College Football 2014-Rivalry Weekend Is Here!!!

We are just hours away from one of the biggest days of the year in college football – rivalry weekend and fans all across the country are wondering, which team is going to show up? The one that plays to win, or the one that plays NOT to lose? With so much at stake, one bad play call, one bad snap, one ill advised throw and your team slips out of the Final Four talk. College Football A to ZJust ask Marshall about the pressures of that last game. Undefeated going into yesterday’s game, they blew it. Nice season, thank you for playing! Just ask UCLA. The Talking Heads were jumping on their band wagon Tuesday night saying if they won out, they would deserve Final four consideration. Stanford 31 and UCLA 10. Thank you for playing and have a nice bowl payday! Maybe if QB Hundley had spent more time this week preparing for the big game instead of being on radio talk shows announcing he will turn pro, the Bruins may have played better. Can you say…3rd round pick – perennial back up in the NFL?

I’m pissed! Nebraska kicks a late FG and scores a TD in OT to beat Iowa. Another 4 loss season is now in jeopardy for the Cornshuckers. One can only hope they blow their bowl game…and finish with their 4th loss of the season for the 7th year in a row. Bo just may save his job after all! Speaking of jobs, the door is open for a new DC in Aggie land. Texas A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin fired his DC yesterday and you know who has ties to the state of Texas? If you said Will Muschamp you would be right! This will be one of many opportunities for him. Will today be the last game for Brady Hoke in Michigan? Ohio State needs to win 49-7 to remain in Final Four consideration and they should clobber the hated Wolverines, but this is rivalry weekend and you just never know!!! A freshman QB for OSU. His first time in that situation. OSU struggled last week versus a pitiful Indiana team. Speaking of Michigan, do you think they made a big mistake running Coach Rich Rod out of town now? He had been successful every stop along the way. Because he wasn’t a Michigan man ( what the hell is that supposed to mean ) they didn’t want him there. Now that he has built Arizona into a power ( they will play Oregon for the PAC 12 Championship ), do you think Meechigan made a mistake?  Hey Missouri – don’t forget to send South Carolina a Christmas card. If the Gamecock defense had shown up in the 4th quarters of their games with Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee, you would be thinking about which bowl game you would be playing in and not preparing for an ass whipping versus Alabama next week in the SEC Championship game! Didn’t think Missouri would go to Rocky Top and win. Didn’t think Missouri could beat a suddenly hot Arkansas team. Don’t think Missouri could beat ( fill in the blank here ) in the SEC Championship game.

So what is going to happen today? Now that Georgia has been eliminated for the SEC Championship game, will they show up versus Georgia Tech? I think so! Georgia wins 42-24. Can the Gamecocks beat Clemson for the sixth time in a row? Yup! Steve Superior has Yaba Daba Dabo’s number! Thee USC 48 and Clem-and-Son 20. Will the Irish go west and give up a half of a hundred? Probably. The other USC 51 and ND 35. Gotta put my Badger cap on. Minnesota can’t beat Ohio State. Wisconsin can, and will! Wisconsin beats the great story called Minnesota 30-17. The Luckeyes prevail over the Wolverines in Brady’s last game 38-13. And all of America is hoping the Florida Gator’s rally around Coach Muschamp one more time and upset the Semin-holes. Great “D” beats an average “O” 20-17. Gators win…Gators win…Gators win!!! Oregon clobbers Oregon State 48-13 setting up their PAC 12 Championship game versus Arizona. In the Egg Bowl, Mississippi State, now needing style points blasts arch rival Ole Miss 41-10. And then there is the Iron Bowl. A ‘Bama win and they are in the Final Four. An Auburn victory, and there is chaos in the world of college football! Nick can’t and won’t lose 2 in a row in this classic battle. The Tigers are struggling right now and the Tide rolls 27-17.

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