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Kanye West Takes Care of business in the “BIG APPLE”

Kanye West in NYC

Kanye West isn’t ready to talk about his recent bout with emotional and psychological turmoil… but it appears that he’s back at it… “doing what he does when he does it!”

The 39-year-old GRAMMY winner, is apparently in NYC taking care of business.  According to sources, was seen several times in the “Big Apple.”  He didn’t exhibit any lingering after effects of his recent breakdown.  He didn’t have much to say about anything and last but not least…he’s gone blonde.

Divorce Rumors Shot Down by Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban

Divorce Rumors Kim and Kanye

Divorce rumors regarding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s trouble marriage have continue to swirl.  Kanye’s recent mental breakdown and hospitalization have added fuel to what was already a “hot’ topic!

Kanye West Celebrates Saint’s Birthday

Kim’s BFF, reality star and founder of The Dishh.com, Jonathan Cheban, spoke out against the K & K divorce rumors at a  a Christmas Party in NYC which was hosted by a UK news outlet.  He was ask about the latest gossip news and offered the following response saying he literally burst out laughing when he heard about the stories circulating on the heels of Kanye’s release from the hospital. “No one’s getting divorced. It’s, like, a joke.”  He added  “I just got off FaceTime with them — they’re fine.”

Kanye West Not Living at Home Celebrates Saint’s Birthday

Kanye West Birthday

After being released from the hospital, Kanye West has something to look forward to this week.

On December 05, his adorable son Saint will turn 1. 

Happy Birthday Saint West!

The early birthday was a low-key celebration for the clan, which was said to be ” in true Kardashian form.” They went big with the decorations. Kourtney Kardashian posted a snap of the gold-and-black star-shaped balloons hanging from the ceiling.

News Update Kanye West Update Remains Hospitalized

 Kanye West Uodate Remains at UCLA

News Update: Kanye West remains hospitalized at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital !

Transcript Kanye’s 17 Minute Rant

Kanye was transported to UCLA Medical Center last Monday after sources close to the controversial rapper feared that he was experiencing  some type of psychotic breakdown exacerbated from stress, lack of sleep and emotional turmoil.

Frances Bean Cobain Twitter Fued

Frances Bean Cobain tells Kendall Jenner Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Pity Party….Get over yourself!

Frances Bean Cobain is at it again.

Twitter war between Kendall Jenner and Frances Bean CobainFrances Bean Cobain, ended one dispute with Kendall Jenner, but then started another .  Now Cobain is  calling Kendall a “self-absorbed rich kid who complains about her problems on Twitter to get attention.”

Earlier this week…Cobain lashed out at the reality star teen after she reportedly complained on Twitter about life and that she wished “things could be easier sometimes.”

Cobain apparently tweeted in reply to KJ’s  tweet. Kendall did reply stating that she was aware she is “very privileged and blessed” but asking, “who are u to judge me?”

After a few days passes…Cobain apologized saying   “I don’t know you nor do I think ur a bad person” … Cobain added “Publicly complaining about how hard your life is is completely self serving … I believe that venting about ones problems via the Internet is a blatant cry for attention. ”

Cobains advice to KJ…”I try to deal w/ pain in a manner that pertains to my real life not in a way where strangers throw me a pity party.”

Francεs Bεan Cobain Hates Lindsey Lohan’s Sister Ali: Read her open letter!

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Francis Bean Cobain Twitter

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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Get Keys to the City

Kardashian's Kim and KourtneyKim and Kourtney Kardashian have apparently made a made a lasting impression in North Miami where they are renting a bay front North Miami mansion while in the “sunshine state” filming the latest season of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami.

They weren’t quite so welcomed in Miami Beach after they were forced away  after residents protested to keep them out of their community.

The reality T.V. stars were honored by the city and granted golden keys during a ceremony which was held today at city hall which was led by Mayor Andre Pierre.

Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos Miami Beach

November 6th, 2012

As the sun rises in the East most people are most people are still  tucked in their beds dreading that a.m. wake up call. However for reality star Kim Kardashian…she’s up at the crack of dawn.  hitting the beach for an early morning swim and stroll.