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It’s really unfair to working women in America who read celebrity nεws and think, ‘Why can’t I lose weight when I’ve had a baby?’ Well, everyone you’re reading about has money for a trainer and a chef. That doesn’t make it realistic.
~ Rachel Zoe
The thing I have discovered about working with personal finance is that the good nεws is that it is not rocket science. Personal finance is about 80 percent behavior. It is only about 20 percent head knowledge.
~ Dave Ramsey
We print journalists are victims of economic forces beyond our control. We were as surprised as everyone else was by the sudden collapse of the reliable reporting market. We had no idea that real news and clear-eyed analysis were being ‘bundled’ with subprime celebrity gossip, ‘U.S. Weekly’ derivatives, and Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie swaps. ~ P. J. O’Rourke
Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life – all areas of life. The really good nεws is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity.
~ Zig Ziglar
The one thing I don’t consume during ‘Today’ – which surprises many people – is coffee. I find that a lot of water helps wake me up, without the buzz. I love coffee, but usually reserve a double espresso as an afternoon pick-me-up before settling in to do the weekend ‘Nightly Nεws.’
~ Lester Holt

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