Former President George H.W. Bush Super Bowl LI Coin Toss

George Bush Super Bowl Coin Toss

After spending 16-days in the hospital, former President George H W Bush, accompanied by wife Barbara, were greeted with a standing ovation as they were escorted to center field for the Super Bowl LI coin toss.

The 92-year-old was admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital on January 14th. He was treated for complications from pneumonia. He was cleared for release on Jan.30th.

Former first lady Barbara Bush, 91, was admitted to HMH on Jan. 18, just 4 days after the former president. She was diagnosed with bronchitis. After a successful treatment of antibiotics, she was released on Jan.23rd.

Coin Toss Trivia:

The team that has won the toss has gone on to win four of the last six Super Bowls. Overall, the toss has almost lived up to its reputation as a 50/50 proposition, with heads landing 24 times and tails landing 25 times in the 49 Super Bowls.

One of the most interesting occurrences in Super Bowl coin toss history is the 14 straight coin tosses won by NFC teams from Super Bowl XXXII to Super Bowl XLV. While the NFC dominated the cøin toss, they didn’t fair as well at winning the games going 5-9 over this streak of cōin toss wins.

Official NFL Coin Toss Rules

“The toss of coin will take place within three minutes of kickoff in center of field. The toss will be called by the visiting captain before the coin is flipped. The winner may choose one of two privileges and the loser gets the other: 

(a) Receive or kick 
(b) Goal his team will defend

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