Christian Cooper Upcoming Interview to Appear on Gail King


Harvard graduate Christian Cooper, 57, was the man who was bird watching in an area of the park known as The Ramble over the Memorial Day weekend when he encountered Amy Cooper,

Miss Cooper, 41-years-old was walking her dog unleashed, which is against park rules.

After pointing out to Cooper that dogs must be leashed in area at all times to protect wildlife habitats, she quickly became irate. She began hysterically dialing 911, wailing into her cell phone that ‘an African American man is threatening my life’.

Speaking to Gail King as part of CBS’ upcoming special on the state of policing in the US on Tuesday, Christian said his decision to start filming Cooper had ‘nothing to do with race’ at first, but what transpired would go on to fuel a national conversation about the centuries-long history of racial bias in America. ‘She basically pulled the pin on the race grenade and tried to lob it at me,’ Christian told the network. ‘She was going to tap into a deep, deep, dark vein of racism and racial bias that runs through this country and has done for centuries.

Amy Cooper was employed by Franklin Templeton. She was fired after the incident went viral.

Amy Cooper’s actions sparked an understandable firestorm of backlash on social media.

The potential harm that Amy Cooper’s white-caller crime posed to Christian Cooper’s life became clear when a video of Minneapolis police officers kneeling on George Floyd’s neck before he died circulated across the Internet.

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