Former “The Voice” Runner up Juliet Simms Handcuffed on AA Flight

Juliet Simms Removed from AA Flight

Juliet Simms was taken off an American Airlines flight and handed over to the FBI when she allegedly got into a physical fight with her husband.

According to, Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack were in route from Charlotte to LAX Sunday night.  They couple, who were seated in the first class cabin when they reportedly began feuding.

The argument got loud and heated.  It was then that the former “The Voice”  season 2 runner-up smacked her husband on the face.

Flight attendants aboard the aircraft initially told them to “chill.”  Which they did for about 20 minutes.  Then all “he⌊⌊ broke looseand they were at it again.

It was then that an air marshal aboard the plane handcuffed the “out-of-control” singer.

When the aircraft landed, LAX cops detained her and handed her off to the FBI … which had jurisdiction since the fight happened in the air.  She was questioned and released.

According to TMZ, they’re both chalking it up to her boozing too hard after not drinking for several months. He wasn’t drinking. They say they’re together, and everything’s fine. They’re cooperating with the FBI investigation.


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