Mary Trump Shares Harrowing’ Revelations her POTUS Uncle

Mary Trump

Author Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, is preparing for the Jan 28th, release of her new book ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.’

The 74-year-old President of the United States is threatening to take legal action against his niece.
Mary Trump, 55, reportedly signed a non disclosure agreement regarding their relationship.

The book marks the first time that a member of Trump’s family, will publish unflattering stories about the former real estate tycoon and reality TV star.

According to a Trump adviser, the book is about the Trumps and brings ‘harrowing’ revelations about the family.

Who is Mary Trump? Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred Trump jr, the president’s older brother, who died in 1981. She has remained out of the public eye, except for a family feud over the will of the Trump family patriarch, Fred Trump sr, who died in 1999.

More About the Book Too Much and Never Enough

According to sources, a book by a member of the president’s own family is likely to be a lightning rod. Trump is facing criticism for his handling of the pandemic and the protests across the United States against police brutality, and his niece’s book is scheduled to come out just a few months before the US presidential election.

Simon & Schuster is the publisher of Ms. Trumps book as well as memoir by John Bolton, Trump’s former national-security adviser. The book’s release has been complicated by disputes about what the Trump administration contends is classified information. The White House is expected to give Bolton a redacted version of his manuscript by Friday, which would be four days before the book’s current publication date. In his memoir, Bolton recounts how the president held up security assistance to Ukraine as leverage to get officials there to take up investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens – a scandal that led to the president’s impeachment. (Simon & Schuster also published Trump’s own campaign book, Great Again, through its imprint Threshold Editions.)

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More about Mary Trump

Mary Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr., who died in 1981 at age 42 from a heart attack caused by alcoholism, leaving behind Mary and her brother, Fred III.

The death of Mary’s father has been an ongoing source of tension in the family, surfacing publicly when Fred Jr.’s children brought a court case against Donald and his siblings in 2000, contesting the division of assets of their grandfather’s real estate empire in his will.

A subject that will be explored in further detail in the book, Mary gave an uncharacteristic interview to the New York Daily News in 2000, saying her “aunt and uncles should be ashamed of themselves” for their handling of the will and treatment of family members, including her father, alleging Donald, Maryanne and Robert Trump also cut off funds needed to treat their nephew’s cerebral palsy.

Mary earned a bachelor’s and master’s in English Literature from Tufts University and Columbia University, respectively, and then completed a master’s degree and Ph.D in clinical psychology at Adelphi University, later contributing to a 2002 book about schizophrenia.

According to a LinkedIn profile that has since been disabled, Mary Trump works as a certified professional life coach and served as the chief executive officer of The Trump Coaching Group, a New-York based life coaching company she started in 2012; her level of involvement in the coaching group today is not immediately clear.

On November 9, after her uncle was elected president, Mary took to Twitter to voice her discontent, writing “This is one of the worst nights of my life” and expressing her support for Hillary Clinton, “an extraordinary human being and public servant.”

On Twitter—where Mary frequently shows support for Democratic policies, particularly increased gun control—her bio is #blacklivesmatter, “she/her/hers.”

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