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Uncontrollable Spring Breakers Reek Havoc on Miami Beach

miami beach

Despite CDC recommendations regarding the potential spread of the coronavirus, thousands of out-of-control spring breakers have invaded Miami Beach.

The party goers forced Miami Beach officials to declares state of emergency due to crowds and instituted an 8 pm. curfew.

CDC Director Begs Spring Break Goers to Stay Home

spring break

CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky pleaded with Americans not to travel over Spring Break.

During a press briefing on Monday. Walensky noted that U.S. coronavirus cases have plateaued at around 54,000 a day and deaths are holding steady at approximately 1,500, making it too soon for restrictions to be relaxed.

Baron Trump Covid Free After Testing Positive for Corona Virus

Baron Trump, the youngest son of President Donald Trump reportedly tested positive for COVID 19 at same time as his parents did.

Melania, 50, reveals ‘rollercoaster’ of symptoms, says she and her 14-year-old-son, are now clear of virus and is praying for country amid election’s ‘negative energy’

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