Protesters and Trump Supporters Clash During DC Rally

dc protesters

Protesters and thousands of President Trump’s supporters were out in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a day of rallying.

Clashes between Trump supporters and counter protesters turned ugly on Saturday as tens of thousands gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on Saturday for a pro-Trump ‘Million MAGA March’ in support of the president’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud.

The anti-Trump protesters and the president’s supporters were seen throwing fireworks and bottles at his fans as they dined outside a restaurant at around 6pm, with one Trump supporter throwing a chair back in retaliation after a firework exploded right beside him .

Trump Threatens to Withhold Covid Vaccination

Violent scenes erupted as night fell one of the Black Lives Matter protesters knocked the ground where she was left lying with blood covering her face as the pro-Trump group filmed her and screamed ‘F*** Antifa’. At least ten arrests were made as of Saturday evening.  Read more here

Protest that changed history
The George Floyd protests began in Minneapolis on May 26, 2020, after the killing of George Floyd — an African American man who asphyxiated when now-former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin pinned him down with a knee on his neck for more than 8 minutes. The protests quickly spread across the nation, with hundreds of thousands of people in all 50 states taking to the streets in opposition to Floyd’s death, police brutality and institutional racism at large. As of June 3, the protests have continued nightly, resulting in 12 deaths, widespread incidents of police brutality as well as looting, and the deployment of nearly 20,000 National Guard troops in 24 states.

On Jan. 21, 2017 — the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as 45th president of the United States — more than 470,000 people marched on Washington, D.C., in support of women’s rights, and in opposition to misogynistic statements and behavior from Trump. (As of May 2020, Trump had been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 25 women.) The protest garnered enormous international support, with more than 600 marches planned in the U.S. and 81 other countries on the same day. Experts estimate that somewhere between 3.2 million and 5.2 million people participated in the marches in the U.S. alone, easily making the Women’s March the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. Continued Here

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