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College Football 2015 – Championship Saturday…The ACC Refs Blow it…AGAIN

College Football A to ZNo matter what or who you listened to this week, sports talk radio or ESPN, all the Talking Heads were hoping for chaos yesterday in the conference championship games.

I truly believe Joey Galloway and Danny Kanell of ESPN wanted upsets just so they could criticize the Playoff Committee! Last night after the games they acted pissed that there were no upsets! Sorry boys…chalk ruled the day and you are going to have to find something POSITIVE to talk about today for 4 hours!

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 12…The Convicts Escape…Again!

Ok, I am going to admit it, I am no different than anyone else outside of the penitentiary called FSU. I am rooting for anyone that plays FSU. That is what the 2014 College Football season has become. Everyone, and I mean everyone outside of Tallahassee, wants FSU to go down. I truly think that the college football playoff committee is hoping for an FSU loss to once and for all, get them out of the picture. We are sick and tired of the  accusations, lack of discipline, out of control behavior, and total disregard of the law that is allowed to go on down there. Not only is FSU undefeated on the field, they are undefeated in the court room…7-0. 7 arrests and 0 convictions! Talk about turning a blind eye to the law! This is a win at all cost program and Jimbo has lost all respect and credibility. The Winston case got conveniently postponed until after the season – not enough time for his lawyer to prepare his case. It’s only been 2 years! And the latest debacle involving a hit and run accident that is being swept under the table. Hey Barney, did you see anything? Nope, good, let’s go get some doughnuts and coffee! Good luck this weekend kids, we gotta beat dem boys down in Miami!

Let’s get out of the courtroom and back on to the playing field where we belong. Yesterday was just a normal day in the world of college football. Upsets, OT games, last second field goals, poor use of time management, miraculous comebacks, dropped interceptions that lead to eventual scores, bad officiating, and unbelievable performances. One of the big questions for me yesterday was, how where some of the previous week’s big winners going to respond? Would Ohio State have a hangover from beating Michigan State? Would TCU have a hangover from beating Kansas State? How about Arizona State and their thrashing of ND? Answers please, OSU escapes at Minnesota by winning 31-24, TCU comes back to edge lowly Kansas 34-30, and Arizona goes to Oregon State and losses 35-27. How about lowly Northwestern going to ND ( ND stands for NO DEFENSE ) and upsetting the Irish 43-40 in OT? How about ( predictable ) Clemson going to Hotlanta and laying an egg versus Georgia Tech? I think Clemson had to finish with their third string water boy as the QB with hard luck Watson going down with a knee injury and Stoudt throwing more pic 6’s that completions! And poor Duke losing at home to Virginia Tech 17-16! Coach C sure could have used some of Coach K’s offense! Has Auburn quit or is Georgia that good? The Bulldogs smashed the Tigers 34-7 in Todd Gurley’s return. Stay tuned…Gurley hurt his knee. Of course, the game of the day was #1 Mississippi State going to ‘Bama. The Tide flexed their muscle and beat the Bulldogs 25-20. Jack, I mean Zack, I mean Dak Prescott had 3 pics in ‘Bama territory – OUCH! Just when the Talking Heads said there may not be a team from the SEC in the Final Four, if ‘Bama wins out and Mississippi State wins out, we may get 2 SEC teams in!!!

College Football 2014 – Put A Fork In The Big 10 – They Are DONE!

The day of reckoning has come and gone for the Big 10.

College Football Week 2 For a long time now I have said this conference is overrated and slipping horribly in the national spotlight. If they ever wanted to be compared to the SEC ( and their coaches have said in the past they are equal to the SEC ), they had their chances in the first 2 weeks of the 2014 season. Let’s see how they fared…Wisconsin builds a big lead early versus LSU and crashes. Big 10 is 0-1 in spotlight games. Next up is the face of the conference, Michigan State. They go out to the Pacific Northwest, build an early lead, and get run over by a freight train called Oregon. Big 10 falls to 0-2 in key ’14 games. Michigan then gets their chance to save Big 10 face when they go to the Golden Domers for their final game in this long and storied rivalry. Another Prime Time game for the Big 10. Oops, another spotlight thrashing as the Irish blister the hated foe 31-0.

