Modern World Progressive Jackpot Slots Explained

dream jackpot If there is one thing that all gamblers enjoy, it is being on the winning side of a huge jackpot prize. Honestly, there is just no arguing with that.

In fact, the main reason why many people even gamble in the first place is pretty much exclusively to be on the winning end of a massive jackpot prize.

Even before the emergence of genuine casino gambling in the 1600s jackpots were the name of the game; they are one of th.e crucial pillars of the entire gambling industry. 

And this is, perhaps, why slot machines very quickly became so popular during the 20th century, because these games are perfectly suited to offering huge jackpot prizes, either through various bonus multipliers or other things like progressive jackpots at Dream Jackpot The history of jackpot slots is very interesting too, and it is definitely worth knowing. Read on for an article on jackpot slots explained.

A brief history of slot jackpots 

online casinoRight then, when talking about slot jackpots it is always worth going right back to the start, as this exploration of history can really serve to emphasize the crazy extent of modern jackpot slots. As is commonly known, a man called Charles D. Fey was responsible for making the Liberty Bell machine, something that is generally acknowledged to be the world’s first commercially viable slot machine. 

This is also where the concept of slot jackpots really started, because before this the prizes were only available to be collected from a bar, and even then they tended to come in the form of a free drink or cigar. 

Jackpot slots in the 60s 

Slot jackpots slowly started to get bigger and bigger as the machines themselves got more popular, however due to the fact that gambling in the US was still illegal for the first few decades of the 20th century they couldn’t really hit the sizes that they would do further into the century. 

In fact, the Las Vegas casino gambling boom of the 1960s did wonders for jackpot slots, as developers could finally afford to pour more money into them. 

The emergence of progressive jackpot slots 

Quite soon after this some developers turned their attention to a new kind of jackpot slot – progressive jackpot slots. These started with the Las Vegas Megabucks machines that are still incredibly popular today, the premise revolves around the fact that the jackpot will increase after each losing spin. 

And there’s more too, because before too long each Megabucks machine in Nevada was linked up on a network, and the jackpot was then accumulated from each machine. This is the reasons why Megabucks jackpots can exceed well over $20 million dollars! 

Modern progressive jackpot network slots 

In the modern world of online slots progressive jackpot slots have got even better, mainly because there can now be thousands of games hooked up to the same network. If you want a perfect example just consider the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network, something routinely responsible for some huge jackpot slot wins.

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