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Felicia Barton Top Idol 36

Joanna Pacitti, former top 36 American Idol contestant has been replaced as a semifinalist by a 26 year old mom from Virginia Beach, VA.  Felicia Barton learned that  she would be replacing Pacitti as a semifinalist after she received  a phone call from Ken Warwick, Idol executive producer during Wednesday night’s East Coast broadcast of the “Final Judgment” episode which revealed the semifinalists.

According to The New York Post, Loren wrote a post on  facebook, which has since been removed:  “Sure enough, smack dab in the middle of 150 viewers that were gathered at Freedom Fellowship church to watch the show, Ken Warwick called Felicia’s phone.

“She ran into the girl’s bathroom to take the call, and she was bouncing off the walls when Ken told her to pack her bags, because she was now in the Top 36!

“As the show began, I could see Felicia’s eyes watering up as she sat, prepared to relive her Great Disappointment.

Despite eventually learning that her fate was better than what was being shown on Idol, Felicia had to keep the good news on the down-low until after the conclusion of the West Coast broadcast of the “Final Judgment episode.

“We had to pretend as if she never got the call! wrote Loren.

According to Reality Chief for FOX news, Mike Darnell:  ” Pacitti was notified of her disqualification, due to her previous relationships with two executives at one of Idols production companies.

Pacitti wrote in a facebook message “WHEW-craziness.  But everything happens for a reason. STILL NOT GIVING UP!  You guys know me better than that.”  That comment has since been removed as well.

Pacitti’s mom also reportedly tried to get her daughter to look on the bright side  by posting a note telling her  daughter  she could “now finally go public” with the news that shes dating Mark Ballas, Dancing with the Stars professional, according to Billboard.

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