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Beyonce and Jay Z Celebrate in the Mediterranean

How did Beyonce celebrate her 33rd birthday?

Beyonce and Jay Z celebrate How about  with her music mogul husband Jay Z and the couples daughter  Blue Ivy on an island in the Mediterranean.

Jay Z  hired a luxury yacht in South France that costs a whopping $800,000 per week, E! Online reports.

He also paid a hefty tip of 500 pounds to the waitress who served them on their private jet.

Beyonce Raps About Jay Z

The couple will spend rest of the coming days on the luxurious yacht

That sounds like more paradise than it does a “troubled” marriage.

According to sources…they were very “touchy-feeling,”  playful and appeared to be having a great time on the beach…Eventually they headed back out to their chartered yacht which was anchored off the coast of Corsica.

Jay Z and Beyonce The Hampton’s instead of Kimye Wedding

Rihanna Gave Chris Brown Herpes

According to sources… Rihanna will not be pursuing charges after being allegedly struck Sunday by boyfriend and singer Chris Brown after the pair attended a pre-Grammy party on Saturday evening. The altercation, which led to Brown’s arrest for Felony Domestic Assault is rumored to have started when Rihanna revealed that she had given Brown Herpes.  Apparently is didn’t set very well with the singer and he lashed out.  Now, if it couldn’t get any worse Rihanna claims to have contracted the virus from a rapper Jay-Z who happens to be married to singer Beyonce.  So is Jay-Z sleeping single in a double bed tonight?  So the saga continues!

Posted by:  Holly Heels

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