Types of Online Casino Jackpots 


Casino gambling is such a permanent fixture in the lives of many 21st century humans that it is incredibly difficult to even imagine a time where it didn’t exist.

Seriously, there are billions of gamblers across the world these days, and hundreds of thousands of land based casinos, online casino sites, casino game developers and casino sector workers.

There is just no chance that life could ever go back to how it was before the 17th century, where the Venetians established the world’s first ever-genuine state regulated casino… No chance at all! 

 A huge reason for the dominance of casino gambling over the last two decades has been the mercurial rise of online casino gambling, something that has made it possible for millions more people around the world to engage in gambling, especially if they didn’t live near a land based casino. And what is the main reason why people love to gamble on online casinos in 2020? It’s the online casino jackpots of course! Things that have the potential to make people freakishly rich if they play their cards right. Online casino jackpots really are all the rage these days, and they come in a range of varieties too. Keep reading for a few types of online casino jackpots.

Standard jackpots 

The most common type of jackpot to find across the online casino gambling sphere is undeniably the world of standard jackpots, as these are present in pretty much every single online casino gambling game you can find these days. Standard jackpots always come in a range of different sizes, and there is no set jackpot amount that has to constitute a standard jackpot, however one thing to remember is that standard jackpots are always fixed. This means that regardless of the amount of bets that have been placed, it will always remain the same. 

In the online slots world standard jackpots more often come in the form of a multiplier, and this means that high rollers can win much more money from a standard jackpot than a low roller, for instance. There are also many online casino jackpots that use a tier system, whereby gamblers can compete to win a Mini, Major and Mega jackpot. Each one will be slightly bigger than the last, however they are still classed as standard jackpots because their amount is not affected by things like how many losing bets have been made. 

Progressive jackpots 

The other main type of jackpot available in the online casino gambling sphere are progressive jackpots, and these get a whole load of people excited, mainly because they can reach absolutely massive jackpot amounts. Put simply, a progressive jackpot is an online casino jackpot that increases each time a losing bet is made, and because the point is that they get freakishly big, many losing bets tend to have to be made before anybody wins. 

The most famous example of an online casino progressive jackpot is the Microgaming classic Mega Moolah, a slot game that has paid out millions over the course of its life span!

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