Who Will Be The Next Super Bowl MVP?

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I was recently asked who the next Super Bowl MVP will be. I thought for a second about the question because it seemed ludicrous. I mean, there are only two choices, right? Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes.

Then I had a flashback to that old commercial with Joe Montana as he’s shown Rorchache cards and all he’s sees is Reggie White. Which reminded me that the QB of the winning team doesn’t always win the MVP award. Reggie White and Harvey Martin split the award back in 1978.

In the early 80s, Richard Dent won it while with the Chicago Bears. In 2001, Ray Lewis took home the award playing LB for the Baltimore Ravens. Shortly after that, Dexter Smith won MVP in 2003 for none other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then more recently, Malcolm Smith (LB) won it with the Seahawks when they smashed the Denver Broncos. Two years later the Broncos won the Super Bowl and Von Miller was named MVP.
So, there have been handfuls of defensive players over the last couple of decades who won it on the defensive side. And just two years ago, Julian Edelman won MVP for the Pats as a wide receiver. Other receivers to win include Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, and Deion Branch. Then There are runningbacks to consider …

So, with guys like Devon White, Shaquil Barret, and Tyrann Mathieu on the field, Brady, Mahomes, and other offensive players are not shoo-ins. So, what are the Super Bowl Odds for MVP in 2021?

MVP Odds in Tampa Bay
Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady lead the list at +100 and +200 respectively. The only reason I see Pat Mahomes as the favorite is his team is favored over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win. That train of thought goes along with the fact that the only Super Bowl MVP ever awarded to a player from the losing team was Chuck Howley with the Dallas Cowboys years, and years ago. But who else has a legitimate chance at walking away as MVP of the biggest game of the year?

Here Are the Abridged MVP Odds:
● Tyreek Hill +1200
● Travis Kelce +1300
● Leonard Fournette +2500
● Clyde Edwards-Helaire +2800
● Mike Evans +3000
● Chris Godwin +3000
● Devin White +4000
● Tyrann Mathieu +4000
● Darrel Williams +4000
● Shaquil Barrett +5000
● Ronald Jones II +5000
● Mecole Hardman +5000
● Antonio Brown +6000
● Chris Jones (Chiefs) +6600
● Rob Gronkowski +7000
● Jason Pierre-Paul +7000
● Frank Clark +7000
● Cameron Brate +8000
● Lavonte David +8000
● Sammy Watkins +8000
● Scotty Miller +10000
● Ndamukong Suh +10000
● Le'Veon Bell +10000
● Willie Jr. Gay +10000
● Demarcus Robinson +10000
● Juan Thornhill +10000

Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are just a few broken tackles away from hoisting the Trophy under falling confetti as the MVP. Runningbacks, Leonard Fournette and Clyde Edwards-Helaire are also high up on the list.

After the main rock-carriers for both teams, we see both of Tom Brady’s principal targets hit the list at +3000, in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Then we roll into some defensive players, starting on the
Buccaneers’ side with Devon White and Tyrann Mathieu.

So, who will be the next Super Bowl MVP? It will probably be Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady. If the Buccaneers win, it’s hard not to think that they’ll give it to Tom Brady, just because he came to Tampa Bay at the tender age of 43 and conquered, leading a team that has struggled for more than 15 years to the promised land. On the other hand, we have a freakishly athletically talented Patrick Mahomes who won last year. It will take one of his teammates an impressive performance to steal his thunder at Super Bowl LV.

Still, I have to apologize internally to the person I mentally scoffed at for asking the question, who will be the next Super Bowl MVP. There is going to be a lot of talent stacked on one field this Sunday, and the MVP is anyone’s award to win.



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