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President Trump Lashes Out at UCLA Basketball Dad LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball Angers Donald Trump Twitter

President Trump lashed out at one of the UCLA basketball players’ dad, LaVar Ball, who didn’t give him credit for freeing his son in China.

A day after  LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of the basketball players LiAngelo and Lonzo Ball, played down President Trump’s involvement in getting LiAngelo safely out of China without any criminal charges, the president fired back on Twitter.

Final Four Trivia Quiz

March Madness History

The NCAA Tournament is one of the most beloved traditions in the sports world. The tournament is a single elimination tournament that has spanned many decades since its inception. The tournament was first played in 1939, where only 8 teams participated in the even. These eight teams were split into two divisions (East and West) with four teams in each. The teams were Brown, Wake Forest, Ohio State, and Villanova from the East Division and Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah State, and Texas from the West. Oregon was the first winner of the NCAA Tournament when they defeated Ohio State 46-33.

The NCAA Tournament has expanded exponentially since those days. In 1951, the field of teams was expanded from 8 to 16 teams. This was followed shortly after by another expansion where the tournament could include any number of teams from 22 to 25 in 1953. Prior to 1975, only one team per conference was allowed in the tournament; however, when the tournament expanded again to an even 32 teams, this rule was dropped. 32 teams only lasted until 1979, when the tournament included 40 teams.

This setup proved unwieldy however, and in 1980 the tournament expanded again to include 48 teams. 1983 was the advent of the “play-in” game, as the tournament expanded to 52 teams and incorporated four such games. 1984 Tried to tweak this by introducing one more play-in game with 53 teams total, but this also proved to be difficult to follow, so in 1985, the field finally expanded to 64 teams.

The tournament would stay at 64 until 2001, when the people running it decided to add one more team and bring back the play-in game. This is how the tournament has been organized up until this point, but there is another change looming for this season’s tournament. This year the NCAA Tournament will expand to 68 teams for the first time, bringing back a 4 play-in games format to the tournament.

NCAA Tournament Facts

 1. Did the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament always have a set number of teams that were allowed in?

A. Yes

B. No

2. Since 1979, when was the last time that all four #1 seeds advanced to the Final Four?

A. 1997 – Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona

B. 2001 – Duke, Michigan State, Arizona, Maryland

C. 2008 – Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina, UCLA

D. It has never happened

Butler University Mascot Blue II Dies

It is with heavy hearts that we report to you that Butler’s beloved mascot, Butler Blue II, has passed away due to complications from congestive heart failure.

Blue II, Butler's mascot for most of the past decade, died due to complications from heart disease. He was 9. Butler University students, fans and administration are morning the loss of  their schools mascot.  The sweater-wearing English Bulldog who walked softly but carried a big bone.

Blue II, the English Bulldog mascot passed away Saturday. Blue II suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, which affects both the right and left sides of the heart.

Blues II’s owners were Michael Kaltenmark, a Butler graduate and his wife Tiffany.

Blue II was one of the most recognizable of all school mascots was 9-years-old or 63-years-old in “dog years.”

Butler University

He appeared at every Butler men’s basketball game… and traveling like a rock star aboard Blue II, the 9-year-old former Butler mascot, has died from congestive heart failure.  the team’s chartered jet during the Final Four basketball championships in 2010 and 2011.

In May Blue II retired and handed down his collar to his younger brother, Blue III, AKA Trip in an official changing of the collar ceremony took place on Mar. 9.

Trip  a 1-year-old bulldog  is said to have “plenty of energy and eagerness to carry the torch.”

Blue II is survived by Mike Kaltenmark, his wife Tiffany and  4,700 Butler University students.

Behind Blondie Park Gossip   ONLY in West Virginia…WVU Mascot Told Not to Shoot Wildlife With Musket

Is Your Bracket…Busted??

Is Your Bracket …Busted??

What a great last few weeks as we have gone from 68 wannabees down to ……the Final 4! So many great stories, so much drama, so many personalities! On day 1, so many brackets were busted when one of the Final 4 favorites, Missouri, gets tripped up by Norfolk State in a classic #15 seed upset over a #2 seed. Right after that we have another #15 seed upset ( Lehigh ) beating #2 seed Duke. ACC Champion Florida State – that’s right – ACC Champion FSU, escapes game 1 and then falls to Cincy. NC State, who was the last team to get in the tourney, goes on a roll and makes it to the Sweet 16. Indiana, whom I thought was 1 year away from national contention, gets hot and is a HORRIBLE call away from giving Kentucky all they wanted ( the second foul on Zeller was a joke ). Roy Williams and his 3 first round NBA picks, once again plays down to it’s opponents. Rick Pitino proves why he is a legend and coaches his butt off to get the Cardinal into the Final 4. Vandy plays like, well Vandy, and gets bounced too early. Wisconsin boors you to death and has a classic tournament game against ‘Cuse. Wow, it has been so much fun and the fireworks are just getting ready to start!

How cool would it be to live in Kentucky this week? Pitino, public enemy #1, lead Kentucky to a National Championship before bolting to the NBA and the Boston Celtics. Now he leads the hated Cardinal against his former Wildcat team. Let’s see….if it boils down to X’s and O’s, who would you want coaching your team?? Fast forward to 2014… Hello Kentucky, this is the NCAA and we are investigating your basketball program. As great a game as this one will be, the matchup on the other side of the bracket, Ohio State vs. Kansas is just as intriguing. Bill Self has done a super job bringing the Jayhawks back this year after being decimated last year due to graduation and early NBA departures. Kansas bigs versus OSU bigs – WOW! Thad Motta is one of the best coaches to never have won an NCAA Championship. Self and Pitino have cut down the nets, Motta and Calipari haven’t. Something has to give this weekend! I like Louisville and Kansas to advance with Kansas, reminicent of Danny and the Miracles, cutting down the nets in one of the great Finals in years!!