The now staggering Big 10 is 0-3 on the national stage in 2014. ESPN. Primetime. Biggest crowd ever at the Horseshoe. Downtrodden Virginia Tech at Thee Ohio State. No way the Big 10 can blow this opportunity, or, can they? Yup! OSU lays an egg and the suddenly rejuvenated Hokies make a statement and manhandle the Luckeyes 35-21. The Big 10 falls to 0-4 in marquee games, national spotlight games, and can now say good bye to having one of their teams in the Final 4. The so called experts earlier said the SEC was on the demise. Those same experts said the Big 10 should have their conference champion in the Final 4. Those experts are now 0-2 in their predictions!

The Demise of the SEC?? Say it isn’t so – It Isn’t!!

Ok, I am already in a bad mood and the season hasn’t even started. After watching cut ins on ESPN, the Kick Off shows, the Talking Heads, and other BS non sense, it seems like all they want to talk about is the demise of the SEC. Are you freaking kidding me?? The best conference in America, lead by the best coaches, with the best athletes, the best recruiting classes, and the most NFL draft picks. The biggest and best stadiums with the best fans and the best tailgating. Let’s see…A night game in Baton Rouge ( that starts at 7 AM ) or a wine a cheese party in Chapel Hill? A November 25th game in Columbia, SC where it is sunny and 78 degrees, or freezing temperatures, snow, and slop in Happy Valley? The worlds greatest outdoor cocktail party between Florida and Georgia or sipping champagne…in Champaign, Illinois? A bunch of tree huggers in the Northwest or a bunch of screaming fools yelling pig-pig soooie with rifles in their hands. Well, I may have to rethink that one???College Football Kickoff

This is supposed to be the year when all the BSC crap is finally over. Replace the computers with humans and everything will be fixed. Well, we are not getting off to a good start. The SEC may be the most balanced league ever and because of that, they may have a 2 loss champion. All the so called experts want to see this. In that scenario, no one from the powerful SEC could have a team in the 4 team playoff. What a joke that would be.

College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 14

The greatest week in college football, rivalry week, provided college fans all around the country everything you could possibly hope.

Texans head coach Gary KubiakSheer entertainment, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, heart pounding finishes, questionable calls, and the realization that your team is still in the hunt or your dream season has vanished. We should have known that when Fresno State’s dream of a BCS bowl game went up in flames that we were going to be in for a wild weekend.

For all of you SEC haters out there, you got your Christmas wish early with Alabama going down in the Iron Bowl. ‘Bama looked tight right from the start and Auburn continued to do what it does best – run the football and hang around until you make a mistake. Sure enough, Alabama missed 3 field goals and when they needed a conversion on 4th and 1, they failed giving Auburn a chance. The Tigers marched down the field and tied the game up. Then the unthinkable happened, a missed 57 yard FG try and Auburn returns the short kick to win the game. What an ending and for the second game in a row, Auburn wins in dramatic fashion. Meanwhile, in Columbia, SC, the Gamecocks were locked up with their rival to the north, Clemson. USC was hoping that the other team from Columbia, Columbia Missouri that is, would fall to Texas A&M and give the Gamecocks a birth in the SEC title game. The Gamecocks handled the Tigers for their 5th win in a row in the series. Clemson turned the ball over 6 times and Dabo is now 1-5 versus Carolina. The SEC championship game is now set with Missouri and Auburn. How many of you out there predicted that title game on August 30??

