College Football 2014-Recapping Week 13…Taking Care Of Business!

Week 13 College Football was all about “taking care of business.”

College Football A to ZAll of the top teams did what they were supposed to do in week 13 – take care of business and get ready for the upcoming wild finish to a fabulous year of college football. I said last week that this was chalk week – all the top teams would win and there wouldn’t be any movement in the Top 10. Well, we had a few scares as FSU had to kick a late FG to beat BC and Ohio State had to rally in the 4th quarter to beat hapless Indiana. Other than those 2 close calls, everyone else put away the Little Sisters of the Poor setting the stage for the biggest weekend in college football – RIVALRY WEEKEND.

The offensive juggernaut known as Florida dropped 52 points on lowly Eastern Kentucky – wished they would have saved some of those points for their season finale versus FSU! Could the Gators rally one more time for Will and put an end to the Semin-Holes? Let’s hope so! In a game of ZERO significance, Wake Forest hit a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 11th to beat Va. Tech 6-3! A few weeks ago I was getting really worried about Nebraska. Their streak of 7 consecutive 4 loss seasons was in jeopardy. They were sitting at 8-1 and looking good! After 2 losses in a row and injuries mounting, it looks like the Cornshuckers will come through for me. YES!!! Sorry Husker fans – you deserve better than this! What about Marshall? I hate it when fans say their team deserves more or gets no…RESPECT. But in this case, the College Football Committee needs to throw them a carrot. Put ’em in the Top 25 this week! Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago when ND was knocking on the door for a Final Four birth? OUCH! And double ouch to Oklahoma. And triple ouch to Stanford. And quadruple ouches (is there such a word??) to Auburn, South Carolina, USC, and Ole Miss! And in the category of where are you now, what about Stanford, Texas A&M, LSU, Duke, Oklahoma State, and Penn State. Do they still play football in Happy Valley? Oh how the mighty have fallen this year!

You have to wonder when the final horn sounds after next Saturday, how many coaching changes will there be? We all know about the situation in Florida. But what will happen in Michigan? Does Brady Hoke get fired? Could Les Miles go there? Who goes to LSU ( some offensive genius I hope ). Can Bo Pelini survive in Nebraska any longer? If Dan Mullen goes to Florida, who replaces him at Mississippi State? Does UNC make another coaching change? There may be just a few changes this year, but when you think about programs like Michigan, Florida, and Nebraska all making coaching moves, that’s big news!

A TO Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama 10-1
  2. Oregon 10-1
  3. FSU 11-0
  4. Mississippi State 10-1
  5. TCU 9-1
  6. Ohio State 10-1
  7. Baylor 9-1
  8. UCLA 9-2
  9. Georgia 9-2
  10. Michigan State 9-2
  11. Kansas State 8-2
  12. Arizona State 9-2
  13. Auburn 8-3
  14. Arizona 9-2
  15. Wisconsin 9-2
  16. Georgia Tech 9-2
  17. Missouri 9-2
  18. Oklahoma 8-3
  19. Mississippi 8-3
  20. Clemson 8-3
  21. Louisville 8-3
  22. Minnesota 8-3
  23. Marshall 11-0
  24. Colorado State 10-1
  25. USC 7-4


  • #13 Auburn @ #1 Alabama
  • #2 Oregon @ NR Oregon State
  • NR Florida @ #3 FSU
  • #4 Mississippi State @ #19 Mississippi
  • #5 TCU @ NR Texas
  • NR Michigan @ #6 Ohio State
  • #7 Baylor @ NR Texas Tech
  • NR Stanford @ #8 UCLA
  • #16 Georgia Tech @ #9 Georgia
  • #10 Michigan State @ NR Penn State
  • NR Kansas @ #11 Kansas State
  • #12 Arizona State @ #14 Arizona
  • #22 Minnesota @ #15 Wisconsin
  • NR Arkansas @ #17 Missouri
  • NR South Carolina @ #20 Clemson
  • NR Western Kentucky @ #23 Marshall
  • #24 Colorado State @ NR Air Force
  • NR Notre Dame @ #25 USC

What a final weekend before the conference championship games! For all of us college football junkies, this is the week we live for. The implications are mind boggling. Everything that you have worked for is on the line. The “what if” scenarios are endless. What if, all the top 4 teams win? Then there will be no changes for the third straight week. What if ALL 4 lost? Holy S**T! Would the top 4 be TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, and a 2 loss Alabama? What if Florida knocks off FSU, Texas upsets TCU, and Michigan beats Ohio State? Are we looking at Alabama, Oregon, Mississippi State, and Baylor? I could go on and on. But here is the reality. ‘Bama will beat Auburn. Oregon will smash Oregon State. Florida’s defense will give FSU fits and IF the Gators can fins some “O” they could upset FSU. Mississippi State will bounce Ole Miss. TCU will struggle with an improving bunch of Longhorns. As bad as Michigan is and as lucky as Ohio State is, the “Luckeyes” should prevail. Baylor will struggle at Texas Tech. UCLA, coming off a big win versus their arch rival USC will have a dog fight with Stanford. That damn offense of Paul Johnson will be tough for the Bulldogs but Georgia will run all over Tech. K State may lay 50 on the Jayhawks! Game of the day may be ASU @ Arizona. Arizona wins on a late FG. It should be a GREAT game in Madison but Wisconsin pulls away to beat the upstart Gophers! Scary game of the day ( if you are a favorite ) is Arkansas @ Missouri. Missouri must win to advance to the SEC Championship game and Arkansas is rolling right now. Arkansas wins propelling Georgia into the SEC Championship game vs. Alabama. The Gamecocks roll into the other Death Valley and look to beat Clem and Son for the sixth time in a row. SC 42 and Clemson 17. Marshall remains undefeated, Colorado State improves to 11-1, and who cares anymore about ND and USC. BTW…SC 45 and ND 38. Here are 2 other great games no one is talking about. LSU @ Texas A&M and Nebraska @ Iowa. Can LSU find an offense? Will Nebraska finally get their 4th loss? What an unbelievable week that is ahead of us. Here’s to hoping you have a great Turkey Day with your family and friends and hope that your favorite team doesn’t play like a bunch of turkeys!

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