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Embarrassing Details Surface About the White House Fence Jumping Prowler

Details about white house intruder

Embarrassing details about the recent White House fence jumper who successfully made it on to the property have surfaced.

The man, identified as 26-year-old Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran of Milpitas, California, reportedly climbed a 5-foot fence as well as a 8-foot fence before making onto the grounds. He was able to prowl undetected for nearly 20 minutes and got close enough to jiggle a doorknob in an attempt to get inside.

Inmate Beats the Crap out of Subway Sandwich Pedophile Jared Fogle



Former Subway spokesman turned pedophilia Jared Fogle was reportedly attacked in Colorado prison where he is currently serving time molestation.

According to sources, Fogle is treated like royalty by fellow child molesters in prison, and that’s why he got the crap beat out of him … so says the inmate who handed out the beating.

OJ Simpson Could be Released from Nevada Correctional Center

OJ Simpson Hearing

OJ Simpson, who is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada for could be released after nine years as early as October.

The former Buffallo Bills star and  NFL Hall of Fame running back, now 70, was charged with and found guilty on 12 counts, including conspiracy, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

The It is expected that a parole board will recommend his release due to good behavior.

He would need to win over four of seven commissioners at his hearing.
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Woman In Custody After Pushing Woman In Front of Subway Train

Woman Pushed Subway

An unidentified 30-year-old woman was taken into custody on Monday after she allegedly pushed a woman to her death in front of a moving subway train at Times Square  station.

Police responded to the incident shortly after receiving a call at 1.20pm.

As she was apprehended by authorities at the scene.  According to witnesses she  showed no sign of remorse.

Troy Smith Won’t Serve Time for Driving Drunk

Troy Smith DUI

Former NFL star,  Troy Smith  struck a plea deal in his drunk driving case.  In the deal, he will not serve jail time.

Smith, who played college ball at Ohio State, was busted for OVI (operating vehicle while impaired) as well as weed possession on April 3rd after cops pulled him over and realized he was toasted

According to court records, Smith pled guilty to willful or wanton disregard and, in exchange, the other charges were dismissed.

Say What?

No justice served in this case!

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with 177 days which was suspended. He is ordered to  complete a 3 day driver intervention program instead of going to jail.  He also got to a year of probation and suspended his license for 6 months.

OH Yeah…He’s not allowed to drink any alcohol while on probation.

Lil Twist Arrested Fails to Appear in Court

Lil Twist Arrested

Lil Twist, Justin Bieber’s ex-bud has been  got locked up after failing to show his face for a hearing in his assault case.

According to TMZ.com, Twist’s lawyer showed up in a downtown L.A. courthouse Thursday morning, but that wasn’t good enough for the judge who immediately issued a bench warrant. Twist got wind of the warrant and headed to court in the afternoon.