Husband of Slain Alabama Woman Kathleen West Arrested for her Murder

murder charges kathleen west

Jeff West, the husband of Kathleen West, was arrested for murder on Thursday morning, five weeks after his Marilyn Monroe lookalike wife was found dead outside the couple’s home in Calera, Alabama.

Prior to her death, Kathleen, lead a somewhat doubled life. When she wasn’t sharing wholesome “family friendly” photos of her twelve-year-old daughter and husband Jeff, the forty-two-year-old known online as “Kitty Kat West” owned an online subscription only adult website where she shared photos of herself in seductive lingerie.

The flamboyant blonde’s death was immediately determined to be a suspicious murder.  She was found brutally slain by a neighbor on January 13.

According to sources, her husband was aware of her online activity.

Just eight hours, 8:40 p.m., prior to her discovery, surveillance video obtained exclusively by Inside Edition showed  the couple shopping and laughing inside a liquor store

As they leave the liquor store, her husband is seen giving her a playful pat on her behind.

Police Chief Sean Lemley said that the couple seemed happy in the video, but “unfortunately domestic [cases] turn bad very quickly. Anything can trigger them. You get into an argument, it can turn bad quickly.”

Cops won’t say what caused them to fight.

Exhibitionist husband charged

Family of Kathleen West ‘Online Exhibitionist ‘ Releases Statement

An Alabama woman, exhibitionist, Katheleen Dawn West, 42, who described herself as a full-time mom and wife on Facebook but lived a vastly different life on other social media platforms was found dead outside her home Jan. 13.

West aka Kitty Kat West, ran a subscription-only NSFW exhibitionist website where customers paid $15.99-a-month to access explicit photographs and videos.

Knife found at O.J. Simpson Estate Not Linked to Murder

Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley said the case is being treated as a homicide but has not revealed the cause of her death.

It’s been nine days since West was found dead and police have still remained silent, leaving neighbors baffled as to what is going on in the case.  Read more here

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