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Engaged! Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan

Engaged Lindsay Lohan

Egor Tarabasov  is engaged to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan!

Oh please……Say it isn’t so!

According to TMZ.com Lindsay was showing off the huge rock which appeared to be an emerald in a diamond setting.

Lohan, 29, and her  fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, 22, were seen  hanging with Michael and Dina Lohan at Tuesday night’s Duran Duran concert in Brooklyn.

Egor and Lindsay met  in London through a mutual friend.  They’ve been dating for 5-months.

Lindsay Lohan “Meet My BF Egor Tarabasov”

Egor Tarabasov Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan is dating 22-year-old Russian heir Egor Tarabasov.

Egor Tarabasov owns a real estate agency called Home House Estates.  His father Dmitry Tarabasov is a 50-year-old millionaire who owns several businesses in Moscow.

Dina Lohan, the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly approves of her daughter new boyfriend.

In case you didn’t know…Lindsay is  totally smitten with her new beau.

Lindsay Lohan Faux-Reality Series and Dating Show

The once-embattled starlet has been dating Russian business Tarabasov for several months. They reportedly met through a mutual friend.

As for how Tarabasov’s family feels about Lohan…the verdicts not in because they haven’t had the pleasure of meeting.

Kate Major Lohan Enters Rehab In California

Kate Major and Michael LohanKate Major Lohan has reportedly checked into rehab facility following her most recent arrest which resulted from her attacking husband Michael Lohan during another one of her drunken stupors.

Kate has entered a substance abuse treatment program on Wednesday in Orange County, CA.  She is expected to remain there for at least 30 days.

According to sources…Michael Lohan, the father of  troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to this type of behavior has given Kate his full support.

Joan Rivers Threatens Lawsuit if Michael Lohan Doesn’t Shut Up

Lindsay Lohan Completed Community Service Hours

Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service WorkLindsay Lohan has finally completed her court ordered community service hours leaving many shocked and amazed.

Lindsay Lohan Gossip and Trivia

In May 2015 Lohan reportedly began spending 8 hours a day at TLC Women’s Shelter in New York City doing the community service that resulted from the 2012 reckless driving in California.

Lindsay Lohan’s Clothing Line

Lindsay Lohan Screws Up her Arabic Instagram Thought

Limdsay Lohan Instagram

DUH! Lindsay Lohan made a total ass of herself today when she shared what she thought was a very inspiration and deep thought on her social media account…Instagram.

The message written in Arabic was intended to say “You’re beautiful.”  Unfortunately she said “you’re a donkey” instead.

Perhaps she might want to stick to English from now on!

Lindsay Lohan Tweets Racial Slur

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