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Asian Social Media Post Rumored David Dao – United Airlines Settlement

David Dao Settlement

It took United Airlines only a few weeks to reach a confidential settlement with David Dao, the passenger who was violently removed from a flight April 9.

U.S. legal analysts suggested that Dao would receive up to several million dollars.  However, on the other side of the globe, rumors that the settlement was a whopping $140 million quickly went viral.

Saratov Airlines An-148 Passenger Plane Crashes Minutes After Takeoff

Saratov Airlines Plane Russia

A Saratov Airlines plane crash near Moscow, Russia on Sunday.  All 71 passengers and crew are dead.

The tragedy was captured on surveillance footage which appeared to show the moment the An-148 crashed in a ball of fire just minutes after it took off.

According to reports, Temperatures were around minus 5 degrees Celsius with periodic snowfall when the short-haul AN-148 operated by Saratov Airlines took off for the city of Orsk in Orenburg region, about 900 miles (1,500 km) southeast of the capital.

Emotional Support Peacock Can’t Fly, at Least not on United Airlines

Peacock Can't fly on United

United Airlines, Birds don’t fly… Including an emotional support Peacock!

Max the Cockatoo Going to the Vet Video

According to the travel blog Live and Let’s Fly, United Airlines employees at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey recently told a passenger that her emotional support peacock wouldn’t be able to accompany her on her flight.

Delta Airlines Boots Ann Coulter from her Upgraded Comfort+ Seat

Ann Coulter Delta Flight Seating Incident

Ann Coulter flew into a fit of fury Saturday after Delta Airlines booted her from her reserved upgraded “Comfort+’’ seat and gave it to another passenger.

The Conservative columnist  purchased the $30.00 seat for her flight from New York-to-Florida flight because it had 3 additional inches of legroom.

Coulter shared her frustrations on Twitter quoting her exchange with a flight attendant: “Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked?’’ she asked.

Their answer, she said, was “I don’t know.’’

United Airlines Puts ScHoolboy q’s Dog on the Wrong Flight … Whoops

United Airlines Puts ScHoolboy q's dog on wrong flight

ScHoolboy q is down a dog, because United Airlines placed his new pooch on the wrong flight.

According to the celebrity gossip news website, the  hip-hop artist bought a French Bulldog puppy that was supposed to be shipped to him from Denver Friday.

When the plane that was suppose to be transporting the dog arrived his dog wasn’t on the flight!  There was a dog… but not his!

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