball can pull off the upset and The “U” has a big year, the ACC could very well end up being the second best conference in America.

Guess what? It ain’t gonna happen! The Tide, lead by Heisman hopeful quarterback AJ McCarron rolls 38-13.

One other game to keep an eye on Saturday is Mississippi State and Oklahoma State. Mississippi State is a hard team to read, they can win 6 games in a row and then lose 5 in a row. OK St. may be the best team in the Big 12 and the Big 12 is struggling on the national scene. A middle of the pack SEC team versus an elite Big 12 team – an interesting day one game.

The last big game of the day matches LSU and TCU. This should be a very entertaining game. Both teams are ranked in the pre-season polls and both are searching for an identity. LSU lost several key players to the NFL but they have a wealth of young talent. Their biggest question mark is their offense and whether or not the “Hat” will open it up and throw down field. They have a punishing running attack, a QB with a big arm, and some speed on the outside. In most polls, LSU is ranked between 12-14. A big win on Saturday and a victory over Georgia in a few weeks will make these Tigers a top 5 team as most of the teams ahead of them ( except for Ohio State ) all have to play each other.

So, if these games don’t get your juices flowing, you are not breathing and in the upright position! Maybe week 2 will get you going – Florida vs. Miami, South Carolina vs. Georgia, and Notre Dame vs. Michigan.

As we say down here in the south….There are 4 seasons – College Football, Recruiting, Spring Football, and Summer ( or Shrimping if you are from Baton Rouge )! Let the games begin!!

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 College Football Schedule Week One

In case you missed it: South Carolina Restaurant NCAA Violations

A South Carolina restaurant is going to need to print some new menus following what will surely be thorough conversations with the South Carolina and Clemson compliance departments.

The Daniel Island Grille in Charleston, SC., offers Clowney’s Turkey Avocado Wrap, Tajh Boyd Chicken Quesadillas and Sammy Watkins Reuben, which is not exactly cool with NCAA rules.

Considering the importance of Jadeveon Clowney to the Gamecocks and Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins to the Tigers, it’s not surprising the universities will be taking every possible step to retain the eligibility of their stars.  Read more here

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