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College Football Bowl Mania

Sadly, we are just hours away from the curtain closing on another fantastic college football season. With only tonight’s game between Arkansas State vs. Ball State, and tomorrow’s BCS Championship Game, we have all but wrapped up the 2013-2014 campaign.

No more Gameday shows, no more BCS Countdown shows, no more Lou Holtz and Mark May, and thankfully….NO MORE BCS!!

college football playoff 2015The selection process next year for the “playoffs” between the top 4 teams will be better than computers picking the match ups, but it is not the end all answer. Any time you get more than 1 person bringing ideas into a room, you get chaos. And that’s what we will have as a team of so called experts will be on a panel to pick the top 4 teams. Different people in various positions from different parts of the country with different agendas selecting the playoff teams. Sounds like a real smooth process doesn’t it? How about ripping up every conference and starting all over again? How about 10-12 team conferences? How about 2 -6 team divisions in each conference? How about every team playing a 5-4-3 schedule ( play every team in your division, 4 games versus the other division on a rotating basis, and 3 non conference games )? How about every conference having a championship game? How about every conference champion ( all 10 of them ) going into the playoffs? How about the ultimate champion winning it on the field based on their play? I know, I am living in a fantasy land. It truly makes more sense to have Boston College playing in the ACC and traveling to Miami for a conference game, right? Or what about West Virginia playing in the Big 12 and having to go to Stillwater for a conference game? Next thing you know is that Ohio State will be leaving the Big 10 to go to the SEC! Now wait a minute, that may be the stupidest thing I have ever said! Ohio State wanting to play a competitive schedule….what a ridiculous statement….that will never happen!

playoff college footballThere truly have been some great games this bowl season. The Duke-Texas A&M game was one of the best as Johnny Manziel, finally healthy, showed America why he is the most electric player in the country. UCF, lead by QB Blake Bortels, was terrific against Baylor. Missouri and Oklahoma State was one for the ages. Clemson and Ohio State was back and forth all game long. Who saw Oklahoma stunning Alabama? Georgia and Nebraska went down to the wire. Washington State and Colorado State started it all off with a wild game. South Carolina and Wisconsin went back and forth with Connor Shaw of USC turning in one of the best individual performances of all the bowl games. The Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Michigan State went down to the wire. Yesterday’s game between Vandy and Houston gave their fans a wild one. Did Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville look like one of the best teams in the country? Should he have won the Heisman? Will he be the #1 pick in the NFL draft?

On the other hand, there were some awful performances and calls that made you scratch your head. Can someone tell me why that on the last possession of the game and needing a touchdown, why would Stanford run the ball 3 times? 3 times against that stout Sparty defense? What about 4th and 3 with 31 seconds left and needing a touchdown to win, the Georgia receiver drops a perfect pass that ends the game? Had he caught the ball, who knows what would have happened. How about the dropped hail Mary in the end zone on 3rd down by the Minnesota wide receiver? Or what about Arizona State looking completely lost against Texas Tech? Thank goodness that Northern Illinois lost their conference championship game and failed in their bid for a BCS Bowl Game. They were awful against Utah State! What would they have done against ….a really good team? Sadly, Va. Tech continues their slide.

With all of the SEC haters out there, which conference had the best showing in this years bowl games? If you guessed the MEAC ( 0-4 with 1 game left – Ball State carrying the conference torch right now ) you would be wrong! If you think it was the Big 10, think again. Once again, they had another dismal showing and end up 2-5. What about the mighty PAC 12? Close, but no cigar! They did have a good showing but ended up 6-3. I know, you think that the Big 12 had the best conference showing. Oklahoma spanked the mighty Tide, they had to be the best. WRONG!! They ended up 3-3. Sorry! Conference USA looked good, right? So-so, they finish 3-3 also. What about the mighty Mountain West you ask? Well they were OK, ending up 3-3. Then the best conference had to be the American Athletic Conference, right? Wrong again, wise one. They were 2-3. OK, stop teasing us, the ACC was the most dominating conference in bowl play! Not so fast my friend! Right now they are 4-6 with FSU to play. Will they end up 5-6 or 4-7?  Guess what haters….once again, the SEC dominated bowl play and stands at 7-2 with Auburn left to carry the league to possibly another BCS crown. Beat FSU and the SEC ends bowl play at 8-2. Lose, and they finish 7-3. Either way, they will have won the most games of any conference. Had it not been for a dropped 4th down pass vs. the Cornshuckers, the SEC may be 8-1 right now! How ironic would that be? The only potential SEC loss is by….Alabama!!

