College Football 2014…Recapping Week 8…The Convicts Escape!

College Football Week 2

So often we have, on paper at least, great match ups between 2 powerful teams. The hype and build up during the week is almost non-stop and the game turns out to be a dud or a blowout.

Football QuoteThe potential was there once again as the Fighting Irish and Florida State Seminoles met for a #2 versus a #5 battle to see who stays in the playoff hunt and who may exit the race. It not only lived up the billing but exceeded it! No doubt, it is an ESPN Classic. Let’s be honest, you either LOVE ND or you HATE ND, there is no middle ground. I talked with so many ND haters this week and to a person, they were all pulling for the Irish. Everyone is so sick and tired of the garbage surrounding FSU’s QB situation. If you or I were accused of sexual misconduct, stealing crab legs, getting paid for autograph signings, or violating the schools conduct policy, we would be locked up and never see the light of day again! Apparently, not at FSU and especially if your name is Jameis Winston.

Trust me, I am NOT a Georgia honk. Their fans are as rude and obnoxious as Philly fan but they did the right thing by suspending Todd Georgia FootballGurley when his accusations came out. Guess what? They haven’t missed a beat since Gurley’s exit, in fact, they are playing MUCH better since then! Hats off to the University of Georgia. On the other hand, FSU has turned a blind eye to their debacle and as long as they keep winning, that’s all that matters to FSU and Head Coach Jimbo Fischer. Wink, wink, nod, nod, Jimbo believes his star QB when he says he has done nothing wrong. Secretly, I bet FSU hopes Winston takes his punk act to the NFL next year and they are done with his antics. I just wish they had the gonads to boot him out and do the right thing for once.

College Football 2014…Week 7…No Gurley, No Problem!

Think about it…when Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson try to reach out and help the young man, and he refuses their guidance, what type of person is Jameis?

The Irish Notre Dame Luck of the Irish, we hear it so often. But in a few critical games ( the push versus USC ) and the pick last night, ND hasn’t been so lucky! Last nights game kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Back and forth, great play after great play. Gutsy play calling and stars rising to the top. It was all there. The top billing for the game was the QB match up between ND’s Golson and FSU’s Winston. Both played extremely well under the circumstances and sadly for college football, Winston came out on top. How great would it be if there was a rematch in the playoffs?

Speaking of the playoffs, we had a lot of movement once again yesterday as teams continue to jockey for position. Baylor, laid an egg at West Virginia and suffered their first loss all but ending their Final Four bid. Big Game Bob and the pre-season #1 Oklahoma Sooners blew their chances losing for the second time now. Two missed chip shot field goals and a blocked extra point sealed their fate versus, now in contention, Kansas State. Will anyone “win” the Big 12? What has happened to media darling Texas A&M? After a blistering start and naming the Heisman winner Kenny Hill, they have become the team that everyone gets healthy against in the SEC West by getting demolished yesterday at ‘Bama 59-0! And what about Alabama? They looked the Tide of old and have put themselves in contention again. Think Saban chewed a little ass this week in practice?? Talk about getting healthy at the right time, we had written off Oregon a few weeks ago. Not so fast…the Ducks are flying high again as they pounded a good Washington team 45-20. And then there is LSU. Young at several key positions, they are starting to jell and they brought Kentucky back to reality by thrashing them in Baton Rouge 41-3. Georgia, minus Todd Gurley once again, pounded Arkansas 45-32. The game wasn’t as close as the score indicates. The Bulldogs are now in total control of the SEC East and have the type of schedule to run the table and be in the SEC title game once again. Ole Miss keeps their perfect season in tact by bouncing Tennessee 34-3. The Big 10, by virtue of playing no one, continue to move up in the standings. Both Michigan State and Ohio State pound the Little Sisters of the Poor ( Indiana and Rutgers ) by identical scores of 56-17. With everyone of the top teams ahead of them playing brutal schedules, one of these teams may sadly slip into the Final Four. And then there is Nebraska, Duke, Marshall, Minnesota, and Utah. All flying under the radar, all with only 1 loss. All with the potential to make someone’s life miserable down the stretch. Stay tuned…

A TO Z TOP 25:

  1. Mississippi State 6-0
  2. FSU 7-0
  3. Mississippi 7-0
  4. Alabama 6-1
  5. Michigan State 6-1
  6. Auburn 5-1
  7. Notre Dame 6-1
  8. Georgia 6-1
  9. Oregon 6-1
  10. Kansas State 5-1
  11. TCU 5-1
  12. Ohio State 5-1
  13. Baylor 6-1
  14. Arizona 5-1
  15. Oklahoma 5-2
  16. Nebraska 6-1
  17. Arizona State 5-1
  18. ECU 5-1
  19. Utah 5-1
  20. LSU 6-2
  21. USC 5-2
  22. Clemson 5-2
  23. Oklahoma State 5-2
  24. Marshall 7-0
  25. TIE Duke 6-1, West Virginia 5-2, Minnesota 6-1, UCLA 5-2, Louisville 6-2


  • #1 Mississippi State @ NR Kentucky
  • #3 Mississippi @ #20 LSU
  • #4 Alabama @ NR Tennessee
  • NR Michigan @ #5 Michigan State
  • NR South Carolina @ #6 Auburn
  • #9 Oregon @ NR Cal
  • NR Texas @ #10 Kansas State
  • NR Texas Tech @ #11 TCU
  • #12 Ohio State @ NR Penn State
  • #14 Arizona @ NR Washington State
  • NR Rutgers @ #16 Nebraska
  • #17 Arizona State @ NR Washington
  • NR U Conn @ #17 ECU
  • #21 USC @ #19 Utah
  • NR Syracuse @ #22 Clemson
  • #25 West Virginia @ #23 Oklahoma State
  • NR Florida Atlantic @ #24 Marshall

Although there are a lot of games of intrigue, there realistically shouldn’t be much movement at the top of the rankings. To me, this is “chalk” week – everyone that is supposed to win, should win. But, this is College Football 2014 and we should always expect the unexpected. The key game of the day will be Ole Miss at LSU. Should the Tigers continue to improve and upset the Rebels with their pounding running game, the door opens for the Big 10 once again. If you plan on going to the other Death Valley ( Clemson ) bring your sunglasses. With the “Cuse” coming to town, the stadium will be ALL freaking orange! Hopefully we can all catch our breath this weekend, kick back with our favorite adult beverages, and enjoy a relaxing weekend of college football… for a change!

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