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News Comedic Actor Fred Willard Dies at the Age of 86

r fred willard

Comic talent Fred Willard has passed away at 86.

Rep Glenn Schwartz confirmed to Rolling Stone that Fred Willard died of natural causes on Friday.

The comedic actor, Fred Willard, was best known for his roles in movies including “Best in Show” and “This is Spinal Tap” and TV sitcoms “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Modern Family.”

LSU Mourns the Loss of Loyal Tiger Fans Killed in Plane Crash


Five LSU Tiger fans, traveling from Louisiana to Atlanta to watch the Peach Bowl one of the two scheduled college football playoff games, were killed when the twin-engine plane crashed in Lafayette. One passenger aboard the aircraft was hospitalized.

LSU 63 – Oklahoma 28

The crash ocurred at 9:22am.

Qantas Plane Carring Prince Harry and Meghan Aborts Landing

Qantas Flight Aborts Landing

Prince Harry and his new bride Meghan Markle were faced with scary situation on Friday when their chartered Qantas flight from Tonga was forced to abort its landing in Sydney.

No worries royal fans…. the issue had nothing to do with the plane carrying the Duke and Duchess od Suxxes.  The problem had to do with another aircraft on the runway.

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A video of the incident shows the Qantas plane which was just seconds from landing at Sydney Airport when it suddenly increased it’s throttle to regains altitude.

Angie Everhart Adds to Weinstein Saga of Sexual Allegations

Angie Everhart Allegations Harvey Weinstein

Could things get any worse for producer Harry Weinstein?  The answer is yes…thanks to Angie Everhart.

Everhart is the most recent actress to come forward and tell all about her encounter with the disgraced Hollywood film mogul.

Hollywood Romance Gossip Jennifer Garner Files for Divorce

Jennifer Garner Files Divorce Ben Affleck Gossip News

Actress Jennifer Garner has reportedly filed to divorce husband Ben Affleck.

According to sources, the  Batman V Superman star also submitted an almost identical response in what is being described as an ‘amicable’ split after 12 years of marriage it emerged Thursday.

The pair are said to have filed without using a lawyer, and they are asking for joint legal and physical custody of their three children.

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