American Airlines Passenger Claims she was Threatened With Prosecution

american airlines incident

It appeared to be a normal flight as American Airlines   flight 4393,  departed Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans in route to Charlotte.

The routine 1 hour and 55 minute flight operated by American Eagle appeared to be smooth sailing until the actions of two stubborn passengers caused some cabin turbulence over a reclined seat.

Wendi Williams from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was on the January 31st flight when she decided to recline her seat.
This didn’t sit well with the man behind her started aggressively pummeling her seat.

Williams, who was recording the mans actions ask the flight crew to assist. It was then that a flight attendant attempted to de-escalate the incident by offer the man a complimentary drink threatened to remove from the jet and even prosecution if she didn’t stop the recording.

Williams said she did not want to report the incident to the FBI – which handles air incidents – but that she wants American Airlines to resolve it. Williams said she lost time from work and required medical care for injuries from the incident.

The incident has left many frequent American Airlines travelers divided as to who was a fault.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian chimed in on the debate on plane etiquette on Friday when he told CNBC that passengers’ should ask permission from the person sitting behind them to put their seat back – and that he never reclines.

Flight Etiquette
#1 Remember how security works.

#2 Don’t hog the overhead bin.

#3 Don’t fight the flight attendants over electronics.

#4 If you must recline, do it carefully.

#5 Keep your children in check.

#6 Don’t get hammered.

#7 Middle seat gets the armrests.

#8 Consider your odor.

#9 Don’t force a conversation

#10 Only get up at convenient times.

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