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Jessica Simpson Shedding Pounds

Singer, Fashion Designer and new mom , Jessica Simpson, who gave birth to baby Maxwell Drew on May 01, 2012, is working diligently to shed all that post-pregnancy tonnage and get her “Daisy Duke” figure back.

Simpson, 31, is engaged to the father of her daughter, former NFL tight end Eric Johnson.

Simpson, who claims she gained 40lb’s during her pregnancy, has been scrutinized by the media  in the past about weight related issues (see photo here) which makes her more determined than ever to get into shape…oh yeah she also signed a huge contract to shed her weight with the help of “Weight Watchers.”

Jessica Simpson Sheds Ten Pounds

Jessica Simpson who was the subject of public scrutiny after her weight gain has shed 10 pounds in  two weeks and she claims she didn’t have to cut out carbs to do it.

Simpson reported that her loss was the result of not feeling sorry for herself, making a commitment to herself, smarter food choices, healthy carbs and foods high in nutrients, fried foods are no longer in her diet and exercise has played a key role.    According to trainer Mike Alexander who helped her prepare for her “these boots were made for walking role as “Daisy Duke” in the Dukes of Hazard movie said that “her focus is a complete body approach, hitting as many muscles as possible in a short amount of time.”  After one hour of cardio which includes running.  According to Alexander:  “Jessica loves lunges and squats, which target her butt.”

According to sources close to the newly fit singer, she has battled with weight issues all her left.  She is no stranger to yo-yo dieting however this time she vows to stay in shape.

For More on Jessica’s weight loss read the latest issue of inTouch Weekly.

We say way to go Jessica…you look terrific!

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Get In Shape With Great Workouts

Each and every year it seems as though the number one resolution that most people make is in health and fitness.  For those of you who can’t ever seem to get to the gym, we would like to recommend the following Workout DVD’s.  They are the best according to US Magazine.

Tracy Anderson:  Dance Cardio Workout

Missy Beaver:  Kettlebell Revolution

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