Jessica Mulroney Steps Down from Shoebox Charity Board of Directors

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The Shoebox Charity Project for Shelters is a Canadian registered charity based in Toronto, Ontario. It is nationally supported by Dream.

The Shoebox Charity Organization collects and distributes shoeboxes filled by volunteer donors with essential and small luxury items for women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in communities across Canada and the United States.

Its mission statement is to remind “women experiencing homelessness…that they are special, beautiful, and worthy of a happy holiday.”It serves to let women living in or accessing shelters and outreach centers know their community cares about them and values them.

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The current Executive Director is Lesley Hendry, former social worker, in Toronto, Ontario and Ottawa, Ontario.

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The Shoebox Project operates more than 35 chapters across the U.S. and Canada including in San Francisco,New York City, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. Local drives are usually active around various holidays including International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

In 2011, The Shoebox Charity Project distributed over 400 Shoeboxes to four Toronto women’s shelters. This increased to delivering almost 25,000 Shoeboxes to 135 communities across Canada and the U.S. in 2015.

Jessica Mulroney, who made headlines last week after comments she reportedly made about black fashion blogger has reportedly severed ties with the charity she founded with her high-profile sisters-in-law.

The Canadian stylist, 40, stepped down from the board of directors of The Shoebox Project just a few days after social media infuencer, Sasha Exeter accused her of ‘white privilege,’ and revealed that Jessica had threatened to sue her following their private war of words over racism.

The charity, which collects and distributes gifts in the form of shoeboxes to at-risk women in shelters, was founded by Jessica and her husband Ben Mulroney’s high-profile sisters Caroline, Vanessa, and Katy Mulroney

which has also resulted in the end of her friendship with Meghan Markle

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