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Donald Trump Won’t Concede Takes to Twitter to Reiterate 2020 Election


Despite admitting that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election however is adamant that he will not concede.

The POTUS took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter at hand saying….

Protesters and Trump Supporters Clash During DC Rally

dc protesters

Protesters and thousands of President Trump’s supporters were out in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a day of rallying.

Clashes between Trump supporters and counter protesters turned ugly on Saturday as tens of thousands gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on Saturday for a pro-Trump ‘Million MAGA March’ in support of the president’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud.

President Trump Threatens to Withhold Covid Vaccination from New York

new york city trump cuomo
It appears that President Trump is still bitter after losing the 2020 Election and has a personal vengeance against the state of New York.

On Friday, President Donald Trump appeared publicly for the first time in eight days. Trump gave an update on ‘Operation Warp Speed.’

Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump’s Refusal to Concede an Embarrassment

joe biden president elect

Election 2020: Trump won’t concede to Joe Biden.

President-elect Joe Biden told the nation President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his victory was an ’embarrassment.

Election Crimes Director Richard Pilger, Resigns Amidst Allegations

Richard Pilger, director of the Election Crimes Branch of the Department of Justice

Election Crimes director Richard Pilger resigns as tempers continue to heat up over the 2020 election results.

As the election backlash and allegations of voter fraud continue, the director of the Election Crimes Branch of the Department of Justice, Richard Pilger, resigns.

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