How To Pick The Right Video Slot Machine 


There are so many video slots to choose from these days and this is because online slots have gone from strength to strength ever since they were introduced back in 1996.

Since then, advances in computer technology have allowed for more intricate and interesting games to be developed and there are now literally thousands to choose from – join and play. The popularity of slots has created an industry of slot developers that are continuously trying to create the next classic game that will captivate the slots playing audience. 

With so many games to pick from for punters, it is very hard to discover the right game for you purely by chance. You could spend hours at a casino playing the slots in practice mode until you discover the right one, or you could read reviews. Word of mouth is extremely valuable amongst slots players too and a decent new slot will quickly get noticed. 

Slots Lobbies 

When you enter an online casino you are bombarded with colorful banners for slots games. Luckily, there is some order to these lobbies and games are categorized to make life easier for punters. A good starting point in finding the right slot to play is to choose a category or theme that interests you. It could be Ancient Egypt or the latest blockbuster film to get the slots treatment. The next step is to give it a practice spin in demo mode before you play with real cash. This we help you decide if the slot lives up to its billing and it also allows you to experience the bonus round and special features for free. The potential each game has can be experienced in demo mode despite the lack of real cash play. 

Getting More Technical 

People play slots for different reasons, some spin the reels for some escapism on small stakes, whilst for others, it’s a far more serious hobby and making money on the side is the main motivation. For these gamblers, the more technical aspects of slots need to be considered. Firstly, slots give the house an edge more than any other gambling game and secondly, slots spins are created randomly by a number sequence producing computer microchip known as a Random Number Generator. This is supposed to ensure that all spin results are random and not fixed in any way. 

RTP and Slots 

The most technical aspect of slots is the RTP score or Return To Player percentage of each slot. This is calculated over a period of thousands of spins and acts as a guide as to what a punter can expect whilst playing a slot. In general, slots with high RTP scores of around 96% are more punter-friendly than low scoring slots and you can expect these games to return a higher percentage of your staking money over time. Therefore, when choosing a right slot for yourself to play, start with a high RTP game and then go for a theme that you enjoy.

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