So, who is it going to be tomorrow night, the Tigers or the Seminoles? FSU, playing one of the worst schedules in the country, has not been tested all year. How will they respond if they get behind? Luck, destiny, fate, has been with Auburn all year. Will the Heisman winner have a bad showing like so many of them before him? Can anyone stop the ground attack of Auburn? None of the top defenses in the SEC could. What makes you think that a team from the ACC can? FSU is loaded with talent, talent that has not been pushed for 4 quarters this year.

It’s time to lace them up one more time, tighten up the chin strap, put on the eye black, and get ready to bang heads for the last time this year!

Luckily, the recruiting wars will take center stage starting on Tuesday. When does spring football start?

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College Football Related:

The Playoff

Beginning with the 2014-15 season, college football will enter a new era when a postseason playoff will begin. The format is simple: top four teams, two semifinals played in bowl games, and a national championship game played in a different city each year. Each semifinal will be played during the New Year’s holiday with the national championship game in prime time on a Monday night at least a week later. It will be the best of all worlds, and the biggest innovation to the sport in decades.

The Selection Committee

A selection committee will choose the four teams for the playoff based on their performance during the regular season, including, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, championships won, and other factors. The teams will be seeded so that #1 will play #4 in one semifinal and #2 will meet #3 in the other, with the winners advancing to the national championship game.

The Rotation

The semifinals will rotate among six different bowls, extending the experience to more fans. In the years when the bowls are not hosting semifinals, the bowls will feature eight other teams in four compelling matchups.

College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 9

CLANK…That sickening sound you hear, when the game is on the line, and your kicker hits the upright for a game tying or winning field goal.

EERIE SILENCE…That sudden lack of noise when a collective group of fans (60,000), in unison, become dead quiet when your kicker misses a game tying or winning field goal. Your dream season abruptly ends and you are left speechless.

That was the scene last night in Columbia, Missouri when in Double OT, Missouri misses a chip shot field goal to send the game into a 3rd OT and the ball bounces off of the left upright sending Gamecock Nation into a frenzy. In what should have been billed as the Game of the Day in college football, the South Carolina Gamecocks stormed back from a 17 point 4th quarter deficit behind injured QB Connor Shaw to force OT. Shaw was hurt last week in Carolina’s upset loss at Tennessee. Had Carolina won that game we would have been looking at the number 5 team in the country hosting the number 6 team in the country and a HUGE SEC East showdown with national implications. But in this suddenly crazy season it did not materialize that way and Missouri stole the national spotlight. Truly, in a year in which the SEC is beating up on and kocking each other off, Alabama is now clearly carrying the torch for the conference. All of the SEC haters out there must be loving this scenario now. If ‘Bama somehow loses 1 game, the SEC will most likely be out of the BCS National Championship game for the first time in like… 14 years!!! Missouri – WELCOME TO THE SEC!!! Now you have to deal with Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas A&M if you want a piece of that “RED” team and a chance to play for the BCS title!

Yesterday was another wild day in the world of college football. How about Duke over Va. Tech? Just when you thought Beamer Ball was back, the Hokies offense failed to show up and the Dookies are on their way…. to another bowl game????? Just when you thought Nebraska may become significant again, they fail to show up at Minnesota and the Gophers left the Black Shirts wondering if they have the right coach in place. Newsflash to Husker Fan….Just like Clemson fan, you are not a national power anymore. Stop living in the 80’s! Undefeated Texas Tech ain’t undefeated anymore as Big Game Bob and Boomer Sooner took out the #10 team. The scare of the day was The”U” scoring late to avoid disaster at the hands of Weak Forest. UCLA plays well for a half and then the Ducks roll in the second half to eliminate the Bruins title hopes. I thought with a week off and coming off an upset win over Michigan that Penn State would be primed for Ohio State. Instead, the Buckeyes demolished the Nittany Lions and scored a lot of national “style points”. However, unless things completely go haywire at the top, there is no way OSU gets to play for the big ring. Their schedule is pathetic and the conference is weaker than ever. Clemson looked lethargic coming off an embarrassing loss to FSU and let the depleted Maryland Terrapins hang around before they out classed them down the stretch.

