Amazing Seven Stone Weight Loss Makeup Free It’s Adele

seven stone weight loss adeleSeven Stone Weight Loss, what the heck is that!

Adele shows off her seven stone weight loss in a moon-print top as she goes makeup-free to support pal Beyonce’s visual album Black Is King.

The Rolling In The Deep songstress, 32, is said to have lost a staggering seven stone due to a 1,000 calorie a day “green juice” diet and upping her exercise.

Earlier this week, Adele looked almost unrecognizable as she posed next to Polish presenter Kinga Rusin at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Oscars 2020 after party.

She initially debuted her seven stone weight loss at Drake’s birthday party in October, just weeks after she filed for divorce from Simon Konecki.

These are the 7 crystals/minerals that are carried within a Super 7 Crystal and a brief overveiw of their properties;

Seven Stone Weight Loss Includes More Than Just a Diet

AMETHYST – This crystal encourages and supports the awakening of the spiritual senses, intuition and clairvoyant abilities. Amethyst helps with stability, it also aids in the balancing out of negative energy.

SMOKY QUARTZ – this crystal helps one stay focused, alert and in tune with the surroundings. Smoky Quartz also enhances the ability to be a good business person. It is protective and healing.

CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL, mostly known as the crystal that amplifies and strengthens, it is a powerful healer, as well as bringing skills in listening . Quartz Crystal also helps with the continuity of the flow of energy.

RUTILE – Is seen as a stone of joy and optimism, it is a crystal that can strengthen love bringing growth inspiritual aspirations. Rutile helps being out stability in any love or relationship. It also brings mental balance.

GOETHITE – is known to aid in the ability to keep to ones tasks clear making one concentrate and focus on the task ahead. Goethite helps and aids in the balance of negative and the positive.

LEPIDOCROCITE – is a crystal enhances the intellectual ability. Lepidocrocite also gives an individual to have sound thoughts and emotional grounding.

CACOXENITE – is a crystal known to aid one understand all the positive aspect of life, enhancing the openness to spiritual pursuits. Cacoxenite also empowers one to dispel any negativity.

Super 7 carries the vibration of all of those crystals together, it’s a very special stone!

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