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Replacement Shakes vs Meals

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The Edge A Meal Replacement Shake Has Over A Meal!

Meal replacement shakes, also known as liquid meal replacement shakes for men and women, diet shakes or protein shakes are gradually finding a way into our hearts and stomachs now that practically everyone is busy and there’s little or no time to take a break and eat regular meals for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. There are a load of different types of shakes out there, for example, there is the 18 Shake that some people like. However, if you are thinking of using a shake as a meal replacement then you have to find one that you like. They are fast, very convenient, handy and of course, pretty tasty. What more, because they have this almost perfect nutritional content, they come recommended for healthy weight loss and maintenance. You can consider replacing your regular meals with meal shakes once in a while for the following reasons;

Whole Nutrition

Meal replacement shakes are nutritious; they are specially prepared to give a highly nutritive but low calorie value unlike regular meals that may be lacking in a particular nutrient or have too much of another. A pack contains full foods in the right proportions plus the extra boost of vitamins and minerals. Taking a bottle or cup is like having all you need in a drink especially in situations where it is impossible to prepare regular meals.

Weight Loss

Meal replacement shakes have a protein base to sustain you all day long. This also means that while you’re idle, your metabolism is in form to keep the calories burning, such is protein’s power. Regular meals have classes of food in sometimes unhealthy proportions that cannot be avoided. With protein shakes, you also get to feel full for longer and this reduces your likelihood of reaching out for a snack in between and so your calories consumption is kept in check. Another great thing about protein shakes is that you can add so many flavours to create the best protein shake. You’ll never get bored when you can always experiment with new tastes.

A regular intake of protein shakes reduces your susceptibility to storing excess carbohydrates as fats and can therefore help you achieve a certain weight goal and maintain a stable weight in the long run.


Meal replacement shakes are very practical and convenient than any other meal in hurried situations. This is one advantage replacement shakes have over normal meals. You only have to grab and go in as little time as it takes to open the door. For those that require a little fixing, it can be done without any fuss on the go, at work or in school. You can always stock up during regular shopping. With the ease of consumption that shakes provide, you can stop worrying about having to skip meals because you’re busy.

Man Surprises Family With 130 Pound Weight loss

Lucas Irwin, 25, give his parents the best Christmas gift ever this year, and it didn’t come in a gift-wrapped box.

Lucas Irwin, 25, shocked his parents when he walked into their home 130 pounds lighter than he was a year ago after going on a diet plan Irwin, shocked his parents when he walked into their home 130 pounds lighter than he was a year ago when they had last seen him – and when he weighed 300 pounds.

Irwin went from 300 pounds to 170. How did His goal weight is 150 pounds.

Irwin began dieting on December the 28th of 2012

Irwin  said he 95 per cent of the weight through  by following a strict eating regimen. He  ate 1,350 calories a day and didn’t exercise until after seven or eight months of dietingHe stayed accountable to himself by keeping a food diary, writing down everything he ate for the year.

According to Lucas,  “No foods were off limit, he  survived mostly on tuna salad, chicken with salsa, frozen vegetables, beans and rice, turkey/roast beef sandwiches, spinach, and eggs.

After he lost 100 pounds he  started walking to work (5 miles) for about 2 months until it got too cold outside.”

He said the internet support on Reddit was helpful in his weight-loss journey.  Reddit, is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts.

He kept his year-long effort a secret from his family, but caught the big moment on camera – a video that has now gone viral on the internet with over 620,000 hits on YouTube. 

Watch Video Here

Man surprises parents with 130-lb. weight loss

Jessica Simpson Sheds Ten Pounds

Jessica Simpson who was the subject of public scrutiny after her weight gain has shed 10 pounds in  two weeks and she claims she didn’t have to cut out carbs to do it.

Simpson reported that her loss was the result of not feeling sorry for herself, making a commitment to herself, smarter food choices, healthy carbs and foods high in nutrients, fried foods are no longer in her diet and exercise has played a key role.    According to trainer Mike Alexander who helped her prepare for her “these boots were made for walking role as “Daisy Duke” in the Dukes of Hazard movie said that “her focus is a complete body approach, hitting as many muscles as possible in a short amount of time.”  After one hour of cardio which includes running.  According to Alexander:  “Jessica loves lunges and squats, which target her butt.”

According to sources close to the newly fit singer, she has battled with weight issues all her left.  She is no stranger to yo-yo dieting however this time she vows to stay in shape.

For More on Jessica’s weight loss read the latest issue of inTouch Weekly.

We say way to go Jessica…you look terrific!

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