Joan Rivers Doctor Denies Selfie Rumors

“It’s a lie!”  I did not take a “selfie.”

Gwen Korovin ENT DoctorAccording to Dr. Gwen Korovin, Joan Rivers personal Otolaryngologist who was performing an unauthorized procedure on the comedienne when she stopped breathing on Sept. 04th  is defending herself against a claim made by CNN.

The news web site reported that the “throat doctor of the stars” was rumored to have taken”selfie” during the procedure. 

Sources closely connected with the doctor say  Dr. Korovin has made it clear … she says the CNN story is absolutely wrong. The network reported a staff member at Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators the doctor took the pic.

Rivers, 81, was at the clinic for a scheduled endoscopy by another doctor, gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen. That procedure, intended to help diagnose her hoarse voice and sore throat, involved the insertion of a camera down her throat.

A staff member at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators that the doctor, took a selfie photo in the procedure room while Rivers was under anesthesia.  Full story here

Joan Rivers’ Doctor was Performing Biopsy

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