Let me say this. I am an SEC honk – the SEC is the best conference in America and a 1 loss team from the SEC deserves to be in the BCS title game. If FSU beats Duke, they deserve to be there. If Ohio State beats Michigan State and they win the Big 10 championship, they do not deserve to be there. Their body of work is not impressive at all. They win a very weak conference and beat a bunch of nobodies out of conference. Wasn’t that the knock on Boise State for all of those years? Why should Ohio State be any different? The Buckeyes would be lucky to finish third in the SEC East OR West. Whoever wins the SEC championship should be in the BCS title game vs. FSU….if FSU can beat Duke. In my opinion, the only way OSU can play for the BCS championship is if Duke beats FSU. Then, and only then, should the Luckeyes deserve a chance to play for the ring. I am sorry, but a FSU vs. OSU title game does not get my juices flowing. It would represent all that is wrong with college football and I am a HUGE fan of the game! Two teams from the 2 weakest conferences ( of the big 5 power conferences ) with the weakest schedules having a chance to play in the biggest game of all. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Thank goodness this is the last year for this BCS crap and we may once and for all be able to settle this on the field next year!

Cracking on the Big 10 some more….Is Michigan still in the Big 10 or are they in the MEAC now? How about Wisconsin laying an egg at home to lowly Penn State? After OSU, isn’t Wisconsin the face of the conference? Did Bo and the Cornshuckers lose their 4th game this year….again? Bo has lost 4 games every year since taking over the program but got a big vote of confidence over the weekend from the AD. Mediocrity has set in in Lincoln and it is there to stay.

Speaking of votes of confidence, Will Muschamp got his over the weekend and will be back on the sidelines for the Gators next year. Kevin Sumlin got a new 6 year deal to remain at the helm for the Aggies. I bet he will be glad when Johnny Football and his traveling circus hits the road and goes to the NFL! Texas A&M is investing a lot of money in the program and Kevin is the right man to lead them. There are still a couple of huge coaching decisions to be made. What will happen at USC? Coach Ed has done a wonderful job getting the program going forward again. How about Texas? If the Longhorns beat Baylor this week, will it be enough to save Mack Brown’s job?

Nobody wants to “win” the Heisman. Looks like it may fall in the hands of RB Andre Williams of Boston College!

A TO Z TOP 25:

  1. FSU 12-0
  2. Auburn 11-1
  3. Ohio State 12-0
  4. Missouri 11-1
  5. Alabama 11-1
  6. Stanford 10-2
  7. South Carolina 10-2
  8. Oklahoma State 10-1
  9. Michigan State 11-1
  10. Baylor 10-1
  11. Clemson 10-2
  12. Oregon 10-2
  13. Arizona State 10-2
  14. Northern Illinois 12-0
  15. LSU 9-3
  16. Oklahoma 9-2
  17. UCF 10-1
  18. Fresno State 10-1
  19. Louisville 10-1
  20. UCLA 9-3
  21. Duke 10-2
  22. Wisconsin 9-3
  23. Cincinnati 9-2
  24. Notre Dame 8-4
  25. Texas 8-3


#21 Duke vs. #1 FSU

#4 Missouri vs. #2 Auburn

#3 Ohio State vs. #9 Michigan State

#6 Stanford vs. #13 Arizona State

#16 Oklahoma vs. #8 Oklahoma State

#25 Texas vs. #10 Baylor

#19 Louisville vs. #23 Cincinnati

Conference championship weekend will finally set up the BCS National Championship Game. In the ACC, FSU may have been picked to win the Atlantic, but Duke winning the Coastal?? Great season for Duke and what would happen if FSU overlooks them? How will FSU react as the #1 team in America? Duke has nothing to lose and will play their butts off for Coach Cut! Did anyone pick Stanford to play Arizona State for the PAC 12 championship? Oregon vs. UCLA was the consensus choice. What about the SEC championship game? Who in their right mind would have picked Missouri to meet Auburn? Most experts had South Carolina vs. Alabama. In the Big 10, OSU was a lock but Michigan State ended up as a big surprise!

What if Sparty and the Dookies shock the world this weekend and Auburn beats Missouri? We could have Auburn playing Alabama for the BCS National Championship!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! YES!!!! SEC, SEC, SEC!!!!  Sounds like another “normal” weekend of college football to me!! I love this game.

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