In case you didn’t notice, Tiger Woods has finally won a PGA tour event. From tee to green, Tiger looked like the Tiger of old. Although he was never challenged on Sunday, his tee shots landed in the fairway, he stuck his irons, and putted very well. If his body holds up, we could be in for one of the most anticipated Masters in years. The Back 9 on Sunday at Augusta National is one of the best events in all of sport and this year could be a classic! I still get chills when I see the ’86 Masters with Jack making his charge on the back 9 to win! Tiger, Rory, Phil, Justin, Bubba, Lee, – wow, this could be special.

Why are we getting so excited about Brittany Griner dunking? I know it’s not common for a girl to dunk, but, she is 6’8″!! How high does she really have to jump??? And by the way, she only has 10 dunks playing against girls that are usually about 6’4″ or SMALLER. No doubt, she is a great player, but, Mugsy Bogues was 5 foot nothing and won the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

Did you see Kobe sulking on the bench for being taken out of the game? Just another reason, in the long list of reasons, why the NBA is a joke.

I just heard a rumor that Opening Day in the Major Leagues is just 2 weeks away. Is anybody paying attention??

Here is a potential GREAT college basketball coaching move. The South Carolina Gamecocks are about to sign Frank Martin of Kansas State as their new head coach. With Spurrier and Martin at USC, ESPN will have to expand SportsCenter to 1 1/2 hours for all those quotes and stories! Talk about 2 great personalities! It’s an exciting time to be a Gamecock fan.

Final Four Schedule

3-31    Kentucky vs Louisville‎-6:09 PM (ET)
3-31    Kansas vs Ohio State‎-8:49 PM (ET)

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Tiger Woods Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational

Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Orlando, Fla. yesterday, making it  his first PGA Tour event  win in more than two years. Woods shot a -13 winning by five strokes. His last win was at the BMW Championship  in Chicago making it his last win since his sex scandal.

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2 over 15 OR 15 over 2?

2 over 15 OR 15 over 2?

With so much parity in college basketball today, was it an upset that Lehigh beat Duke or Norfolk State beat Missouri? We almost witnessed the first ever #16 seed ( UNC Asheville ) beating a # 1 seed ( Syracuse ). Do you remember a few years ago when Kentucky was a 35 point favorite over Podunk University in round 1? Or, Indiana was a 40 point favorite over NWSE Montana AT&T? Those days are over!! Todays tournament has more 30-2 teams playing teams with a 26-7 record in the first round than ever before. Duke wasn’t expected to go very far this year, especially with star forward Ryan Kelly out with an injury. However, many brackets were destroyed when Missouri bowed out to Norfolk State in the first round. Do you think Kentucky, Michigan State, UNC, and Syracuse look forward to playing UNC Asheville, Norfolk State, Lehigh, Belmont, VCU, S. Florida, or Davidson anymore?

Think about all of the talented and legendary coaches in this years field. Most of all of todays giants in the coaching industry are in the 2012 “Madness“. Just as exciting about this year is the return of Indiana to the Big Dance as well as seeing the return of Rick Majerus to the coaching sideline. Mark Gottfried leads the Wolfpack back to the national scene after a stint with ESPN and Shaka Smart proves that VCU is not a “one hit wonder”. Great stories, great personalities, great drama, and great matchups!

With all the “Madness” going on in basketball, can you imagine how crazy it would be if there was a playoff in college football? Let’s dream for a moment…….Round 1 of the playoffs – # 1 Alabama vs. # 8 South Carolina. # 2 LSU vs. # 7 Boise State. # 3 Oklahoma State vs. # 6 Houston. # 4 Oregon vs. # 5 Arkansas. For the second year in a row, Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks upset the Tide. In that same bracket, Arkansas stymies the Ducks to advance to play the Gamecocks in the semi finals. In the other bracket, the Honey Badger & LSU can’t stop Kellen Moore and pass happy Boise State. The Tigers get down early and are forced to pass on every down – you know how that plays out! Oklahoma State survives a 56-49 shootout to beat Houston. In the semi finals, South Carolina continues it’s struggles against Arkansas and loses 35-31. Poised and confident, Boise St. methodically picks apart OK State for a 42-23 victory setting up the National Championship game between Boise State and Arkansas. In a classic “David” vs. “Goliath” matchup, the SEC flexes it’s muscle to dominate Boise for 3 quarters and take a commanding 31-13 lead going into the 4th quarter. Boise storms back and with 1:51 left in the game they trail 38-34. With the ball on the Hogs 48 yard line and 3 seconds to go, Kellen Moore does his best Doug Flutie imitation and launches a Hail Mary pass into the end zone. The ball gets tipped and Boise catches the ball on the 1 yard line as time expires thus ending one of the most exciting games in NCAA history!! What a dream……If only the college presidents could get their heads out of their ??????

Speaking of getting your head out of your????? Nice job Carmelo Anthony on getting your coach fired. Let’s see…..the Knicks are a .500 team since signing you to a zillion dollar contract. While you were out, they became the best story in the NBA. I know, since you fired your coach, you have won 3 straight games. This just proves that in the NBA, the inmates run the asylum!

News flash to Peyton Manning…. Stop the tour and sign with the Niners! Talk about the perfect scenario for a player. If you truly want to win and come out of the shadow of your little brother, San Fran has all the weapons for you to win not one, but 2, 3, or 4 more rings.

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