Heisman Update: We are getting closer to narrowing the choices for the top individual prize in college football. Jame..is.. he or is.. he not Winston a viable candidate? Does 1 game suddenly thrust you in the talk? Let’s see what he does this week versus the Hurricanes. The pecking order at this time is #1 Marcus Mariota. #2 is AJ McCarron. #3 is Johnny Manziel – period. The rest of the names are tied for 4th. Mariota leads the top offense in the land and he will win it or lose it it on November 7th when the Ducks play at Stanford. AJ McCarron is so underestimated and gets no love because of his surrounding cast. He is a leader on the field, makes no mistakes, and does everything asked of him to win championship after championship. By the way, isn’t that why you play the game? Johnny Manziel is having a better season statistically than last year when he won the Heisman. His off the field problems have hurt him but he is lighting it up right now despite nagging injuries and a porous defense.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama 8-0
  2. Oregon 8-0
  3. FSU 8-0
  4. Ohio State 8-0
  5. Baylor 7-0
  6. Miami 7-0
  7. Stanford 7-1
  8. Oklahoma 7-1
  9. Clemson 7-1
  10. Missouri 7-1
  11. Auburn 7-1
  12. Oklahoma State 6-1
  13. Texas A&M 6-3
  14. LSU 7-2
  15. Fresno State 7-0
  16. South Carolina 6-2
  17. Louisville 7-1
  18. Northern Illinois 8-0
  19. Texas Tech 7-1
  20. Oregon State 6-2
  21. UCLA 5-2
  22. Michigan State 7-1
  23. Michigan 6-1
  24. UCF 6-1
  25. TIE Wisconsin 5-2, Notre Dame 6-2, Virginia Tech 6-2


#6 Miami @ #3 FSU

Tennessee @ #10 Missouri

#11 Auburn @ Arkansas

#12 Oklahoma State @ #19 Texas Tech

Mississippi State @ #16 South Carolina

#23 Michigan @ #22 Michigan State

Georgia @ Florida

Huge game in the Sunshine State as Miami playes FSU. Winner of this game stays in the BCS title game chase while the loser is on the outside looking in. Can Missouri bounce back after their heartbreaking loss to the Gamecocks? Is Auburn for real? Does Auburn control the SEC  in a weird kind of way ( knock off Georgia and bring South Carolina back into the picture for the East title – knock off hated Alabama and turn the SEC upside down )? Will Arkansas give up 52 points for the third week in a row? Does the battle of Michigan do anything for the dismal Big 10? Can you believe that the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” ( Georgia and Florida ) has no national meaning this year?

Something to think about….It is awfully ironic that Alabama plays LSU in 2 weeks ( 11/9 ) and both of these schools have a bye this week. And, Oregon plays Stanford on 11/7 and both of these schools have byes this week. Did the schedule makers guess right when they put these schedules together?

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National Championship 2013, Go Bama, Go Irish

The clock it is ticking…the hour is near…as we all anticipate the game of the year.

The fight of the Irish and the red tide will meet in hopes of a victory and the  smell of defeat.

For “Bama” they’ve been their they know the routine… The excitement and glory the fans they will scream.

For the “Irish” there fighters they have what it takes… with their “Lucky charm Teo” he raises the stakes.

Coach Saban and Kelly…they coach from the heart…which makes them both winners and sets them apart.

Their quest of a victory…can be felt in the air…but what keeps them humble is what got them there.

The true meaning of a champion  means more than win….it’s the right and the honor to play to then end.

Go Bama…Go Irish…give it your all…no teams are more deserving to take home the glass ball.

