Heather Locklear’s Felony Assault Arrest Details Released

Heather Locklear Arrest

New details have surfaced in regards the 911 Domestic call which led to the arrest of actress Heather Locklear at her Southern California estate.

Locklear’s sister told police that on February 25th, the night the former Melrose Place actress was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. The sister claims that Heisser tried to choke and kill her during the argument which started the fight after he lied to her. She threw a Red Bull can at him which sent him into a combative rage.

According to a Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy, when cops arrived, Heisser, was standing on the side of the bed leaning over Heather and holding her wrists while she was on the bed. He was bleeding from his nose. He told deputies Locklear attacked him and that he was only defending himself. He accused her of biting his face and acting “crazy, angry and wild.”

Authorities attempted to defuse the situation and it was then that she became verbally aggressive to the cops at the scene.

She ordered them out of her house. She also allegedly kicked one. She continued to yell at the officers saying, “You f— deserve your kids to die! You f— deserve it! And when you find yourself in that position, think of me,” Locklear yelled, according to the search warrant. “I hope no one f— burns your entire department down, your f— police department.”

Locklear was charged with a felony of domestic violence and three counts of battery against an officer! Locklear, 56, has checked into rehab for a fifth time for her substance abuse issues in January 2017. “I am feeling great and am taking steps to enrich and better my life.”

Behind Blondie Park Gossip Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear Arrested

Heather Locklear was reportedly arrested Sunday night when authorities responded to a call at her Thousand Oaks, California residence.

According to reports, the actress was charged with felony domestic violence.  Sources say that the actress got in a confrontation with boyfriend Chris Heisser.   She was also charges with three counts of misdemeanor battery after she allegedly became combative and attacked three officers at the scene.  Read more here

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