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American Airlines Passenger Claims she was Threatened With Prosecution

american airlines incident

It appeared to be a normal flight as American Airlines   flight 4393,  departed Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans in route to Charlotte.

The routine 1 hour and 55 minute flight operated by American Eagle appeared to be smooth sailing until the actions of two stubborn passengers caused some cabin turbulence over a reclined seat.

American and Delta Airlines Stops Flights Due to the Coronavirus

Coronavirus china

The outbreak of the coronavirus is being declared as a global public health emergency.

American and Delta airlines responded to the coronavirus outbreak by announcing are suspending all of their flights to China.

Horizon Airlines Ground Crew Employee Steals and Crashes Plane

Horizon Airlines Employee A Horizon airlines employee, identified as Richard Russell, stole a plane in Washington state and crashed in Puget Sound after being chased by F-15 fighter jets late Friday.

Now there are questions linger as to how he was able to do it and what security measures are in place to respond to these types of situations.

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The Federal Aviation Administration reported that stolen plane was a Bombardier Q-400

Mr. Russell had worked for Horizon for three and a half years, and was responsible for handling luggage and cargo and for towing aircraft. He had worked his shift on Friday before he took off from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at around 7:30 p.m. PT (10:30 p.m. ET) on Friday and crashed about an hour later, officials said.

United Airlines Diverts Plane due to their third dog Mishap this Week!

Uninted diverts flight to Akron

Another careless pet incident occurred on an United Airlines flight on Thursday.

Already under scrutiny about a dog dying in an overhead bin and another dog being accidentally sent to Japan, United Airlines on Friday acknowledged its third animal-related mistake in a week.

United Airlines Apologizes Again for Flight Attendants Stupidity

United Airlines Apologizes

For the second time in two days, United Airlines apologizes!

Cocoa Mulch Kills Pets

The apology comes just one day after one of  their  incompetent United Airlines flight attendant who fatally placed a dog in an overhead luggage bin is claiming she didn’t hear a passenger’s warning that there was an animal in the container.

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