Dolph Lundgren Rocky Star Dines With Girlfriend Emma Krokdal in Hollywood

dolph lundgren emma Krokdal

Dolph Lundgren, 62, who starred as the imposing Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago, was in West Hollywood this Friday.

Dolph Lundgren, a Swedish born actor was having lunch with his new fiance Emma Krokdal, who is in her 20’s.

The Rocky IV hunk proposed to the blonde bombshell personal trainer a week ago in Stockholm, he revealed on Instagram.

Hans Lundgren, better known as Dolph Lundgren, is a Swedish actor, filmmaker, martial artist and chemical engineer. Lundgren’s breakthrough came in 1985, when he starred in Rocky IV as the imposing Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago. Since then, he has starred in more than 40 films, almost all of them in the action genre.

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Dolph Lundgren Gossip News and Trivia

Was team leader for the United States modern pentathlon team at the 1996 summer olympics.
Holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering. Was offered a Fulbright scholarship to study at MIT.
He married Anette Qviberg in Stockholm, Sweden.
Was once a bodyguard for Grace Jones.
European Heavyweight Karate Champion in 1980-1981.
Australian Heavyweight Karate Champion in 1982.
Born in 1957, but claims birthdate of 1959.
Rumor had it that he announced his retirement from acting to spend more time with his family, but Lundgren denied it a few months later while filming the movie Detention (2003). [April 2002]
Has two daughters with his ex-wife Anette: Ida Sigrid Lundgren (born April 29, 1996) and Greta Eveline Lundgren (born November 30, 2001).
Was one of the last celebrities modeling for photographer Victor Skrebneski, notably for a Chicago International Film Festival poster.
Obtained his third degree black belt (third Dan) in Kyokushinkai Karate in Stockholm, Sweden, after a four to five months training with his former teacher Brian Fitkin. [July 1998]
Sports natural blonde hair in all his films, save for The Punisher (1989), Dark Angel (1990) and Small Apartments (2012) where it is dyed jet black.
He was the first actor cast for the science fiction fantasy film Masters of the Universe (1987).
Was reportedly interested in the role of Ben Richards in The Running Man (1987), which eventually went to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Plays the drums.
Contrary to popular belief was never engaged to Grace Jones, but he did live with her for four years.
Speaks three languages: English, Swedish and some German. Said to speak Japanese as well, but actually knows only a few phrases. Also speaks some Spanish as he lives in Spain.
Maintains his own personal website for his fans.
Despite mixed reviews to Masters of the Universe (1987), later animated and comic book depictions of the He-Man character, most notably the 2002 remake series by Mike Young Productions, had the He-Man character drawn to resemble Lundgren.
Served in the Swedish Marine Corps.
Was photographed at the ‘Factory’ in the early 1980s by Andy Warhol and photographer Christopher Makos.
Was a candidate for the role of the Phantom/Kit Walker when Lee Falk’s comic strip hero “The Phantom” was optioned for a film adaptation during the 1980s and early 1990s.
Auditioned for a role in the sequel Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985).
Used to do most of his own stunts, but nowadays only does about half of them as he is getting older.
Worked as a bouncer in New York City with Chazz Palminteri.
Caused a stir in his home country Sweden in the late 1980s when he refused to be interviewed in Swedish, preferring English instead.
Trained also in Tae Kwon Do for a short period.
Had a project with acclaimed Polish director Andrzej Zulawski in 1990 entitled “Le Tigre”, set during the fall of Dien Bien Phu. Other aborted projects for Lundgren include “Meltdown” to be directed by John Dahl based on a John Carpenter script, and RPM (1998), written and to be directed by Roger Avary (ultimately rewritten and directed by Ian Sharp).
Used to support Everton Football Club when he lived in Europe.
Divided his time between his homes in London, England and Marbella, Spain (2003).
Moved back to Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend Jenny Sandersson (2011).
At 6’5″ he is the tallest actor to portray Frank Castle in a live action adaption of the Punisher comics.
In 2009, three burglars broke into Lundgren’s house and assaulted his wife. After they saw a family photo with Lundgren and realized that the house belonged to him, they fled immediately.
Received an award at the 25th Vimple Awards Ceremony in Russia (and was the first foreigner ever allowed to attend the ceremony, 2006).
Kyokushinkai Karate: – British Open Champion – 1980, 1981 – Australian Open Champion – 1982 – Swedish Open Champion – 1979, 1980, 1981.
Lundgren co-starred together with Ralf Moeller in Universal Soldier (1992). Years later, both actors auditioned for the role of Hagen in Gladiator (2000), with Lundgren losing due to Ridley Scott being unimpressed by his acting and Moeller winning the role.
In an interview, he claimed to often train up to six days a week, usually one-hour sessions completed in the morning, saying that “it’s just one hour a day, and then you can enjoy the other 23 hours”. He also likes to spar and practice karate to stay in shape.
He enjoys mixing drinks using his knowledge of chemistry.
Appeared in Imagine Dragons’ music video ‘Believer’, released in March 2017.

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