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Brown Will Not Remove Joe Paterno’s Name

Joe Paterno Hall of Fame

Finally a little good news in the Penn State saga.  Brown University has announced that Joe Paterno’s name will not be removed from its Athletic Hall of Fame.

 Paterno, a Brown University alumni…played quarterback at Brown from 1946 to 1949.

 In 1978, Mr. Paterno was enshrined to the universities “Hall of Fame.”

Brown University Mourns the Death of Joe Paterno

Brown University Head Coach

“This a sad day for the Brown University community and the Brown Football Program,” said Brown head football coach Phil Estes.  “My heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to the Paterno Family.”

“Joe Paterno was a great mentor for all of college football. I have considered him my role model for my career here at Brown,” added Estes. “I had several opportunities to talk with Joe about football and Brown University, and will cherish those memories. Coach Paterno has been an important part of our football tradition and we will continue to celebrate his storied career and life.”

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Joe Paterno to Play Al Pacino

Joe Paterno, played by Al Pacino…

Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno

According to sources, actor Al Pacino could play the late Penn State heard coach Joe Paterno sometimes referred to as “JoePa,”  in a movie based on  the Joe Posnanski’s biography  Paterno,

They call him Joe Pa

The biography follow the last two years in the life of one of college football’s most famous coaches who passed away on Jan. 22, 2012 following the child sex abuse scandal involving Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Joe Paterno’s Coaching Career

1950–1965Penn State (assistant)
1966-2011 Penn State

Paterno graduated from in 1950 Brown University — Following the Sandusky Scandal…The University removed Paterno’s name from a coaching position and an annual award.

The Joe Paterno Outstanding Male Freshman Athlete Award had been given annually by the university since 1993.

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Tribute to Joe Paterno

A tribute to the greatest football coach, not only at Penn State, but all of college football….Joe Pa

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Joe Paterno Candlelight Vigil

The Blue Band plays Amazing Grace and the Alma Mater at Old Main in a tribute to Joe Paterno!  Legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno, NCAA Division I’s all-time winningest coach, has died at the age of 85. He ended his historic career mired in scandal, leaving the question of his legacy unanswered.

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