Quotes About Champions…

Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision.    Muhammad Ali

Champions are not always the best at what they do. They’re the ones who work hardest & persevere when it was time to be counted.  T.J. Taylor


2012 College Football Playoff Schedule

Now that all the major bowls are finished, it’s time to set the playoff schedule. I know I am dreaming and playing in a fantasy world, but what the heck, miracles do happen and one day the joke of a governing body ( the NCAA ), will get off their fat wallets and fix this great sport. We know their is one game to go – the BCS National Championship game – but those two teams are the top 2 seeds for our “mock” playoff system. In my dream, the bowl games leading up to today have set up the brackets for the 8 team playoff schedule. The selection committee ( me ) met today ( selection Sunday aired on ESPN at 8 PM – wait, don’t we have that in another college sport??? ) to determine the remaining 6 teams to complete the field of 8. Based on computer BS, strength of schedules, coaches polls, national polls…blah…blah…blah…blah, my “eye test” has determined the following top 8 teams:

#8 Georgia

#7 South Carolina

#6 Florida

#5 Stanford

#4 Texas A&M

#3 Oregon

#2 Alabama

#1 Notre Dame

Teams that are kicking and screaming that they deserve to be in the tournament ( bubble teams – ever hear that phrase before?? ) are FSU, Clemson, Kansas State, Louisville, and LSU. FSU played an awful schedule and only beat Clemson on their resume, Clemson lost to FSU and South Carolina ( they did pull off one of the greatest upsets of all time by beating LSU ), Kansas State lost 2 of their last 3 games and looked bad in doing so, Louisville plays in a weak conference although they did look impressive in beating Florida, and LSU has Les Miles to thank for their 8 second half 3 and outs versus Clemson and all of his bone head calls versus Alabama for 2 of their 3 losses.

On to the tournament and the pairings are set. The top half of the bracket has #1 ND vs. #8 Georgia and#4 Texas A&M vs. #5 Stanford. The bottom half of the bracket has #2 Alabama vs. #7 South Carolina and #3 Oregon vs. #6 Florida.

Notre Dame’s front 7 and Georgia’s “O” line slug it out all game long. Aaron Murray plays like..Aaron Murray and throws 3 second half interceptions. The Irish grind it out and use a ball control offense coming up with critical third down conversions to squeak out a 21-17 victory and advance. Stanford, coming off a big win against Oregon is very well prepared for the Johnny Football Show. They stymied the Duck’s prolific offense and felt confident going into the game that they could slow down the Aggies. The one thing they didn’t realize is that A&M is fast AND physical. In the end, the Aggies wear down Stanford and with 2 late fourth quarter TD’s, beat the Cardinal 31-13. That sets up the semi final match-up with ND and Texas A&M.

In the other half of the bracket, Alabama takes on South Carolina. Let’s flashback to the last time these two teams met. Two years ago, South Carolina completely dominated the Tide and steam rolled over them. Unfortunately, Carolina couldn’t rebound after that game and lost the following week to Kentucky. This time it’s different for the Crimson Tide. The Gamecocks starting QB, Connor Shaw, is out with foot surgery and his back up ( Dylan Thompson ) can’t move around quite as well. The Tide’s defense smothers him time after time and stymies their ground attack also. Clowney has another Heisman type of game but it’s not enough as AJ McCarron and their vaunted running attack lead the Tide over the Gamecocks 27-16. In a battle of fast and faster, Oregon out runs the Gators 41-20. Florida fails to generate any consistent offense and once again has numerous stupid personal foul penalties that keep the Duck’s drives alive. The one time dream match-up ( Alabama vs. Oregon ) for the BCS National Championship game is now set – for the play off semi finals.

It’s Saturday, January 19 and the national semi finals are set. After last weeks great quarter final games, we are ready for the semi final games with #1 Notre Dame playing #4 Texas A&M and #2 Alabama up against #3 Oregon. In the first game of the day Alabama takes a page out of Stanford’s playbook and physically dominates Oregon. The Ducks played a weak schedule this year and have never faced the speed and size of a team like ‘Bama. Oregon gets stuffed up the middle, gets strung out on the edge, and has no time to drop back and throw. On the other side of the ball, Alabama runs, runs, and runs some more all over the Ducks and punishes them for 325 yards on the ground. AJ only has to pass the ball 15 times and completes 13 of them for a 31-10 Tide victory. After much speculation this week, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly bolts after the game and takes his circus to Cleveland! Undefeated ND now is about to face one of the hottest teams in all of America – the Texas A&M Aggies. ND has dodged bullets all year long but Johnny Football comes out firing grenades! After scoring on their first 2 drives, the Irish fall behind 17-3 after the first quarter. Brian Kelly and the Irish keep their composure and work the game to a 20-17 half time deficit. The Irish electrify the crowd as they take the second half kick off and go 102 yards for the go ahead TD. As we move to the 4th quarter the Irish are clinging to a 27-26 lead. With 1:02 left in the game the Aggies get the ball back on their own 27 yard line. After a couple of first downs, the Aggies are left with 3 seconds and the ball on the Irish 48 yard line. Manziel drops back, rolls right, rolls left and Manti T’eo dives at him. He somehow slips through the hit and throws a bomb into the end zone. It’s hauled in by A&M and the Aggies move on with a dramatic last second come from behind victory! The luck of the Irish finally runs out and the Aggies move on to face the Alabama Crimson Tide in a rematch of another Johnny Football miraculous victory.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy – We Finally Have A Race!

It may have taken 8 weeks into the college football season, but we finally have a race for the Heisman Trophy! Going in to the new year it seemed like a 2 horse race between The Honey Badger from LSU and Matt Barkley of USC. Running backs Ball of Wisconsin and Lattimore of South Carolina were mentioned but seemed to be on the outside looking in. The Badger and his dream of a Heisman went up in smoke and Matt Barkley and the Trojans got beat early by Stanford seemingly ending his chances. Very early on there was no clear favorite and little discussion of who is in the national spotlight to win college football’s most prestigious honor.

Enter in Geno Smith, QB of the high powered offense from West Virginia. The Mountaineers and Geno put up gaudy numbers early and often and up to just 2 weeks ago, he was all but given the award. Not so fast my friend! West Virginia finally ran into some stiff competition and Geno struggled. Texas Tech had a plan to stop their high powered offense and it worked to perfection. Yesterday, Kansas State followed Texas Tech’s script and totally dominated the Mountaineers. QB Collin Klein of K State has been slowly gaining national momentum over the last few weeks and in yesterday’s head to head show down, he clearly was the superior player. Geno Smith, instead of looking like Geno Smith the Heisman Trophy winner, looked like Geno Smith my pizza delivery guy. What worries me even more is that on the sidelines he is starting to pout like SCam Newton – the classic front runner!

USC and Matt Barkley after the loss to Stanford have been on a roll. Yesterday, Matt broke the PAC 10 record for career TD passes and looks to be a top contender again. The good news for him is that USC will play on national T.V. several times in the future against Notre Dame and possibly twice against Oregon, thus giving Matt a big chance to garner the biggest prize in college football.

A very deserving candidate for the Heisman is linebacker Manti Te’o of the undefeated Fighting Irish. Notre Dame, 7-0, boasts one of the toughest defenses in the country and Manti is the leader of that squad. History tells us that a defender won’t win the Heisman, but, if there ever was a deserving candidate, he resides in South Bend! Not only has his play been outstanding this year, but from a personal standpoint, he has endured tremendous pain and suffering and this would be a “Rudy” type of story if he were to win!

With Klein’s performance yesterday, he may have vaulted to the top. We knew he was a tough, hard nosed kid with excellent feet. This year he has added an excellent passing game to his arsenal and with Kansas State knocking on the door to the BCS National Championship, Collin will get a lot of notice down the stretch. Oh, by the way, while we are talking about national awards, let’s just go ahead right now and give the Coach of the Year award to Bill Snyder of K State!

Lastly, the one player who doesn’t get any consideration is QB AJ McCarron of the #1 and undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide. All the kid does is win! As an inexperienced starter last year, all he did was lead the Tide to the BCS National Championship. All he is doing this year is leading the Tide to the BCS National Championship. No, he does not post gaudy numbers or run a 4.4 40 yard dash and claim to be faster than Usain Bolt. He takes care of the ball, gets it to the right receiver on time, and controls the game like Coach Saban wants. Someone to think about….

2011 Heisman Trophy Candidates: 

Andrew Luck,  Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Tyrann Mathieu and Montee Ball

 Heisman Trophy

So, if I had to give out the Heisman Trophy right now, here is the top 5 candidates:

5. Geno Smith QB West Virginia

4. AJ McCarron QB Alabama

3. Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame

2. Matt Barkley QB Kansas State

1. Your Winner – Collin Klein QB Kansas State

Like the weekly Top 25, this top 5 list of Heisman candidates could change weekly for the next several weeks as the games become more important, the spotlight shines brighter, and the pressure intensifies!

Saturday, December 8, 2012 – Live ESPN Announcement of the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner

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List of Heisman Trophy Winners 1935 – 2011

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